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  • November: The Draconis Combine launched a nuclear attack on Lamar, rendering the planet uninhabitable and killing General Paul Steiner.
  • The Free Worlds League captured Alula Australis from the Lyran Commonwealth.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth captured Marsalle from the Free Worlds League.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth captured Ilion from the Free Worlds League after three years of fighting, rendering the planet uninhabitable.
  • The Federated Suns captured Fairfax from the Draconis Combine.
  • The Federated Suns captured Sanilac from the Capellan Confederation.




  • The WSP-1L variant of the Wasp BattleMech introduced by House Liao.
  • The TBT-5N variant of the Trebuchet BattleMech introduced.
  • Major structural defect discovered in Shilone.