Cranston Snord

Cranston Snord, ca. 3051
Cranston Snord
Born 2975[1]
Died 3???
Affiliation Snord's Irregulars
Profession MechWarrior
Children Rhonda Snord (daughter)

Cranston Snord (born 2975[1] – died 3???) was a famed mercenary leader and the founder of Snord's Irregulars. He was also a former member of Wolf's Dragoons.[2]


Originally entering the Inner Sphere as part of Wolf's Dragoons in 3005 Cranston Snord was detailed in 3006 to search for SLDF bases under the cover of having been discharged from the Dragoons after having left his post to search for artworks during a battle on Royal.[citation needed]

Since his separation from Wolf's Dragoons and the formation of his own unit he fought many battles. Sometimes for House Steiner or Marik. He is famed for his unorthodox tactics and seeming obsession with historical memorabilia.[3]

Cranston Snord suffered a heart attack in the spring of 3034 that left him handicapped, and effectively ended his MechWarrior career. He gradually turned from active mercenary to researcher and intelligence gatherer on Clinton, and the day-to-day running of the mercenary outfit was taken over by his daughter Rhonda.[1] Several other old members of the unit also retired or mustered out during this time.

In 3037, Cranston Snord secretly traveled to the late Janos Marik's tomb together with Jake Walmar. On 11 April they broke into the tomb to drink a toast to Janos from the brandy they had secured on Nestor back in 3013.

Despite his injuries and retirement, Snord reportedly continued to pilot BattleMechs well into his 70s.[4]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Cranston brought his daughter Rhonda Snord with him from the Clan Homeworlds. She was raised as a MechWarrior, fought with his unit, and eventually command of his mercenary unit would be passed on to her.


Snord piloted an ARC-2R Archer which may have upgraded to an ARC-5S at some point prior to the Clan Invasion, though some sources state he moved to a Bombardier.[5][6][1]


"I can never tell if Snord's paying attention in battle, or if he's seeking hidden treasures."[6]


Game Rules[edit]

Snord was a Heroic MechWarrior (Gunnery 2, Piloting 1) with the Eagle's Eyes and Sandblaster (LRM) Special Piloting Abilities.[5][7][6]


According to author Blaine Pardoe, the character Cranston Snord is named after the punchline of an obscure joke from the comic strip "BC" by cartoonist Johnny Hart.[1]

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