New Avalon

New Avalon
New Avalon 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates266.497 : -110.836[e]
Star names1[1][2][1]
Spectral classG5V[1][2]
Recharge time186 hours[1][2]
Recharge station(s)Zenith, Nadir[1][2][3]

The New Avalon system was home to at least one habitable world, New Avalon IV, and as of September 3151 was the capital of the Federated Suns.[5]

System Description[edit]

The New Avalon system consists of a class G5V primary orbited by at least four worlds, at least one (New Avalon IV, or New Avalon) was habitable, and is located near the Argyle and Ipava systems.[6][7] During the thirty-first century recharge stations were in place at both the nadir and zenith system jump points.[1][2]

System History[edit]

The New Avalon system was first explored in 2205 by the Terran Alliance explorer ship TAS Camelot.[8][9]

Political Affiliation[edit]

New Avalon IV[edit]

New Avalon IV
New Avalon Flag.jpg
System positionFourth[1][2]
Jump Point distance7.47 days[1][2][3]
Moons3 (Avatar, Galahad, Valiant)[1][2][3]
Surface gravity1.00,[1][3]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1][2][3]
Equatorial temperature30°C (Temperate)[1][2][3]
Surface water60%[1][2][3]
Highest native lifeMammals[1][2][3]
Landmasses5 (Albion, Rostock, New Hebrides, Brunswick, New Scotland)[2][3]
History and Culture
Population7,212,000,000 (3067),[3]
7,202,000,000 (3076),[1]
7,195,000,000 (3079)[2]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerDuke of New Avalon
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
CapitalAvalon City[2][3]
HPG ClassA[1][2][3]

New Avalon IV, commonly referred to simply as New Avalon, is the fourth planet in the system and has three moons named Avatar, Galahad, and Valiant.[3] As the capital world of the Federated Suns since the founding of the nation in the twenty-fourth century New Avalon is a heavily industrialized and populated planet, home to numerous major defense corporations and military academies.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Early Years[edit]

Discovered in 2205 by the TAS Camelot, the verdant richness of the planet was visible immediately.[1][9] Developed rapidly and blessed with pleasant weather, the planet quickly became a destination for colonists, most settling in three waves between 2213 and 2221. The original colonists of New Avalon were selected on Terra by a quota system, drawing from volunteers from various western European nations; the largest contributions by percentage came from Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, and Pan-Scandinavia.[10]

The colonists were accompanied by the typical core government and administrative structure demanded by the Terran Alliance at the time, and shared the world with an Alliance Governor-General, the Governor-General's entourage, three regiments of Colonial Marines and a host of formulated laws, quotas and regulations dictated by Terra. New Avalon flourished quickly, though; within fifteen years of the first settlement being founded the colonists had scattered hundreds of farming communities across the fertile world, with eight cities established across three continents.[10]

The Terran Alliance was faced with increasingly rebellious colonies as it attempted to control human-occupied space from Terra, and in 2236 colonies in the outer reaches began declaring their independence. With Terra still dependent upon resources from off-world, the Alliance clamped down on those worlds over which it still had control, ordering an increase in the quotas of supplies from those worlds in 2237 to make up shortfalls. Many of these colonies were already stretched to the limit; New Avalon was one such, as the harvest season had been poor and what food had been harvested was needed by the colonists to survive the upcoming winter. The population protested, publicly burning work quota pronouncements, and when Governor Emil Varnay followed orders and imposed quotes he knew couldn't be met - using his local Terran Marine forces to escort the seized produce - the population responded by storming the spaceport that the produce was stored. In what became known as the Grain Rebellion, the demonstrators seized the spaceport and sabotaged the freighters due to transport the quote, disabling them permanently.[11]

Varnay's position was untenable; the majority of the marines under his command deserted, as their sympathies lay with the colonists, the Alliance was unable to provide assistance, and he was unable to produce the required quote. Even members of Varnay's own family turned against him, and Varnay decided to flee New Avalon with a handful of senior staff; whilst he managed to make his way to Terra, the Alliance was wracked by internal political divisions and unable to respond to the problems on New Avalon. The incident was effectively swept under the rug by the colonial administration, and New Avalon was left to its own devices.[11]


