Michael Hasek-Davion

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Michael Hasek-Davion.jpg
Michael Hasek-Davion
Born 2985[1]
Died 14 February 3029
Affiliation House Hasek
Title(s) Duke of New Syrtis
Parents George Hasek (father)
Siblings Rebecca Hasek-Davion
Spouse Marie Davion-St. Claire
Children Morgan Hasek-Davion

Michael Hasek-Davion (born 2985 - died February 14th, 3029)- Early thirty-first century Federated Suns nobleman and March Lord of the Capellan March. He was an ambitious and cunning politician, who secretly plotted to take the throne of the Federated Suns for himself. He was the arch rival to Hanse Davion during the first part of his reign as First Prince.


Early History[edit]

Son of Duke George Hasek I, Michael had tried to live up to his father's ambitious shadow after his death. He served as an officer with the Syrtis Fusiliers in his late twenties, until he lost his hand in battle with a Capellan BattleMaster. He was ejected from his Marauder into a lake, where he nearly drowned; he suffered a severe injury to his left hand from the ejection. His left hand was amputated and replaced by a bionic replacement. This event left him psychologically scarred with the fear of large bodies of water and BattleMasters.[2]

After his career with the Fusiliers ended, he continued to build on his father's political power base, and married Marie Davion-St. Claire in 3003. This put him into succession to the throne of the Federated Suns. He added the Davion name to his own to add more political clout. His marriage resulted in one son with Marie, Morgan Hasek-Davion. He also had his younger sister, Rebecca[3] change her last name. He trusted his sister to stand-in for him as Minister of the Capellan March since he was uninterested in the role.

He cultivated a large network of spies inside and outside the Federated Suns. He received secret emissaries from House Liao offering to help him with his ambitions.[4]

Political Intrigue[edit]

After the death of his father in 3013, Michael became Duke of New Syrtis and Field Marshal of the Capellan March. He immediately attempted to usurp Hanse Davion's authority. He considered the Capellan March his own private realm, which he felt Hanse was attempting to take away. At the time of the Third Succession War, The Capellan March was considered bigger than the Capellan Confederation.[5] With a military command consisting of over 12 Regimental Combat Teams, Michael believed he was invincible.

Some years prior to 3025, Michael employed the Bounty Hunter in a convoluted scheme to lure Natasha Kerensky and her Black Widow Company into his personal employ. The plot failed and resulted in the deaths of two Dragoons, and Michael earned Kerensky's enmity.[6] In November 3026, he attempted to discredit Kerensky by releasing information (obtained from the Bounty Hunter) to Hanse about an atrocity on New Mendham where Kerensky and her Widows were (falsely) implicated. Hanse saw through the subterfuge, and would turn it to his advantage by leaking the information to Jaime Wolf.[7] These political games, and their effects on the Dragoons' supply lines, were one reason the Dragoons opted not to renew their contract with the Federated Suns.[8]

In January 3027, he sent security men, lawyers, and his aide Count Anton Vitios to New Avalon to "assist" Intelligence Head Quintus Allard with security matters. He also sent a private message to Hanse Davion where he indirectly threatened him with Civil War if Davion were not to allow charges of treason to stand against Justin Xiang Allard. He accused Allard of working with local Liao crime syndicates on Kittery, claiming the recent battle on that world was staged, and Justin's injuries were caused by his failed fight. He had Justin successfully exiled and stripped of everything, including his name from the Federated Suns. Michael began to secretly work with Chancellor Maximilian Liao to take the throne of the Federated Suns from Hanse.[9] As a check against him, Hanse transferred Michael's son Morgan to the Davion Heavy Guard on New Avalon for use as a political hostage.

By October, Michael began to feel the pressure of Hanse Davion's power when he received word from the Prince about his upcoming marriage to Archon-Designate Melissa Steiner, which included an official invitation to the wedding on Terra. Feeling the invitation was a means to destroy his dreams of massing power, Michael personally believed Hanse would deny him the troops he needed to conquer the Capellan Confederation, which he secretly wishes to do for himself.[10] He then conceived a plan to conquer the Capellan Confederation and to use the power gained from that to take the throne of the Federated Suns for himself. He decided to send secret messages to Maximilian Liao describing Davion strengths (devaluing his own forces) and warn Liao of Hanse's upcoming marriage.[11]

