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  • Reilly's Armored Cavalry, in the employ of House Kurita, are destroyed while attacking Driscoll's World. The survivors form Lindon's Company.


  • End of the Marik Civil War:
    • February 26th: Jaime Wolf refuses Anton Marik's demands that Wolf's Dragoons be split up to bolster the rebel troops.
    • February 28th: Jaime Wolf storms out of meeting with Anton Marik.
    • March 6th: Joshua Wolf, the Dragoons' liaison staff, and their dependents are taken hostage by Anton Marik.
    • March 14th: Anton Marik executes 28 members of Wolf's Dragoons, including Joshua Wolf.
    • The Black Widow Company of Wolf's Dragoons is formed under Natasha Kerensky.
    • Black Widow Company assaults Anton Marik's manor on New Delos, killing him.
    • April 16th: The six-month New Delos Treason Trials begin.
    • May: Marik Civil War ends.
    • Janos Marik hires Wolf's Dragoons.
  • The Kell Hounds' "defection" occurs, ending in 3016.
  • The Free Worlds League captures Megrez.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth takes Ford.
  • The Capellan Confederation assaults Hassad.
  • The Free Worlds League conquers Jasmine.