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OmniFighters are an advanced variation of the standard aerospace fighter which utilize the same OmniPod technology as the OmniMechs and OmniVehicles, offering great flexibility in combat abilities and repair benefits.


Much like the OmniMech concept stemmed from the Mercury, the basis for the OmniFighter was the SLDF's Spad, a popular and durable fighter. Instead of restricting techs to exclusive components, the Spad was designed with modular access in mind, allowing any number of parts and weapons of the same class from other manufacturers to be substituted, and at the hands of the Clans the concept was expanded to develop a fighter with fully reconfigurable weapon and equipment loadouts.

While the Draconis Combine was able to quickly reverse engineer and start producing Inner Sphere OmniMechs from early 3052, attempts to produce OmniPod compatible fighters lagged due to the higher complexity of aerospace fighter design and the focus on the Successor States rebuilding and upgrading their BattleMech forces, with the first Inner Sphere OmniFighter, the Free Worlds League's Shiva, only reaching production in 3060 with all other major powers introducing their own designs within the next five years.

Like their 'Mech and Vehicle cousins, OmniFighters offer the same benefits and suffer the same limitations, with many using XL engines and Ferro-Aluminum armor to increase available pod space while dramatically driving up production costs. Due to the reverse engineering of Clan OmniPod technology, Inner Sphere OmniFighters use the same modular connection points and can mount superior Clan weapon and equipment pods just as easily as IS components.

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