Duke Michael and his party arrived in Terra's system in August 14, 3028 for Hanse Davion's wedding. On his arrival, his DropShip raced Hanse Davion's ship at high gravity. On the journey to Terra, Michael talked with his aide, Count Anton Vitios, about his plans for Hanse Davion and the Federated Suns. He revealed to the Count that the Capellan Chancellor supported his effort to usurp the throne from Hanse Davion. However, he told him how he was going to use the Chancellor's lust for power to throw off Hanse Davion's plans. He warned Vitios not to take advantage of the situation and not to attempt to kill or harm anyone during this rare meeting of Great House leaders.[12]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

On January 15th 3029, CID agents arrested Liao ambassador Serge Korigyn on New Syrtis for espionage. Agents revealed to Michael that military information that was being passed to him was false and that the ambassador was somehow acquiring the information. The next day, he went into seclusion from the public. Fearing he had been found out by Hanse, he chose to take rash action. He secretly took a small shuttle craft to meet up with the departing Liao Ambassador and traveled to Sian.[13]

By the 14th of February, (Valentines Day), he arrived on Sian to present his plans to rebound from Liao and his own latest setback. He presented to Chancellor Liao his plans for a joint attack of their forces. Taking his 5th Syrtis Fusiliers & Liao’s Sung's Cuirassiers regiments and attacking Tikonov's only Davion defenders, the 8th Crucis Lancers.[14] The Chancellor pretended to agree with his plans and then turned to his Maskirovka agents and tells them to burn the Duke's plans. He accused Michael of trying to lure his forces into a trap. Stating that the Duke was undermining his forces strengths and giving false information on FedSun forces. When Michael tried to protest himself, Justin took him down easily with his bionic arm. Maximilian Liao then ordered him to execute the Duke.[15]

Later Justin Xiang prevailed on the Chancellor to allow ComStar to transfer the body back to the FedSuns, which he accompanied the body via ComStar's provided transportation to Spica.[16]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Michael's plans to secede the Capellan March from the Federation or even take Hanse Davion's place died with him. He was succeeded by his son Morgan, whose loyalty to Hanse was absolute. When Morgan himself became a father, he abandoned the Davion surname; his family retained only the name Hasek.


It is unknown if Michael felt something for his wife, but he was initially very close to his son Morgan. No matter how busy the Duke was, he always found time to spend time with the boy playing chess. Morgan always lost, but Michael encouraged him, saying that the day Morgan could defeat Michael he would become a man. Thanks to Morgan's teachers' chess lessons, that day arrived, but the Duke's reaction was the opposite to what Morgan expected: Michael became furious and threw the board off the table, accusing Morgan of conspiring against him to humiliate him. The boy never played chess again, and the relationship between father and son never recovered from the incident. It appears to have been caused by Michael's excessive imagination and paranoia.[17]

Character Notes[edit]

  • Michael was noted for his political savvy and ambitions for total power over the Federated Suns. When in active service, he was known to pilot a Marauder BattleMech. His replacement bionic left hand, which was amputated during his brief military service, was enhanced by Capellan scientists with an electronic recording/transmitting device. This allowed him to secretly pass messages to the local Capellan ambassador who had an artificial leg with the device's receiver housed within it.[18] His means to communicate with Liao were suspected by Quintus Allard, but was never proven.
  • Though not specified, in the novel Warrior: En Garde, p.??[citation needed], "Michael tells Hanse Davion that he gives his sister Andrea's love to him".[19] It is unclear if this was done in error, since early publications are known for their errors.
  • Also, the fate of Michael's younger sister Rebecca Hasek-Davion remains unclear. Though mentioned in the original House Book that she runs the Ministry of the Capellan March in his name. However, in the novel Warrior: Coupe his wife Marie, Hanse Davion's half-sister, takes over the ministry.
  • the House Davion sourcebook lists him as 49 in 3025, which would put his year of birth as 2976 not 2985. This would make him closer in age to Marie and suggest that he lost his arm early in the 3000s, not the 3010s.


Decline? Why must it be a decline? Couldn't it be that the Capellans have improved their fighting skills? Why blame our soldiers for a supposed decline in their skills? Why blame me?
  — From official court transcripts, September 10, 3005[20]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
George Hasek
Field Marshal & Minister of Capellan March

Succeeded by
Morgan Hasek-Davion
Preceded by
George Hasek
Duke of New Syrtis

Succeeded by
Morgan Hasek-Davion



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