Adam Steiner

Adam Steiner
Adam Steiner
Character Profile
Born 3024[1]
Died 3121[2]
Affiliation House Borge-Steiner
Title(s) Archon[2]
Profession Noble
Siblings Andrew Steiner[3]
Spouse Heather Fyhne[4][5]
Children Andrew Steiner[4][5]
Frederick Steiner[2]

A member of a cadet line of House Steiner, Adam Steiner first rose to prominence in a daring reconnaissance mission during the Clan Invasion, eventually becoming Archon of the Lyran Alliance/Lyran Commonwealth during the final years of the Word of Blake Jihad.


Information is ammunition.
  — Credo of Kommandant Adam Steiner, First Somerset Strikers

Early Life[edit]

A member of the cadet line descended from Simon Borge-Steiner, who refused the Archonship in 2914 in favor of his more capable sister Tatyana Steiner, Adam was born on Somerset.

Early career[edit]

He attended the Military Academy of Somerset as a MechWarrior. Graduating with honors, while many attributed it to his famous last name, the untried Adam quickly secured the rank of Major and in 3049 Steiner was assigned a position as instructor at the famed Nagelring on the basis of his tactical and strategic acumen.[6][4][7]

Clan Invasion[edit]

The Clan Invasion found him still living in Tharkad. Appalled upon learning of the fall of his homeworld to Clan Jade Falcon during the opening waves of the Clan Invasion, Adam successfully convinced the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth to be allowed to launch a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines to gain valuable intelligence on the invaders. Leading an ad hoc multinational unit dubbed the First Somerset Strikers, Adam's unconventional unit took an indirect route to Somerset and against all odds succeeded in capturing the world for the Federated Commonwealth in November 3050. His actions turned him into a national pride. Unfortunately, with Somerset now so far behind the Clan line of advance, the AFFC refused Adam's pleas for reinforcements to hold the world, so he ordered the Strikers to retreat back to Commonwealth space; Adam bitterly watched as the Falcons swiftly recaptured his undefended homeworld during their fifth invasion wave.[8][7]

Unbowed, in early 3052 Adam was able to successfully convince the AFFC High Command to let him lead another behind-the-lines raid, this time aimed at Barcelona. Leading a larger body of troops based around his original Somerset Strikers, Adam built upon the lessons of his previous success, finally silencing his critics. Shortly after the Battle of Tukayyid, the Tharkad Broadcast Company released a semi-fictionalized holoseries based on Adam's exploits during the invasion, mixing in the battles on Barcelona into his initial raid and recapture of Somerset. Intended as a morale-boosting exercise, the poorly reviewed series successfully helped to instill national pride in the Lyran youth, selling trillions of S-Bills of merchandise in the process and driving recruitment into the AFFC onto highest levels ever seen.[4][7]

With the Strikers disbanded after the initial Clan Invasion, Adam remained in the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces when Katrina Steiner seceded from the Federated Commonwealth, eventually reaching the rank of Leutnant-General. Katherine retained Adam's loyalty by convincing him that Victor Steiner-Davion was responsible for the assassination of Archon Melissa Steiner.[9]

The 17 October 3055, Adam, with Rachel Specter, talked on Tharkad with the social general Thomas Hogarth, which was leading the research project of the Heavy Gauss Rifle. Hogarth was very arrogant and condescending with both, and when Steiner tell him than his project won't help against the Clan threat, the general simply ignored him.[10]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

You did not send aid, but saddled me with Sharon Bryan, whose misguided 'leadership' almost got me killed.
  — Adam Steiner - berating Katherine Steiner for her failure to support his defense of the Melissia Theater after Operation Audacity.[11]

