Marshal of the Armies

The Marshal of the Armies was a position created with the merging of the AFFS and LCAF to form the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth. In the absence of both the First Prince and Archon, the Marshal of the Armies served as the supreme commander of the Federated Commonwealth's military. More generally, the Marshal oversaw the day-to-day operations of the AFFC, including presiding over meetings of the High Command and, in a crisis, assuming direct command over a military operation. With the secession of the Lyran Alliance and the FedCom Civil War, the rump AFFC essentially returned to being the military of the Federated Suns, and many of the reforms which had been implemented in the interim were likewise thrown out. However, the position of Marshal of the Armies was retained within the AFFS, along with all the same duties and responsibilities. Both the Marshal of the Armies and the Prince's Champion have continued their roles as important military advisers to the First Prince.[1][2] The position went unfilled in the Dark Age as the AFFS High Command died alongside Caleb Davion on Palmyra and neither Prince Julian Davion or his Champion, Erik Sandoval-Groell, rushed to fill the opening.[3] Field Marshal Anastasia Zibler, commander of the Davion Brigade of Guards, had been performing many of the position's duties in 3145.[4]

List of Marshal of the Armies[edit]

Name Reign
Ran Felsner 3042 - 3049[5]
Morgan Hasek-Davion 3049 - 3060[5]
Jackson Davion 3060[6] - 3067
Jackson Davion 3067 - 3073
Jon Davion - 3103[7]
Athena Davion-Ross 3103 - 3110[7]
Aayushmaan Lal 3110 - 3113[8]
Athena Davion-Ross 31?? - ca. 3135[9]


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