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Janos Marik (30th c.)

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This article is about the 48th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. For other uses, see Janos Marik (disambiguation).

Janos Ricard Thaddeus Marik
Janos Ricard Thaddeus Marik
Died1 June 3035[2]
AffiliationHouse Marik
Title(s)Duke of Atreus[1][3]
ParentsStephan Marik (father)[1]
SiblingsAnton Marik[1]
Sylvia Marik
SpouseHilda Lauber
Ana Stewart

Janos Ricard Thaddeus Marik was the eldest son of Captain-General Stephan Marik. He succeeded his father to the Captain-Generalcy of the Free Worlds League upon Stephan's death in 2991. Janos ruled the League during the end of the Third Succession War and during the Fourth Succession War. He prosecuted that latter war ineffectively, losing territory to the nascent Tikonov Free Republic, which was later absorbed into the Federated Commonwealth.[4]


Early Life[edit]

Against his father's wishes, Janos attended Princefield Academy in Oriente, the first time in decades that a Marik did not receive his or her training at one of the League's military training centers on New Olympia. During his time there, his outspoken and easily offended nature showed, which led to six separate honor duels. He graduated in 2979, shortly after his twenty-first birthday. He received both his commission as a lieutenant in the Free Worlds Guards and a Rifleman from his father. Janos later left the Guards to take over command of the 1st Atrean Hussars. His time as commander of this unit did nothing to improve the pedigree of the unit, and in battle, usually stayed far from the front lines, using his 'mech as a command unit, mainly in antiaircraft role.[4][5]

In 2988, an officer in the Orloff Grenadiers attempted to entangle Janos in a plot against his father. The military coup was crushed in its infancy, resulting in the death of Duchess Morgaine Humphreys in 2989.[4][6]

With a great increase in terrorism, rioting and antigovernment attacks throughout 2989 and 2990, Janos Marik would be ordered to try and stop it with his 1st Atrean Hussars.[7]

Early Rule[edit]

When Stephan Marik died of cancer in 2991, Janos succeeded him, giving a long eulogy at the funeral. He was confirmed on 2 September at the age of 33. Shortly after he would start repairing the rifts between his political enemies including suspects in the 2988 plot. By granting amnesty to all political prisoners and guaranteeing the extension of Resolution 288 as well as providing humanitarian aid, Janos would effectively overcome some of the growing unrest.[7]

Tragedy struck him in 2994 when his wife, Hilda Lauber Marik, died. The entire League would mourn with Janos, even his staunchest opponent from Andurien, Catherine Humphreys, would attend the funeral.[8]

Janos ordered a celebration of the Fourth Millennium on New Year's Eve of 2999 lasting for twelve months and ending on New Year's Day of 3001, to commemorate mankind's achievements. This decision was met with some dissent, markedly by Enrique Kim and Dame Catherine Humphreys, Duchess of Andurien, believing the expenses would be too high. Throughout the League however, the celebration was welcomed.[8] During the celebrations in April of 3000, the Federated Suns would mount a raid on the 'Mech production facility on Kalidasa, taking with them a collection of partially constructed 'Mechs.[9] This would spark a six-year hidden war conducted by SAFE against the Federated Suns.[10]

With Janos Marik's recovery efforts during the early years of his tenure the preparation for an offensive against the League's neighbors, the Lyran Commonwealth and the Capellan Confederation, could begin. In March of 3002 the world of Loric would become the first target in the Captain-General's war against the Lyrans. Somehow, information of this impending attack had leaked in advance to the Lyrans, which resulted in the world being fortified and the two committed Marik Militia regiments found themselves in a meat grinder. Even the mercenary command hired for their experience fighting against the Lyrans—Cady's Regiment—would also struggle. After eight long months the FWLM would ultimately admit defeat and withdraw from the world.[11]

Six months after the initial assault on Loric, an attack against the world of Solaris commenced. Originally meant to be a hit-and-run operation conducted by aerospace fighters preceded by a stronger but slower force, preparing for a general invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth. The campaign quickly deviated from the plan and the forces committed were unable to complete any of the phases. Infuriated with the terrible results, Janos would court-martial the general in charge, Willis Crawford—Anton Marik's associate—and ultimately have him executed on 1 July 3003.[12]

The same problems would plague the Capellan border. Starting at the same time as the attack on Loric, the situation was only made worse by the disastrous campaigns on Solaris and Loric, creating supply and personnel shortages. Anton Marik being the commander of this operation did his best, but his campaign would grind to a halt on the worlds of Menkalinan and New Canton, turning into bloodbaths.[12]