With the absence of Alliance oversight, the colonists on New Avalon established a new provincial government under the leadership of Colonel Jason Hasek, a local militia leader whose actions in the Grain Rebellion had earned him a level of popularity. Hasek called for a constitutional convention and for delegates to be elected by the colonists; these delegates formed an ad hoc congress which drafted the Covenant of New Avalon, ratified by the general population in 2239 via a general vote.[43]

The new government swiftly turned the Covenant into the preamble to a constitution for a democratic government, establishing the post of Prime Minister, the Chamber of Deputies and a judiciary committee. Plans called for the general population to decide all issues through computerized voting, a system that would have been workable on a world that was both advanced and self-sufficient. For a newly-colonized world like New Avalon, the system was overly ambitious and doomed to fail. Hasek was elected the first prime minister, and the government functioned fairly well, in part due to a willingness on the planetary population to make sacrifices for the common good.[43] New Avalon needed strong leadership, but while Hasek was a courageous and skilled military officer, he lacked any real statesmanship, and treated the office of Prime Minister as a reward for service, rather than as a responsibility. With the term of office for a prime minister limited to a single year, Hasek failed to realize the ramifications of the constitution as written until the closing days of his term in office; at this point, the signs of collapse were already manifesting.[44]

Hasek retired to live as a farmer, although he retained the honorary title of Colonel-General of the planetary militia; he was followed by a succession of prime ministers—each only able to serve for a single year. By 2249, New Avalon was preparing for the election of its tenth chief executive while in the middle of a developing agricultural crisis. The colony was incapable of supporting itself from the existing agricultural base and desperately needed a rapid program of industrialization. However, the short tenure of each prime minister prevented any single one of them from implementing forward-looking policies. The requirement to submit all issues to a general vote by the planetary population was compromised; a large percentage of citizens were either easily misled or simply poorly informed and vastly outnumbered those capable of both accepting the need for hardship in the short term (to allow for long-term development) and being capable of making rational arguments to that effect.[43]

Civil War[edit]

In addition to the problems of governance and a limited agricultural base, New Avalon's independence had also bred a rising Neo-Feudalism movement, based around the industrialists who owned the few industrial centers located on the planet. These industries generated vast personal wealth, and by 2248, created a new aristocracy who had leveraged that wealth into power bases, both economic and political, on the backs of a voting population that tended to vote for those who could guarantee food and an education. These industrialists founded their own private armies, both as protection against other industrialists and as a means to further their various ambitions; with the tenth election for Prime Minister looming, the pockets of civil unrest and occasional bouts of violence broke out, incidents which the central government proved too weak to be able to stop.[45]

Three months ahead of the elections Jason Hasek called up the planetary militia and attempted to impose martial law on New Avalon, intent on reining in the more aggressive power groups; a clash with the powerful Jorgensson family at their estate led to the militia being routed and Hasek killed, resulting a complete breakdown in public order. The wealthy industrialists and their families—the so-called "First Families"—all began to make their own bids for power, leaving the two surviving senior militia officers, Colonels Adam Davion and Nathan DuVall, to try and find a way of bringing New Avalon back what appeared to be an inevitable collapse. Both Davion and DuVall were from powerful First Families themselves, but each of them acknowledged that the rivalry between families would lead to the death of New Avalon, and each set out to unite supporters from their various families to create a strong position from which to negotiate.[45]

By 2255, New Avalon had suffered five years of active warfare and two years of tenuous negotiations, leading to a cautious peace. The civil war officially ended with the drafting of the Second Covenant of New Avalon; notionally an effort to recall the spirit of the Grain Rebellion, the Second Covenant and the new Constitution it created were a thin disguise for the fact that the attempt at planetary democracy had failed, and the new Constitution effectively established the government as an oligarchy under the control of the First Families. The central government of New Avalon was strengthened by the constitution, with the ruling authority adjusted so that the Prime Minister was elected for life, rather than a single year, and the Prime Minister was selected for office by representatives of the First Families, who now occupied the Chamber of Deputies. The Prime Minister was given extensive powers, but could also be overruled by the Chamber of Deputies. Democratic voting was consigned to New Avalon's past; instead, the new central government was dedicated to providing greater stability, while also ensuring that the First Families were kept happy. The First Families then extended services and economic support to the masses, in exchange for their fealty; the plan put together by Davion and DuVall left the oligarchy open-ended, so that as competition broke the monopolies established by the First Families, fresh blood and more liberal ideas could be brought into the Chamber of Deputies.[46]

