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  • May: The Word's 28th Division and the 45th Shadow Division assault the Kuritan world of Benjamin.
  • July 14th: Clan Nova Cat's Xi Galaxy arrives over Luthien and issues a Trial of Annihilation against the 42nd Shadow Division.
  • August 21st: The 42nd Shadow Division and Clan Nova Cat's Xi Galaxy engage in battle in the Nagasaki community zone on Luthien.
  • August 23rd: The Battle of the Kyoto Zen Arcology Project is fought on Luthien.
  • Adam Steiner returns the Archonship to Peter Steiner-Davion.
  • The 43rd Shadow Division, along with the 2nd and 37th Divisions, assaults the Lyran Commonwealth world of Arc-Royal.
  • The Word of Blake's 21st Division raids the Capellan world of Buenos Aires, attacking with biological weapons.
  • The Word of Blake's 14th Division attacks Draconis Combine worlds of Espakeh, Loysville, and Ningxia.
  • The 40th Dieron Regulars take serious casualties in engagements against both Clan Nova Cat and the Word of Blake.
  • The Society attacks and conquers Ironhold in their first overt action, destroying Clan Steel Viper's Omicron Galaxy in the process.
  • Bandit Caste forces led by The Jaguar destroy the Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga Sixteenth Assault Cluster on Atreus.


  • February 20th: The Filtvelt Coalition declares itself independent from the Federated Suns.
  • Devlin Stone forms the Kittery Prefecture.
  • The Society strikes after centuries of quiet secrecy, seeking the submission of the Clans' warrior caste.


  • Erik Kerensky dies.
  • Raina Montose dies.
  • Silas Kufahl dies in a Trial after calling a Reaving on ilKhan Brett Andrews.
  • Major Elizabeth DeLaHunt is killed on Adherlwin by the 42nd Shadow Division; command of the 3rd Canopian Light Horse passes to Major Joe Cataio, the last surviving senior officer.
  • Aris Sung is killed on Farandir fighting the Word of Blake.