At the beginning of the FedCom Civil War in 3063, Adam commanded the Fourteenth Donegal Guards RCT. Alerted to fighting on Newtown Square, Steiner secretly led his command to the world from their base on Barcelona. The Guards waited for the task force led by Victor Steiner-Davion to arrive onworld, which they did on 2 April, before making his presence known. The defending Thirty-ninth Avalon Hussars were spread across the planet hunting down the remnants of the Deep Hunters mercenary unit. The bulk of the Guards assaulted the capital city Market, where Victor had located his headquarters, while token forces kept the Hussars engaged and unable to reinforce their commanders. Faced with overwhelming force, Victor was forced to quit the capital, abandoning his DropShips in the process. Adam's Guards chased Victor's troops across the Plains of Culd. On 20 April, a portion of the Guards combat vehicle contingent raided the Hussars aerospace fighters, catching them on the ground, giving the Guards air superiority. Only the timely reinforcement of Victor's forces by the AWOL 244th Com Guard Division allowed the deposed Prince another chance. Sensing that he had lost his advantage, Adam ordered his forces to press the attack. The Guards shattered the Prince's command company and took down his Daishi. Victor survived, but was wounded. Adam surrendered the Guards shortly after. After Victor had two weeks to recover, Adam confronted his cousin. During the hostile discussion, Adam began to doubt the veracity of Katherine's claims regarding who assassinated Melissa Steiner, though he remained unconvinced due to Victor's failure to produce incontrovertible proof. Victor informed Adam that he was taking enough supplies to resupply and repair his forces and leaving enough for the Guards to do the same. Though he took some of the Guards' transportation, he left Adam enough to move half of his RCT, enough to defend nearby worlds against Clan Jade Falcon, but not enough to pursue Victor.[12][13]

Seeking to take advantage of a Lyran Alliance distracted by civil war, the Jade Falcons launched an invasion in May 3064. One of the first worlds the Clan hit was Newtown Square. The Pryde Eyrie, Omega Solahma, and Seventh Provisional Garrison Clusters landed on 16 May. Already seriously damaged after four days of fighting, Adam ordered the Fourteenth Donegal Guards off the unimportant world. The Guards completed their pullout on 23 May, heading for the theater headquarters on Melissia.[14]

On 13 August, the expected Clan assault force jumped in-system. Khan Marthe Pryde led a force seven Clusters strong and soundly drubbed the defending Lyran forces under General Sharon Bryan. On the 16th, a battle armor force dropped directly onto the margrave's base and killed her, crippling command and control. Adam took command and ordered the remaining LAAF forces to retreat that day.[15]

Steiner pulled the LAAF forces, some three brigades strong, back to Chapultepec, landing on 25 August. A priority HPG message from Nondi Steiner arrived shortly thereafter appointing him the Commanding General of the Melissia Theater—but not so much as a single soldier was sent by LAAF High Command to reinforce the battered remnants of the LAAF forces facing off against multiple Clan Galaxies. Barely had Adam arrived on Chapultepec when Commander of Omega Galaxy, Jared von Jankmon arrived with much of his Galaxy in hot pursuit. Two days behind him however, was Major General Archer Christifori at the head of Archer's Avengers. A multiregiment pro-Victor unit in the Civil War Victor had detached to help fight off the Clan invasion. When Adam's forces were near breaking against the Clan pressure, Christifori's units suddenly emerged on their flanks and smashed into the Clan unit. The Clan Cluster broke under the withering firepower and retreated off planet, but with additional Clan forces inbound, it was at best a strategic draw and, eventually, Christifori convinced an unwilling Adam to withdraw from the planet.

Proxies for their respective sides of the civil war, Generals Steiner and Christifori took joint command of the forces along the Jade Falcon border. Adam initially was highly contemptuous of Christifori, seeing him as little more than a celebrity playing at being a MechWarrior. Christifori too was less than impressed by Adam's plans to fight a defensive campaign against superior numbers of Clan forces, eventually convincing Adam that much like at Coventry in 3058, the Jade Falcons were coming specifically to find good fights to sharpen their warriors' talons against. Armed with this realization, the two Generals concocted a counteroffensive plan they named 'Operation Audacity'. Instead of waiting on the defensive, they would drive their units deep into the Jade Falcon occupation zone, moving at high speed and hitting strings of worlds to get the Falcons to stop and be forced to go chasing after them. A simultaneous concurrent offensive by Clan Wolf-in-Exile launched from the Arc Royal Defense Cordon would hit worlds the Falcons had already hit and liberate them from the Falcons, as well as provide additional support for the counterattack. Both Adam and Christifori would lead separate thrusts, with the ultimate goal of rejoining their forces at Blackjack.