With the Second Covenant and the revised Constitution in place, the Chamber of Deputies elected the elderly Sandra Lockhart as Prime Minister in 2255, primarily because she was a candidate chosen by compromise and who wasn't expected to live long, rather than for any experience or qualifications she brought to the role. Sandra Lockhart served as Prime Minister until 2261, and during the six years of her tenure the planetary government worked to establish itself as a viable, workable entity. Lockhart was followed in office by Joseph Cartwright, who served from 2261 until 2280, with Nathan DuVall serving as Deputy Prime Minister; Cartwright subsequently spent the greater part of his term in retreat on the secluded island of Yves rather than in office, while the alliance between the Cartwright, Davion and DuVall families was strengthened. The three allied families quickly rose to dominate the Chamber of Deputies, in large part due to a combination of clever manipulation of new legislation intended to bring broad improvements to the economy, and in part due to Nathan DuVall's exceptional abilities in the realms of patronage and legal incentive.[47]

Age of War[edit]

In 2512, a virulent plague broke out on New Avalon; one of the victims of the plague was First Prince William Davion, who lingered for a week before dying in March. Before dying, William named his grandson Alexander Davion as heir, but passed his seal of office to his sister, Laura Davion, and the ring of First Prince to his other sister, Cassandra Davion. This was one of the events that led to the Davion Civil War.[48]

William was just one of many victims of the plague; the mortality rate of the plague was approximately 30%, and one of the measures taken to try and limit the spread of the disease was a series of mass quarantines that isolated large areas and restricted all contact with New Avalon.[49]

Star League Era[edit]

By the height of the Star League, New Avalon was the location of a significant percentage of the defense manufacturing that supplied the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. While the overall manufacturing base of the Federated Suns was highly dispersed and diversified, a core group of worlds—New Avalon, Crofton, Kathil, Panpour, Salem, and Talcott—supplied move than half of all the equipment used by the AFFS.[50]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

The planet endured great devastation during the FedCom Civil War as a result of the low-intensity conflicts prior to and directly from the early 3067 invasion by Victor Steiner-Davion. In Katherine Steiner-Davion's hunt for insurrectionists and followers of her brother, the people of New Avalon endured recurring arrests, sessions of torture, and executions, with the associated difficulties visited upon the world economy. The concluding invasion only exacerbated the troubles, as the opposing forces devastated all manner of environments, both developed and natural.[9]

First Battle for New Avalon[edit]

New Avalon was besieged by the Word of Blake from the beginning of the Jihad. The campaign to capture New Avalon began on 5 December 3067, when the Word of Blake issued final threats over the decision of the Federated Suns to withdraw from the Second Star League; this was followed by a Word of Blake fleet assault on New Avalon.[51] The Blakists had positioned three WarShips in the outskirts of the New Avalon system—the Aegis-class heavy cruiser WoBS Herald of Justice, Riga-class WoBS Red Angel, and the Essex-class WoBS Divine Forgiveness—in anticipation of announcing themselves as the defenders of New Avalon following the successful incorporation of the Word of Blake into the Second Star League. When the Federated Suns withdrew from the Second Star League, those orders were replaced with orders to instead discipline the Federated Suns for its errors.[52] WarShips from the AFFS[51]—the Fox-class corvettes FSS Antrim and FSS Bryceland[53][52]—attempted to interdict the Blakist fleet as it approached New Avalon, and managed to cripple[51] and then destroy the enemy flagship the WoBS Herald of Justice[54] via suicidal collisions[52] but despite the heavy fighting in space the AFFS could not prevent the Word from bombarding Avalon City and dropping almost a division of ground troops onto the city.[51]

In what became known as the First Battle of New Avalon, the Thirty-first Militia Division battled the planetary defenders while the Blakist WarShips and pocket WarShips used orbital bombardment to attack the AFFS ground forces. The Second NAIS Training Cadre and the New Avalon Cavaliers were destroyed from orbit, whilst the First Davion Guards RCT and the remnants of the Fifth Donegal Guards and Tenth Lyran Guards battled the Thirty-first; although both the Fifth and Tenth were ground down to nothing during weeks of brutal combat, the Thirty-first simply couldn't overcome the defenders, who were veteran, battle-hardened commands that had survived the brutal FedCom Civil War. Despite the damage taken, the defending forces pushed the Thirty-first off New Avalon by the end of December 3067.[52]

