Cranston Snord

Cranston Snord
Cranston Snord
AffiliationSnord's Irregulars
ChildrenRhonda Snord

Cranston Snord was a famed mercenary leader and the founder of Snord's Irregulars. He was also a former member of Wolf's Dragoons.[2]



Cranston Snord, born into Grant's Station, in the Clan Homeworlds, was a freebirth warrior born of Clan Wolf merchant caste members on the Clan Homeworlds. He was noted as skilled, though non-conformist regarding rigid Clan society rules and regulations, obsessed with the Star League era. Though skilled in combat, he often balked of Clan's regulations and rules. Being a misfit, his Clan decided to get rid of him entering the Inner Sphere as part of Wolf's Dragoons in 3005. Taking the surname Snord, he took his freeborn daughter, Rhonda, with him, another eccentricity. Though he was originally an officer, commanding a battalion on Epsilon Regiment (Wolf's Dragoons) he never integrated on them. Colonel Jaime Wolf, his superior, admired Snord's prowess, but was certain his non-conforming attitude would eventually cause the clandestine Clan force trouble, so he debated with him and both agreed to send Cranston away. His mission was to create an independent small mercenary unit to search for Star League Defense Force bases. To make credible his story, in their first battle on the Inner Sphere, on Halloran V, he led his unit to attack a Capellan post to recover a collection of pipes. His actions infuriated the other Dragoons and Jaime Wolf publicly berated Cranston and discharged him from the Dragoons.[3][4]

Mercenary Commander[edit]

After his separation from Wolf's Dragoons and the formation of his own unit, Cranston fought many battles including the fight for Rochelle in 3007.[5] He usually was in the employ of House Steiner or Marik. He was famed for his unorthodox tactics and seeming obsession with historical memorabilia. Jaime Wolf sent some Dragoons to watch him and make sure he never revealed the Dragoons true origins. However, soon became evident it wasn't necessary: Cranston was so mysterious about his past than most doubted he ever was a Dragoon.[6][7]

Heart Attack and Later Activities[edit]

Cranston Snord suffered a heart attack in the spring of 3034 that left him handicapped, and effectively ended his MechWarrior career. He gradually turned from active mercenary to researcher and intelligence gatherer on Clinton, and the day-to-day running of the mercenary outfit was taken over by his daughter Rhonda.[1][8] Several other old members of the unit also retired or mustered out during this time.

In 3037, Cranston Snord secretly traveled to the late Janos Marik's tomb together with Jake Walmar. On 11 April, they broke into the tomb to drink a toast to Janos from the brandy they had secured on Nestor back in 3013.[8]

Cranston also served as the Irregulars recruiter. He would regularly take trips to Solaris scouting for talented MechWarriors. He also recruited from the Irregular's own families on Clinton. He is said to offered a BattleMech to any second-generation Irregular who could prove their worth in one.[8]

In 3040, Cranston Snord would be present at Katrina Steiner's funeral on January 8th, 3040 along with several other famous mercenaries including Morgan Kell.[9]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Shortly after the first verified reports of the Clans' contact with the Inner Sphere in 3050, Cranston and his daughter Rhonda met with Jaime Wolf to discuss how the Dragoons and the Irregulars would respond to the invasion. There Cranston declared his loyalty to the Inner Sphere and promised to work against the invaders.[10]


Despite his injuries and retirement, Snord reportedly continued to pilot BattleMechs well into his seventies.[11]

The 11 April 3063, when he was confined to a wheelchair, briefly travelled to Odessa, to oversee an excavation of the Irregulars, posted there. Rhonda asked his advice about if she must get involved into the FedCom Civil War, but Cranston said than it was her decision, though strongly advised her against it, citing his experience into the Free Worlds Civil War. He also advised his daughter about her adoptive daughter's future commanding post.[12]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Despite strongly-held beliefs that such relationships among Clan warriors are "abominations," Cranston insisted that his daughter Rhonda Snord be brought with him from the Clan Homeworlds. She was raised as a MechWarrior, fought with his unit, and eventually command of his mercenary unit would be passed on to her.[4]


Snord initially piloted an ARC-2R Archer[13][14] but moved to a Bombardier in 3037.[1]


I can never tell if Snord's paying attention in battle, or if he's seeking hidden treasures
  — [14]
Some men are born to greatness. Others have it thrust upon them. Me? I punted.
  — Cranston Snord, 3050[4]
Besides, they kicked us out over 40 years ago. They treated us freebirths like their trash. It's time we taught them not to kick a good dog. You can count on my support of the Federated Commonwealth. It they want to forge a new Star League, they'll have to kill us first. Their ways would wipe out the Inner Sphere. The time the freebirths will teach 'them' a lesson in what being a warrior really means.
  — Cranston Snord, in response to Jaime Wolf's question on whether the Irregulars would resist the Clan Invasion, 3050[10]


According to author Blaine Pardoe, the character Cranston Snord is named after the punchline of an obscure joke from the comic strip "BC" by cartoonist Johnny Hart.[1][2]

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