Ran Felsner

Ran Felsner
Ran Felsner
AffiliationHouse Felsner
RankMarshal of the Armies
Title(s)Knight of the Realm
Knight of the Capellan People
ChildrenMeshach Felsner[3]

Ran Felsner was a highly decorated military officer of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and later the first Marshal of the Armies of the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth.[4]


Early Life[edit]

Ran Felsner was born in 2976 in Kevin Crossroads on Lexington. The Felsner family had a long tradition of lumberjacking, and Ran Felsner started working as a lumberjack as soon as he could use an axe.[5][1]

Early Military Career[edit]

In 2991, he enlisted in the AFFS. Felsner trained at the Blackwater Boot Camp near Devil’s Hole on Lexington. Felsner was assigned to the 2nd Lexington Regulars motorized infantry regiment within the 17th Avalon Hussars upon his graduation in 2992. Felsner earned a battlefield commendation and promotion during an invasion of Breed. Sergeant Felsner was then sent to the Robinson Battle Academy after he led an unauthorized but successful attack against enemy forces on Klathandu IV.[5]

In 2998, Ran Felsner graduated from the Robinson Battle Academy with the rank of Leftenant. He was assigned to command a group of the 17th Avalon Hussars, where he learned from his commanding officer the art of command.[5][6]

In 3001, on New Mendham, two 17th Avalon Hussar DropShips, containing the regimental commanders of the Hussars, were destroyed by Combine forces. As senior remaining officer, Major Felsner organized a withdrawal that prevented the total destruction of his RCT. For his actions, he was awarded the Medal Excalibur and promotion to Leftenant General. After a short stint at Albion Military Academy, Felsner was given command of the Alcyone CMM.[5][6]

Advisor to the Prince[edit]

In 3008, Ran Felsner initiated a seemingly suicidal invasion of the Capellan world of Daniels following intelligence on enemy forces and disposition that he received from the legendary Colonel Jaime Wolf of Wolf's Dragoons.[7] The planet fell in 3009 and brought Felsner command of the Davion Heavy Guards in 3010. As a result of these actions, he was given a promotion to Major General and gained the attention of Hanse Davion. In this capacity, he served as military advisor to the First Prince and mentor to Ardan Sortek. Eventually becoming a Marshal in 3015.[8][2]

In 3022, he worked to develop procedures for joint AFFS-LCAF operations. Combine forces attacked in the middle of the exercise and the Lyran and Davion forces worked together to push the Combine forces off the planet. Accolades and a promotion to Field Marshal and command of the Davion Brigade of Guards soon followed.[9]

Stein's Folly[edit]

In 3025,[10] Capellan forces invaded the Davion worlds of Redfield and Stein’s Folly.[11] Felsner approved the operational plan[12] and commanded the 5th Crucis Lancers in the campaign that liberated Stein’s Folly from the Capellans.[13][14] Felsner returned to New Avalon at the end of a failed Capellan plot to replace Hanse Davion with a double and reclaimed command of the Davion Brigade of Guards.[15]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

During the 4th Succession War, Felsner was part of the circle of advisers to the First Prince that developed Operation RAT, the main Federated Suns offensive into the Capellan Confederation, which ended with the capture of 107 Capellan Confederation systems.[2][16]

War of 3039[edit]

Ran Felsner again played an important part in the strategic plans of the Federated Commonwealth during the War of 3039. He was instrumental in developing Operations LAUNCELOT and GAHERIS,[2] the invasion plans for the Galedon and Benjamin Military Districts.[17] He remained on New Avalon at the Fox’s Den and coordinated AFFS and LCAF forces during the war.[2]

He was particularly insistent on advising Marshal Jonathan Riffenberg on taking New Mendham, a world Felsner had experience with earlier in his career.[18]

In the end it was Felsner that took the blame for the failed Combine invasion, and it was Felsner who sent the recall orders that ended the war at Hanse Davion’s command despite his own belief that the war should continue.[2]


Following the failure of the War of 3039, Ran Felsner concentrated on integrating the separate armies of the AFFS and LCAF into the unified forces of the AFFC. With the creation of the AFFC in 3042, Ran Felsner became the first Marshal of the Armies. His acceptance by and work at coordinating Lyran and Davion forces made him the logical choice.[2]

Ran Felsner retired from the AFFC in 3049. He continued to work sporadically for old comrades and friends such as Ardan Sortek, James Sandoval, and Jackson Davion.[2] He was succeeded as Marshal of Armies of the AFFC by Morgan Hasek-Davion.[19]


He met and fell in love with Countess Cordelia Spenser of Torrence while horseback riding in 3024.[9]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Ran Felsner died in 3061 shortly before the beginnings of the FedCom Civil War.[2] Although his contributions to the military efforts of the Federated Commonwealth were great, Ran Felsner has become largely forgotten.[1]

Philosophical and Political Views[edit]

Ran Felsner was a humble man who rarely stood out. Anything he did was what he thought he had to do for the Federated Suns and not out of ambition for his own rank.[9][1]


Ran Felsner was awarded some of the greatest military honors that the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth could provide:


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