Kicking off the operation, Steiner led the Fourteenth Donegal to Black Earth along with the Fifteenth Arcturan Guards and Ninth Lyran Regulars, landing on 3 October. The defending Third Talon Cluster fought a defensive action that bogged down the LAAF invasion force. Two weeks later, Clan Wolf-in-Exile's First Wolf Strike Grenadiers arrived and broke the stalemate, allowing the Lyrans to liberate the system. A week later, Steiner left Black Earth.[16]

On 26 October, Adam jumped into the Malibu system, using the recharge station in orbit. Though the world was under Jade Falcon control, the civilians were content with remaining that way. Adam was forbidden to invade by the civilian leaders, so he moved on rather than deal with a potentially hostile populace.[17]

Adam's task force hit Hot Springs on 21 November, but the defending Fifth Battle Cluster used Inner Sphere tactics against him. They fought a hit-and-run campaign, refusing to engage the LAAF forces in a stand-up fight. After being tied up for weeks, Adam left on 12 December, allowing the Falcons to retain possession of the world.[18]

Adam and his forces landed on Blackjack on 21 December, reinforcing Christifori's troops who had been there just over a week. Steiner quickly led a surprise strike, knocking the Falcons on their heels. Soon after that, Falcon saKhan Samantha Clees jumped in-system. Instead of jumping into the fight, she invited the Lyran generals to Blair Atholl and took the defending Clusters with her, leaving the Lyrans in control of the world. Steiner and Christifori took Clees up on her offer, leaving Blackjack soon afterward.[19]

Adam landed on Blair Atholl on 27 February 3065 with Christifori, joining Clan Wolf-in-Exile Khan Phelan Kell and both Falcon khans. There, Steiner negotiated the Blair Atholl Agreement, a ceasefire with Khan Pryde that called for keeping the borders as they were and established Blair Atholl as a jointly held world where the Falcons could blood their young warriors against Lyran troops.[20]

The end of Operation Audacity however also was a key turning point for Adam in the wider civil war as he reflected on how both Victor and Katherine had treated the Jade Falcon incursion. Katherine had put a near Social General in Sharon Bryan in charge of the theater who had ignored all advice from Adam about how to fight the Clans, determined to fight the battle 'the right way' and ultimately just gotten many valuable units wiped out for negligible damage to the Jade Falcons. And while Katherine had been perfectly happy to give him a promotion and put him in charge of trying to recover from the absolute disaster, she had not sent him so much as one extra BattleMech. Victor on the other hand had sent one of his most creative commanders, multiple regiments of BattleMechs and enlisted the support of Clan Wolf-in-Exile—for no more reason than to defend his people from the Jade Falcons. It was a major turning point in Adam's views about Victor and his sister, where he started to concede that there may well be some merit to Victor's claims about his sister after all. Accordingly, he sent Katherine an HPG message. He announced that he was taking direct control of the Melissia Theater of Operations, effective immediately to focus on the Clan Threat—that he would have no part in her fight to hold onto power, declaring himself neutral in the civil war and taking another significant area of the Lyran Alliance from her direct control, much like the Arc Royal Defense Cordon. Although nominally professing neutrality, his actions were a great boost strategically to the Pro-Victor side of the civil war.

His cousin was not at all impressed and at once ordered Nondi Steiner to relieve and arrest Adam—only to be told that there was no way Adam's troops would turn on him now, with the media playing up him up as the savior of the Lyran Alliance. Worse, the combined damage of the ongoing civil war and Jade Falcon invasion to the LAAF meant there were no loyalist troops who could be spared to take action against Adam, leaving Katherine no choice but to accept her Cousin in effective control over a significant chunk of the Alliance.[21]

Jihad and Archonship[edit]

Adam was named General of the Armies by August 3067, taking over the post from Caesar Steiner, who had held the post pro tem since the end of the war in April.[22][23] Despite admonishing both Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner and Duke Alder Umayr for their actions in declaring a state of war between the Free Worlds League and the Skye and Bolan Provinces of the Alliance following the raid on Skye by renegade League forces in February 3068, Adam redeployed LAAF units in an effort to shore up the border with the League in March.[24] On 27 February 3070, the Word of Blake attempted to assassinate Adam on Atocongo using a suicide bomber, although the attempt, realized by a 16-year-old pageboy, probably a Blakist sleeper agent, was narrowly avoided by Fighting Intellectuals officer, Jonas Davion, who saved Adam being wounded, but the leader of the mercenary unit, Shinto Kubusaka, was killed in the bombing.[25][26]

Adam briefly succeeded Peter Steiner-Davion to the Archonship of the Lyran Alliance in late 3071 when Peter handed the title to him in the face of continued Word of Blake occupation of Tharkad. Adam then promptly invaded Tharkad and freed both the capital and Peter from Blakist forces. As a show of Lyran solidarity, he handed the Archonship back over to Peter in early 3072.