Whilst the Divine Forgiveness and Red Angel ensured Blakist aerospace supremacy in the aftermath of the First Battle, the defenders reorganized their forces; the Fifth Donegal had been completely destroyed, but the survivors of the New Avalon Cavaliers, Second NAIS Training cadre and Tenth Lyran Guards formed an ad hoc command that augmented the First Davion Guards, while New Avalon called in Beta Regiment of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers and four complete commands from the Davion Brigade of Guards—the Davion Assault Guards, Davion Heavy Guards, Davion Light Guards, and the Third Davion Guards—as reinforcements.[52]

Second Battle for New Avalon[edit]

The first Word of Blake reinforcements arrived on New Avalon on 10 February 3068.[55] Arriving using JumpShips that had executed superjumps, the Thirty-sixth Militia Division made planetfall ahead of any of the AFFS reinforcements, initiating the Second Battle for New Avalon with nuclear weapons to make up for a lack of numbers. The nuclear bombardment shattered the First Davion Guards as well as laying waste to much of Avalon City. The Thirty-sixth was soon close to seizing control of the planet when the Davion reinforcements arrived in-system, each arriving at a different point and approaching the planet via different vectors in an effort to evade or breach the Blakist blockade, with varying degrees of success. Some or all of the Davion Light Guards DropShips were intercepted by the Blakist WarShips, while pocket WarShips destroyed half of the Third Davion Guards as they made their atmospheric insertion.[52]

With the Vegan Rangers, Assault and Heavy Guards and the survivors of the Third Guards on-planet, the defenders were able to relieve the survivors of the First Guard and the balance of the battle tipped back to the defending forces. A year of brutal combat ruined Avalon City, and the damage spread to other cities across New Avalon; the Blakist raided outlying cities, causing additional damage, and massive infrastructure damage ensued across Albion. The planetary HPG network was destroyed, and civilian casualties climbed into the millions as the defenders slowly achieved a series of victories, forcing the Blakists off-world in March 3069. Between the Thirty-first and Thirty-sixth Divisions, the damage inflicted on the defending commands was significant; none of the AFFS units could muster even half strength, and the Second Battle ended in a stalemate; just as with the aftermath of the First Battle, the AFFS controlled the surface of New Avalon, but the Blakists continued to exercise orbital superiority, which they further reinforced by deploying a third WarShip to the system in November 3069:[52] the Eagle-class frigate FWLS Mordred.[56]

The battle for control of the planet continued for years; as late as November 3072, the remaining defenders on New Avalon were still preventing the Blakists from controlling the world.[57][58] It was during November 3072 that the Blakists received significant supplies, including additional aerospace forces and additional armaments for the three WarShips. Then, in December 3072, the Fifth FedCom RCT arrived in the New Avalon system and attempted to make planetfall. En route to the planet the Fifth FedCom threw their nuclear arsenal at the Red Angel, destroying it and a pocket WarShip.[52][54] Whilst the arrival of the Fifth FedCom brought some additional hope to the defenders, it also generated a renewed focus on New Avalon on the part of the Blakists, who deployed additional ground forces including the Forty-fourth Shadow Division and the mercenary unit Bronson's Horde, who arrived on the 20th of December and rapidly initiated the Third Battle for New Avalon.[52][59]

Third Battle for New Avalon[edit]

It was the Third Battle for New Avalon that was perhaps the most decisive for the Word of Blake forces; troops under the command of Precentor Geoffrey Zucker and Precentor Avitue seized Mount Davion on 4 February 3073 and killed the AFFS Marshal of the Armies, Jackson Davion.[58][60] Avitue was heavily wounded in the attack and evacuated by the Blakists, but the death of Jackson Davion broke the morale of the defenders and achieved a clear victory for the Blakists, who now controlled the planet and the system.[52]

At least one small skirmish between the two forces occurred over the following months, within the warehouse district of Hamilton City, close to a StarSlab manufacturing center in April 3074.[61]

