Mercenary's Handbook 3055

Mercenary's Handbook 3055
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Campaign Rulebook
Development Scott Jenkins
Primary writing Stephan I. Matis
Brent Carter
Bob Charette
Tom Gessman [sic]
Mike Stackpole
Blaine Pardo [sic]
Jim Long
Christine Mackay
Gene Marcil
Pages 128
Cover Artwork Tim Conrad (Art)
Mike Nielsen (Design)
Interior Artwork Jeff Laubenstein (Art Director)
Mark Ernst (Ad design)
Illustrations Earl Geier
Russ Akred
Jim Nelson
Gary Thomas Washington
Scott Rosema
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1670
First published 1993
ISBN-10 1555601847
ISBN-13 978-1555601843
MSRP $18.00
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3055
Preceded by Mercenary's Handbook
Followed by Field Manual: Mercenaries


The Mercenary's Handbook 3055 massively expands and updates the information from the 1987 Mercenary's Handbook, effectively superseding it. Set around 3055, it provides general background information, rules for creating and running a mercenary unit, detailed briefs on five prominent mercenary units, equipment and price lists, and a list of 'Mechs and vehicles and their Combat Value rating.

From the back cover[edit]

Running a merc unit is a serious business first, last, and always. Not just any group of gung-ho 'Mech jocks can survive in the cutthroat world of the mercenary, and any MechWarrior who ignores this fact ends up working for someone else, Dispossessed, or dead. Running a successful merc unit takes know-how, skill, careful planning, and sometimes a little luck. If you still think you've got what it takes to pit your skills against the fiercest warriors of the Inner Sphere and beyond, the Mercenary's Handbook: 3055 is for you. The handbook provides a comprehensive, detailed system for creating, maintaining, and operating a mercenary unit in the BattleTech universe, covering every aspect of the mercenary life from combat to salary to medical care.

The Mercenary's Handbook: 3055 also includes detailed briefings on five of the most renowned mercenary units of the Inner Sphere: Wolf's Dragoons, the Kell Hounds, Rhonda Snord's Irregulars, the Gray Death Legion, and the Black Thorns. So what are you waiting for? C-bills and glory await any MechWarrior bold enough to take them. But just remember, the battle's not over until the check clears...


  • Mercenary's Handbook
    • Welcome to Outreach
      • Warrior World
        • Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission
        • Harlech
        • The Outback
        • Cyclops Station
        • Hospitality
      • Conventions of War
      • Ares Conventions
      • Honors of War
  • Selected Units
    • Wolf's Dragoons
      • Origins
        • First Contract: Davion
        • Second Contract: Liao
        • Third Contract: Marik's Rebellion
        • Fourth Contract: Marik
        • Sixth Contrackt: Kurita
        • Seventh Contract: Davion
        • Interlude: Outreach
        • Eighth Contract: Federated Commonwealth
        • Open Contracts
        • Crucible
      • Selected Personalities
      • Table of Organization and Equipment
    • The Gray Death Legion
    • Snord's Irregulars
      • Current Status
      • Origins
      • Materiel Assets
      • Selected Personalities
      • Table of Organization and Equipment
    • The Black Thorns
      • Current Status
      • Origins
      • Selected Personalities
      • Table of Organization and Equipment
  • Game Information
    • Creating a Unit
      • Special Rules
        • Combat Value
      • Using the System
      • Naming A Unit
      • Unit Size and Structure
      • Unit Start-up Money
        • Starting Cash Modifiers
      • Combatant Templates
        • C-bill and Support Point Totals
      • Support Templates
      • Transport
      • Quick Contracts
        • Date of Establishment
        • Current Employer
        • Length of Contract
      • Equipment Allocation
    • Running a Mercenary Unit
      • Technical Support Points
      • Maintenance Requirements
        • Expenses
      • Medical Care
      • Breakdown
        • Minor Damage
        • Major Damage
        • Destruction
      • Repairs
        • Repair Limitations
        • Repair Kits
        • Parts
        • Refit Kits
        • Using Refit and Repair Kits
        • Mothballing Equipment
      • Buying Equipment
        • Factory Purchase
        • Mercenary Auctions
      • Black Market
    • Contracts
      • Mercenaries and the Clans
      • Getting A Contract
        • Dragoons Rating
        • Employers
        • Assignment
        • Length of the Contract
        • Payment
        • Support
        • Transport
        • Salvage Rights
        • Command Rights
    • Breach of Contract
  • Tables


  • The Stephan I. Matis listed as a primary writer may be game designer Stéphane I. Matis.
  • Russ Akred's name is misspelled as "Ackred" in the artist credits.