With the FWLM having suffered great losses in the previous fighting, Janos Marik attempted to seize matériel from the many mercenary commands that had work under his employ, Cranston Snord being one of them. Janos had signed a contract in 3003 with Cranston which would render all debts to the League by Snord's unit cleared. After the fighting on Rochelle, however, Janos feigned ignorance and ruled that all 'Mechs in Snord's company be forfeited. A long-lasting feud between Janos and Cranston began.[13]

In 3006, the FWLM would fare much better against the Lyran Commonwealth by taking advantage of the Archon Alessandro Steiner's "Concentrated Weakness" policy. By Janos abandoning efforts on the Capellan front, the assaults on Coventry and Pollux were successful. This would, however, have the unexpected effect of inspiring Katrina Steiner to seize power as the new Archon and as a result the Lyran state would provide much stronger resistance.

These events would lead to Anton Marik becoming disgruntled with his brother's rule. How Janos dealt with Willis Crawford and the situation on the Capellan front are speculated to be some of the major factors of Anton's revolt.[14]

Marik Civil War[edit]

Anton Marik, Janos' brother

If any event could evoke sympathy for the Captain-General, it would be that day when Janos Marik confronted the truth that his own brother had made common cause with the Liao enemy. After a decade of disappointments it was the ultimate disappointment.

- From Crossed Swords, by Ema Kochkov, Rahne Publishing, 3021[15]

On 22 May 3014, Janos' brother Anton declared war against Janos' rule. He did this with support from Maximilian Liao, who was attempting to destabilize and weaken the Free Worlds League.

Calling Janos a "madman" and "tyrant", Anton called upon all the provinces of the Free Worlds League to join his rebellion. Although many units and systems did indeed flock to Anton's banner, it was far less than what he'd expected. Rather than be devastated by his brother's betrayal, the war reenergized Janos, who rallied his forces, soon putting Anton's supporters on the defensive. Were it not for the services of Wolf's Dragoons, all would have been lost for the rebels.

By February 3015, the rebels controlled only a few remaining systems. The strain upon Anton was tremendous, and it started to show. At his headquarters on New Delos, Anton met with Jaime Wolf, ordering the mercenary commander to break his unit down into company-sized forces and distribute them among the remaining rebel troops. Anton had hoped this would slow the advance of Janos' forces. Jaime Wolf refused, citing the contract that had been signed. This led to a falling-out between Anton and Wolf's Dragoons, with devastating consequences.

Soon after, Anton ordered the arrest of Jaime's brother, Joshua Wolf, and 27 other Dragoon personnel and dependents. It would not be revealed until years later that Jaime Wolf's wife and two daughters were also among those taken. The prisoners were soon executed.

Anton then sent a message to Jaime Wolf, announcing the arrests while concealing the executions, and using the prisoners as hostages.

Wolf's response was swift; the enraged Wolf's Dragoons descended on New Delos. After three days of fighting, Natasha Kerensky led her Black Widow Company through a forest fire, attacking the rear of Anton's palace and ultimately killing him as a wall collapsed upon him.

The Dragoons promptly destroyed every remaining rebel unit on New Delos ending Anton's rebellion. In a twist of irony, Janos promptly offered Wolf's Dragoons employment with the Free Worlds League, which Jaime Wolf accepted.

Post–Anton Marik's Revolt[edit]

In recognition for the losses the Dragoons suffered on Wyatt in 3016, Captain-General Janos Marik sent Jaime Wolf a gold and firestone right engraved with "In memory of Sendalor". The Sendalor was an Overlord-class DropShip that was shot down by Lyran fighters while evacuating Dragoons. A battalion of troops was on the Sendalor when it crashed.[16]

In 3018, he attended the first live-fire exercise of the unsuccessful Liberator BattleMech.[17]

The next year, he sent a personal message to Jaime Wolf, ordering the Dragoons to launch their most daring raid: an attack to Hesperus II, targeting their 'Mechs factories. The Dragoons launched a deep raid inside the Commonwealth space headed for Hesperus. In the Thirteenth Battle of Hesperus they came closer than anybody to win, but eventually they had to admit defeat and retreat. Janos was so disappointed by their failure than, when House Steiner began negotiating with the Dragoonsto to hire them after their five-year contract expired, he didn't bother to make a counter-offer. In the spring of 3020, the Dragoons left the League's service.[18]

