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General of the Armies is a military rank assigned to the highest serving officer in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. Reporting directly to the Archon, this officer is responsible for every action taken by the LAAF.[1] This rank is similar in its responsibilities to the AFFS Marshal of the Armies, DCMS Gunji-no-Kanrei, or the CCAF Sang-jiang-jun, serving as the supreme commander for the nation's entire military unless overruled by the head of state.[2]

The highest rank in the LAAF Navy is known as Fleet Admiral, who handles all the Naval affairs. Though the Fleet Admiral wears an identical insignia, the Fleet Admiral is not the peer of the General of the Armies; The Fleet Admiral reports to the General of the Armies. (Any Naval officer who reached this rank would likely be named General of the Armies and a new Fleet Admiral would be appointed.)[1]

The rank insignia for the General of the Armies is that of a General but backed by an additional black halo, also known as the Fourth Steiner Cross.[1]

LAAF Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
General of the Armies
(Fleet Admiral)

List of Generals of the Armies[edit]

Name Reign
Steven Steiner 2467[3]- 2471[4]
Michael Gilchrist 2575 - 2589[5]
Katrin Mueller 2589 -[5]
Paul Steiner By 2785[6]- 2799[7] (see notes)
Amanda Lestrade 2799 - [7]
Miles Kempec 2843 - 2846[8]
Alessandro Steiner Pre-3025[9]
Edward Regis By 3025 - 3042[10][11]
Nondi Steiner By 3058[12] (see notes) - 3067
Adam Steiner 3067 - 3074[13]
Rebecca Simons 3074 -[14]
Roderick Steiner 3148[15]


While Paul Steiner retained the position of General of the Armies until his death in 2799, he was largely cut off from the decision-making of the LCAF after the death of his sister Jennifer in favor of Leutnant-General Graham Kelswa.[16] Kelswa's death three years later forced Archon Richard to reinstate Paul as overall commander of the LCAF.[17]

The rank of General of the Armies was defunct from 3042 until the rank reorganization originating with Archon's Order 5730023 in 3057, resulting in the ascent of Nondi Steiner to the post.


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