Peter was assassinated by a Blakist operative after leaving a multinational meeting with Devlin Stone on Tukayyid in late 3073.[27][28] On his deathbed, Peter named Adam his successor, his last words speaking of the absolute trust he held for his cousin:

I know no one better to usher the greatness of House Steiner through the darkness, ahead into the light.

Ratified by the reconvened Estates General on Tharkad, among Adam's first acts was to uphold Peter's promise of support for Devlin Stone's Coalition. [4][27][28] However, he remained skeptical of the mysterious Stone and only pledged his support if Stone could defeat him in strategic replaying of the Battle of Tukayyid. Despite Adam's victory in the match playing as the Clans he affirmed Lyran support, noting that Stone's portrayal of the Com Guards proved he understood how the Word fought and that he was best placed to defeat them while Adam focused on the Archonship.[29] On 14 May 3074, Adam announced his engagement to Baroness Heather Fyhne, daughter of Arielle Fyhne, ruling Duchess of Arcturus.[28][30]

Adam's support of the allied coalition was not universally popular within the Lyran Alliance; this was highlighted on 13 December 3077 when an angry mob attacked Heather on Enkoping. While Heather was unharmed, twenty-nine civilians were killed and almost a hundred more were killed when guards attempted to disperse the crowd by firing weapons; this resulted in a bloody stampede.[31]

On 15 January 3078, Duchess Therese Brett-Marik of the Duchy of Tamarind demanded that he prevent the Buena Archonette from continuing its attacks on the Duchy and various independent Free Worlds League worlds nearby. Duchess Brett-Marik emphasized that the ongoing attacks on the Duchy and neighboring worlds were the reason the Duchy had not provided any forces to the allied coalition and Operation SCOUR.[31]

Actions were taken by Adam in response to Duchess Brett-Marik's demand, and following the dissolution of the Free Worlds League in January 3079, elements of the Lyran Alliance moved to annex a number of Free Worlds League systems between August and September of that year. Adam halted offensive operations by declaring that any further incidents of what he termed "unauthorized adventurism" would be considered an act of treason. Seven worlds had been conquered by the Alliance, including several planets from the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey.[32]

Republic Era and the Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Following the completion of Operation SCOUR, Adam requested the Archonettes return their powers to Tharkad, however most were reluctant to give up their new authority. When Duchess Tamari LaRue boldly refused to ever give up her powers on 23 June 3083, Adam sent the First Royal Guards RCT and Second Bolan Guards LCT supported by the Yggdrasil which easily defeated the defending Blackstone Highlanders and captured the Duchess. The other Archonettes quickly ceded their powers back to the Archon when Adam placed her on trial for treason. She was found guilty and executed by lethal injection.[33]

One of the most important changes made by Adam in the post-Jihad era was the announcement during his Independence Day speech on January 5th, 3084 that the Lyran realm would once again be known as the Lyran Commonwealth. This change was almost overshadowed by the revelation that Adam had reconstituted the long-destroyed Fourth Royal Guards, proclaiming the reborn Fourth as the renewed symbol of the unity of the Commonwealth new and old.[34]

Despite having originally held similar opinions regarding the nature of the Lyran armed forces and the notorious Social Generals, he clashed with the General of the Armies, Rebecca Simons, between new and old values within the armed forces. Simons' outspoken views about the "spoiled elite" of the LAAF clashed with the more inclusive path Adam tried to tread as the Lyran nation rebuilt itself.[35]

While some questioned whether Simons' dedication to reforms would continue under pressure from the established old guard within the political structure of the Alliance,[36] Simons continued to tread a moderate line with the Archon's support, reshaping the renamed LCAF as she wished, and put Social Generals in positions of little responsibility. Ultimately, the Archon had favored Simons over other appointees not only for the high level of support she had shown for him, but also her strength of will to openly speak out about some of his poorer decisions. Adam continued to support Simons despite many clashes between them.[37]

Adam's reign over the Commonwealth in the Dark Age coincided with what was possibly the most peaceful and prosperous period the Commonwealth had experienced in generations; Adam's leadership style came to be regarded as "thoughtful, but decisive," marked by well-planned policies that he explained clearly and which helped to reunify the Lyran state and deal with the potentially disastrous military crises of the 3090s. The rebuilding LCAF was a frequent target of attacks launched by both the Jade Falcons and Clan Wolf as each Clan sought to season their newest generations of MechWarriors, attacks that could have escalated into costly wars that the Commonwealth simply couldn't afford. Adam knew the price that the Commonwealth would pay in the event of a full-scale war and restrained the resurgent LCAF from launching heavy retaliatory attacks, instead forging a defensive strategy that focused on enabling the military to rebuild swiftly after the attacks while reducing casualties.[38]

