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  • September 13th to 23rd: Draconis Combine invasion fleet arrives in-system, swiftly overwhelming organized defenders.
  • October 3rd: Federated Suns counterattack led by First Prince Ian Davion arrives.
  • October 21st: First Prince Ian Davion killed.
  • December: First Prince Hanse Davion and Davion forces gather at Addicks
  • December 28th: Davion employed mercenaries arrive in-system via Pirate Point to launch diversionary raids.
  • December 29th: Carter Cobras and Chloe's Cavaliers mercenary units discover Combine defenders double the anticipated size.



  • May 30th: Duke of New Syrtis & Capellan March Lord George Hasek dies peacefully
  • Michael Hasek-Davion named Duke of New Syrtis
  • October 21st: First Prince Ian Davion killed by Yorinaga Kurita during Third Battle of Mallory's World


  • Clan Ghost Bear ceases production of the Grizzly BattleMech
  • Earthwerks Incorporated introduces the Freedom 900 Hover Jeep for sale across the Inner Sphere