An OmniPod (or Pod) is a specialized equipment housing or manifold used to mount weapons, ammunition, and components in OmniMechs, OmniFighters, and OmniVehicles.[1] OmniTechnology allows Omni-capable Units to rapidly reconfigure or replace weapons and equipment[2][3], even in the field.[citation needed]

Though an OmniPod refers directly to the housing for the equipment, the term is frequently also used for the equipment mounted inside.[citation needed]


When Clans Coyote and Sea Fox invented OmniTechnology in the mid-2850s[4], rather than force the myriad weapons manufacturers across Clanspace to redesign their production to allow standard interface with Omni-capable Units[5], Coyote Scientist Richard (Remer)’s team invented OmniPods that, with moderate technical effort[6], allow the OmniPod-mounted equipment to be quickly secured to the hollow chassis of the base OmniMech.[7]


OmniPods place power; ammunition computer feeds; coolant lines; CASE baffles; servomechanism, myomer, and actuator connections, and fastenings in a standard arrangement or alignment. Since OmniPod-mounted equipment connections are regularly arranged, they are very easily installed, removed, or repositioned within the Omni chassis. Each Pod requires about 30 minutes for replacement in an Omni.[2][3] The Pods themselves are light, and add only negligible mass to the Omni Unit, with no effect on performance.[8][9],

Components mounted in OmniPods are simply removed and replaced, allowing technicians time to repair the component and the Omni-compatible unit free to do as necessary,[10][11] although repairing damaged Pod-capable chassis equipment is a bit more time-consuming.[3]

OmniPod-mounted equipment can be mounted on conventional BattleMechs, AeroSpace Fighters, etc., if the equipment is first removed from the OmniPod. While in theory Pod-mounted equipment could be fixed directly into a convention unit, wasting such an expensive housing seems foolish; OmniPods themselves cost one-quarter of the price of their housed components, and installing OmniPods on non-Omni units saves no time vs standard equipment.[12]


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