Following the Blakist victory, the Word of Blake forces were recalled from New Avalon on 14 September 3074.[62][63] The decision to recall the Blakist forces was made by Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais as a result of the continuing insurgency being fought by the surviving AFFS personnel and a multisystem blockade enacted by AFFS naval forces that choked off supplies for the Blakists.[52]

Two weeks later, as a part of their departure, the Word of Blake detonated high explosive charges in and around Mount Davion that partially collapsed the mountain and sealed up the entrances to the Fox's Den.[63][64] In addition to the destruction of Mount Davion, Avitue also ordered a number of other scorched-earth attacks against the planet; the Blakists also firebombed the Achernar BattleMechs factory, the few surviving NAIS facilities, and Davion Palace on the 27th of September.[52]

After the Word of Blake ejection[edit]

In January 3075, the Princess-Regent, Yvonne Steiner-Davion, and Tancred Sandoval-Davion returned to New Avalon, touring Avalon City and reestablishing the Federated Suns' central authority on New Avalon in the wake of the Word of Blake occupation.[63][65] A rousing speech given by the Princess-Regent rallied the defenders, and she announced a rebuilding program for Avalon City that would take place near the ruins.[52]

On 12 October 3079, the dedication of the rebuilt New Avalon City and Castle Davion was used to open a week-long summit known as the "Camelot Summit." The week-long event was headed up by the Princess-Regent and attended by prominent military and political leaders from throughout the Federated Suns, during which various topics important to the future of the realm were discussed and decisions made. Topics included the creation of the new Periphery March, which was announced on the 16th of October and to which General Raymond-Roger Marsin was named Duke and Lord; the resolution of the ongoing conflict with the Taurian Concordat; the restructuring of the sorely understrength AFFS and the post-Jihad direction of the Federated Suns.[66] The Camelot Summit was also the site of the last Blakist operation on the planet; a sleeper cell assassinated Cole Williams, the Chief of MIIO, and prompted an exhaustive MIIO operation that uncovered and purged a small network of Blakist sleeper agents.[52]

Dark Age[edit]

From 3139 onward the Federated Suns suffered a series of defeats that saw House Kurita's armies drive ever-deeper into House Davion's realm. These setbacks culminated in 3144 at Palmyra where First Prince Caleb Davion was slain and the AFFS too badly mauled to prevent the DCMS from building up for further advances into their nation, creating the so called Dragon's Tongue, threatening New Avalon itself.[67]

Fall of New Avalon to the Dragon[edit]

With information flowing too slowly in the post-Blackout era, the Federated Suns military was unable to react in time as further Combine advances brought the Dragon to New Avalon itself. On 8 July 3146, the Combine invasion commenced, with DCMS DropShips and Pocket WarShips smashing through New Avalon's aerospace defenses through sheer numbers. After hammering the ground defenses for three days with aerospace fighters, three DCMS regiments and three detachments from Wolf's Dragoons landed.[67]

Three months of ground fighting followed with neither side able to gain the upper hand. The Combine eventually began a successful propaganda campaign to demoralize the defenders, spreading plausible rumors that Julian Davion had been killed fighting the Capellans and that VIPs had already fled the planet. As AFFS morale dropped, Davion soldiers began erring more on the battlefield and Kuritan troops ruthlessly exploited their opponents' mistakes.[67]

In the tenth week of the campaign the Second Robinson Rangers arrived, giving the AFFS defenders a brief morale boost. That uplift swiftly dissipated when Wolf's Dragoons broke the Rangers and caused them to flee, shattered what remained of New Avalon's organized defenses. On October 3rd, the AFFS High Command finally ordered a general retreat off-world, fleeing with key government leaders to June. Most Federated Suns troops escaped as well, though a small number of the Davion Assault Guards stayed to wage guerrilla warfare.[41]

With this victory, the Draconis Combine achieved what no other Great House ever had since the formation of the Successor States themselves: the uncontested conquest of a Great House's capital world. DCMS troops wasted no time in vandalizing any monuments, art or architecture which glorified House Davion. In addition, Pope Beneficent XVII of the New Avalon Catholic Church and his College of Cardinals were executed for publicly practicing an "illegal religion" within the Combine's borders. Like the other conquered worlds of the "Dragon's Tongue," New Avalon would be subject to a harsh occupation by its ancestral foe.[41][68]

