Marcus Steiner (29th c.)

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Marcus Steiner (29th c.)
Character Profile
Born 2799
Died 13 March 2845[1][2]
Affiliation House Steiner
Title(s) Archon
Profession Noble
Parents Richard Steiner (father)[3][4]
Siblings Claudius Steiner[2]
Spouse Melissa Nin[1][2]

Marcus Steiner (Born 2799 - Died 13 March 2845) was the nineteenth Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[5]


Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

One of Marcus's first acts as Archon was to convince the Estates General to pass his father's Reclamation Act of 2823, which required that ComStar's profits and property be taxed like any other business operating in the Lyran Commonwealth, his father's response to tensions between himself and Primus Conrad Toyama after the leader of ComStar virtually blackmailed Richard into HPG transmission rate increases. [6]

Shortly before the first tax bill was due, on October 3rd 2823 Toyama and the First Circuit passed Exclusion of Tharkad Act, ComStar's first Communications Interdiction against one of the Successor States. A copy of the act was transmitted to Tharkad and delivered to Marcus, followed by the shutdown and disabling of the capital's hyperpulse generator.[6] Before Marcus could even respond, all ComStar personnel were safely evacuated off world. In one fell swoop Toyama had shown all the House Lords that he was not afraid to use ComStar's power. The Interdiction lasted almost a full year with little communication between the Commonwealth and ComStar before Marcus eventually bowed to public pressure in the fall of 2824 and asked the Estates General to rescind the Act. Within 72 hours of the announcement, the Tharkad HPG was again active and processing.[7]

illness and Death[edit]

Whilst away staging a new offensive against the Free Worlds League in November 2843, Marcus contracted Meningitis. Although he was rushed back to Tharkad and given the best medical treatment Marcus slipped into a coma and eventually died on 13 March 2845.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Richard Steiner
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Melissa Nin


Marcus was initially listed as Richards nephew in House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth), but in later publications he was listed as Richards son.


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