Later rule and Fourth Succession War[edit]

Janos Marik received a message from Cranston Snord on 27 November 3020. It read, "Rhonda says thanks for the dog. She swears it was the King's favorite, a fourth birthday present. Glad to have it back. Wheater's here. Wish you were beautiful. Au revoir, Janos."[19]

In 3023, Janos founded the Free Worlds Technical Institute. Trying to persuade corporations to share proprietary information with the college and enticing skilled technicians to work as staff proved difficult. Later on, with the discovery of the Helm memory core, Janos' attempts were so much more successful that FWTI became the foremost institute to gather this new information.[20]

In 3024, in direct response to the FedCom Accords, Takashi Kurita brought together unlikely allies Janos and Maximilian Liao to sign the Concord of Kapteyn. The initial idea of producing better trade deals with the Draconis Combine greatly appealed to Janos; when he later found out that the concord would include Maximilian Liao and his Confederation, he was ready to walk out on the negotiations but Takashi was able to persuade Janos to stay. The concord was an agreement of mutual support against their common enemies, House Davion and House Steiner.[21] Though some back-and-forth raids continued between the Confederation and the Free Worlds League, the agreement held in principle. As policy, however, it proved ineffective during the Fourth Succession War, due primarily to incompetent maneuvering by the FWLM.

Janos Marik was caught by surprise in 3028 when reports of the invasions of the Capellan Confederation and Draconis Combine reached him. Janos refused to support his allies and decided that getting confirmation from his troops posted on the Lyran border, that no attack on the Free Worlds League would occur, was more important. Assured that no invasion was coming, Janos issued the order to simply wait and let the Capellans and Combine fight their own wars.[22] Three weeks after the invasion of the Capellan Confederation, Chancellor Maximilian Liao sent a strongly worded message directly to Janos Marik, demanding material and humanitarian aid, if he could not spare his troops. On 16 October 3028, Janos responded in a sarcastic manner that he would of course honor the concord. Some of the items in the supplies sent were soap, toilet paper, tires, .22 caliber air gun pellets and medical supplies consisting of a single bottle of Prozac,[23] although Janos reluctantly agreed to the Capellan use of his medical facilities.[22]

One week later, Janos Marik received an equally angry letter from the Draconis Coordinator, Takashi Kurita, forcing Marik into action against the Lyrans. Quickly forming plans, Janos initiated Operation DAGGER but the effort was half-hearted at best.[22]

When the breakaway faction that would later become the Tikonov Free Republic attacked on worlds in the League close to Terra, Janos decided to consolidate his forces, pull out and establish defensive lines. This resulted in the loss of several worlds.[21]

In September 3030, after the end of the Fourth Succession War, the Duchy of Andurien seceded from the Free Worlds League. In response to this Janos Marik enacted the "Internal Emergency Act," excluding the Principality of Regulus and the Duchy of Oriente. Before Janos could take action against the rogue faction, he suffered from a stroke in October of the same year.[23]

When Thomas Marik reappeared in January 3031, Janos Marik stalled any attempts to appoint a new regent until a verigraph confirming Thomas as his successor could be produced. Thomas took on all the responsibilities of Janos's position, but Janos kept the title of Captain-General until his death.[23]


He, along with his son Duggan, were assassinated via an explosion in 3035 by his nephew, Duncan, during a strategy session concerning the Andurien Secession. His son and heir, Thomas, was also thought to have been killed in the explosion, which allowed Duncan to briefly seize the throne.[24]


Janos Marik' only known 'Mech was a RFL-3N Rifleman given by his father, which some people believed it was an indirect way to get rid of him. However, Janos refused to change the 'Mech, stripping it of its medium lasers and switching the AC/5s for AC/2s. After ascending to Captain-General, he piloted it only on ceremonial occasion. He eventually gave it to the new commander of Atrean Hussars, until his destruction in the debacle of Shiro III, in the Andurien Secession.[5]


Indrahar speaks eight languages fluently. Amazing to think that he learned six of them just so he could interrogate suspects directly.
  — Janos Marik[25]



  • One of Janos' sons bore his name, though Janos Marik II did not survive his father. The impostor Thomas Marik and Sherryl Halas later had a child they named Janos, though he bore no actual relation to the senior Janos. Janos Marik III was killed as a child during the Jihad. Later still, Jessica Marik, daughter of Thomas Halas and Sherryl Halas, named one of her sons Janos, though again he bore no blood relation to the senior Janos.


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