Damien Constantine

Danien Constantine
Born 3015
Died September 3057
Affiliation ComStar

Damien Constantine (b. 3015[1] - d. 3057) was ComStar's MU/Delta (counterintelligence) unit commanding officer, before being assassinated by the Word of Blake.[2]


Damien's evaluations and exams showed him to be well-suited for ROM. When he joined that organization he was placed in the counterintelligence division. He served there for twenty years, but a personality conflict with his supervisors kept him at the rank of Adept. Constantine was appointed to be commanding officer of ComStar's counterintelligence unit within ROM by Victoria Parrdeau.[1] He served in this position until he was assassinated in September of 3057. WolfNet believes that he was having an affair with the "charming" Michelle Ellingham, a recent transfer into the unit following the mass defections to the Word of Blake in 3052, and that she was the highest placed Word of Blake agent within ComStar when he made her his deputy.[2]

The success of his assassination is largely contributed to the access she had within the counterintelligence unit. He held the rank of Demi-Precentor.[2][3]

Constantine was widely known to have a bad temper, and when he was appointed to head the Counterintelligence division that temper only grew worse. Despite this and the misery he inflicted on others, he was known for his honesty and dedication to ComStar.[1]

Source Analysis[edit]

  • The information presented in WolfNet Classified Report Gamma 11A2 is part profile (of Michelle Ellingham) and part speculation, due as it is from the perspective of an intelligence agency. In lieu of additional material, the information is included in this article as fact.


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