The loss of New Avalon to the Federated Suns' greatest historical enemy caused morale and the economy to slump within the nation.[69] However Julian Davion refused to give up hope of reclaiming his capital, and by 3149 was actively working towards that end.[70]

ilClan Era[edit]

The dawn of the ilClan Era saw drastic changes in New Avalon's situation. The Combine loss of Wolf's Dragoons critically weakened the Kuritans, but it took almost two more years for Julian Davion to gather enough forces to assault New Avalon. The Battle of New Avalon in 3151 took a heavy toll on the Federated Suns' already weakened ranks, as well as on the Combine's forces. Warlord Toranaga was defeated and captured by Julian Davion, and New Avalon was reclaimed. The subsequent Operation Solar Flare saw the Dragon's Tongue worlds reconquered quickly. Erik Sandoval-Groell lead the charge while Julian stayed on New Avalon, rebuilding the administrative arm of the Federated Suns, a slow and tedious task, but a critical one.[71]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Davion Heavy Guards RCT[80]
  • First Davion Guards RCT[80]
  • New Avalon CrMM[80]
  • Team Banzai[81]



  • Davion Heavy Guards RCT[80]
  • First Davion Guards RCT[80]
  • New Avalon CrMM[80]
  • Team Banzai[81]





New Avalon World Map

New Avalon is a terrestrial world with five continents, four oceans & seas (Avalon Ocean, Viviane Ocean, East Sea, and North Sea),[3] and an abundance of fresh water. Weather patterns are fairly reasonable and support an abundance of indigenous plants and animals.

The five continents are named Albion, Brunswick, New Scotland, Rostock and New Hebrides.[2][3] The largest and most important of the continents is Albion and it is also the most geographically diverse, with three mountain ranges, many large rivers, thick forests, and large prairies.

The most important site on Albion is Isle of Avalon. Dominated by Mount Davion, the Isle of Avalon is a large island where the continent’s three major rivers, the Albion, the Thames, and the Cris, come together. This is also the site of Avalon City, the capital of the Federated Suns from 2547 to 3146.[99]

The second largest continent is Brunswick, named after a family of major landholders early in the planet's history. It is the site of much oil production and hosts two major spaceports, three major cities and a majority of New Avalon's industry.

The third largest continent is Rostock and has the only desert on the planet. The continent is large and flat and contains Gaveston's Gorge, the largest canyon on New Avalon. It is the breadbasket of New Avalon and provides a substantial amount of food. Large swaths of the land are owned by noble families who raise a wide variety of animal stock.

The northernmost continent is New Scotland; snow covers the continent for nine months out of the year. The continent is famed for its hardwood trees and animal furs and is habitat for the Silver Ice Snake-Weasel, a two-meter-long creature prized for its fur. It also has the only major deposits of precious metals.[citation needed]

New Hebrides is a island group near the equator in New Avalon's largest ocean. The climate is quite hot and tropical and the terrain can be rugged, with high mountain ranges across the islands. The islands are also frequently struck by strong hurricanes. Because of the tropical nature of the island group, it is a primary producer of fruits on the planet.[100]

Planetary Locations[edit]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Local Flora and Fauna[edit]

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  • The apocryphal video game MechWarrior described New Avalon as having a population of 5.786 billion in 3025.[117]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 40 systems (38 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Ipava 9.0 Argyle 11.2 Belladonna 14.3 Delavan 16.0
Numenor 17.6 Augusta 19.7 Odell 20.8 Galax 21.9
Arcadia 25.6 Coloma 28.9 Torrence 30.5 Vecchio 32.2
Freisland 32.5 El Dorado 34.2 Saginaw 36.4 Strawn 36.6
Streator 37.2 Northfield 37.6 Paulding 39.7 Steeles 40.0
Leipsic 41.9 Chebanse 42.1 Cahokia 43.9 Kirklin 44.9
Remagen 46.3 Sodus 50.1 Manassas 50.2 Quimper 50.5
Dirk's Gulf 51.2 Gravensteen 52.3 O'Fallon 54.5 Tiskilwa 56.6
Markesan 57.6 Bastian 58.0 Petrolia 58.1 Saunemin 58.1
Ferrara 58.7 Dol 59.9 Montcoal 60.4 Huron 62.3


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