In 3098, an assassination attempt was made against Hanse Steiner-Davion, the mentally handicapped son of Peter Steiner-Davion and Marie Hussfield. The attempt failed, and prompted a two-year investigation that concluded that the shadowy organization known as the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus was responsible. The Brotherhood's motivation in ordering the assassination was determined to be attempting to prevent potential future heirs to the Archon's throne inheriting mental disabilities from Hanse, revealing a combination of ruthlessness and willingness to meddle in the royal bloodlines at the heart of the Brotherhood.[38]

On learning of the Brotherhood's actions Adam made an impassioned speech to the people of the Lyran Commonwealth, calling on them to support the LCAF in "digging out the rot at the core of our realm". Adam's call led to a massive surge in recruitment for the LCAF and began four years of sporadic battles across the Commonwealth as the leadership of the Brotherhood was dug out of its various hiding places. In 3104 the surviving elements of the Brotherhood's leadership retreated to their last fortress on Gacrux, a world that had been incorporated into the Republic of the Sphere during that nation's founding.[38]

Adam asked for and received permission to dispatch LCAF forces across the border of the Republic, and led the First Royal Guards and Fourteenth Lyran Guards in person for the five-hour battle it took to destroy the Brotherhood forces and their last fortress.[38][39] The destruction of the Brotherhood's leadership marked the last military campaign Adam would fight in personally, with age taking its inevitable toll on his piloting abilities; for the remainder of his reign Adam shifted responsibility for military campaigns over to his generals, but during his last years he paid numerous visits to LCAF units on the border with the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.[38]

Following the accidental death of his second son's wife in 3116, the estranged Frederick asked his father and his brother Andrew to assist in the raising of Roderick Steiner; as a result, Adam shared a special bond with his grandson.[2][40]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Adam died in 3121 of heart failure while traveling to visit an LCAF unit on Great X[38] and was succeeded by his first son Andrew.[2][38]


During his service at Nagelring, Adam piloted an LRM-equipped AXM-2N Axman named Gauntlet which he would use during his early missions with the First Somerset Strikers, serial number 345a-7849Ω. Destroyed in his final fight with Nicolai Malthus, his right arm was salvgeable. Found and reclaimed by the Eridani Light Horse Lieutenant Tansy Wellington, proudly using it in her Axman.[41][42][29]

He later received a customized Command Console-equipped AWS-9Ma Awesome, which he piloted during the liberation of Somerset. Both were destroyed on Somerset by Jade Falcon forces. By the FedCom Civil War, Adam was piloting a Thunder Hawk.[43]

Family & Marriage[edit]

While often linked with Rachel Specter, a former Nagelring cadet who accompanied him on the Somerset Striker mission, with increasing political pressure to strengthen his realm and the line of succession, Adam married Heather Fyhne, the heir to Arcturus Archonette. The wedding, which was (by Lyran standards) relatively tiny, occurred on 11 December 3074. Though it was viewed by many as a purely political arrangement, a few days after the wedding the couple announced they were expecting a son,[44][45] who would be named Andrew Steiner after Adam's deceased older brother. Andrew was later born in 3075.[4][5]

However, despite Adam loving his wife, she wasn't a MechWarrior, so she could never fully understand him. After Adam's death, in his personal effects were found many images of Rachel Specter, suggesting than the great importance she always had for him.[29]

Adam had only a distant relationship with his second son Frederick Steiner, who chose to combat the nepotism that came with his parentage by relinquishing the Steiner name. Frederick had an exemplary career in the LCAF by his own efforts under the name Frederick Frost.[2][40]


  • Dark Ages sources indicate that Peter was not overthrown by the Blakists but rather by the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus, who then brought Adam back into the Archonship as part of a plan to install a "pure" Steiner into the seat of power.[citation needed]
  • The development of the Fenrir II battle armor suit was allegedly the result of Adam losing a bet to Duke Vedet Brewer or Hesperus II.[46]
  • The Gauntlet OmniMech was developed at Adam's instruction; his intention was the creation of a medium OmniMech that honored the Lyran spirit.[47]



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