The Magazine of Combat in the 31st Century
Product information
Type Magazine
Development Editors:

William H. Keith, Jr.
Hillary Edith Ayer

Primary writing Various contributors
Pages 60/issue (typically)
Cover Artwork Various artists
Illustrations Various artists
Publication information
Publisher Jeffry Tibbetts / Pacific Rim Publishing Company
First published 1987-1995

BattleTechnology (subtitle: The Magazine of Combat in the 31st Century) was a magazine dedicated to the BattleTech franchise. Intended as a bimonthly magazine, 21 regular and 2 special editions were published between 1987 and 1995 in 8.5" x 11" format, with usually 60 pages per (regular) issue.

BattleTechnology Binder "The War Years"
BattleTechnology Binder "The Time of the Clans"

The first twelve issues are collectively known as "The War Years", while issues #13 through #21 are collectively known as "The Time of the Clans". Separate binders are available.

The magazine was largely written from an in-universe perspective, featuring news coverage, reports and essays on "current" events complete with advertisement pages from fictional in-universe firms. Other than that, the magazine offered game scenarios for BattleTech-based tabletop combat and roleplaying games, optional rules, general background information and artwork.

Fans generally hold the magazine in high esteem, especially the early issues.


The current definition of Canon for BattleTech universe as laid down by then-Line Developer Herbert A. Beas II in 2008 expressly excludes magazines (even "official" ones like BattleTechnology). Content from official BattleTech magazines is therefore considered apocryphal by default.

However, it is worth noting that BattleTechnology was originally considered full canon. Author and game developer Jordan Weisman expressly included it among the background sources for the franchise when prompted in a 1988 interview,[1] and the magazine is also listed on an advertisement page in several BattleTech products.[2]

BattleTechnology's initial editor and chief contributor, William H. Keith Jr., was the author of the first BattleTech novel (as well as the third and fourth), and other contributors to the magazine were also heavily involved in the creation of official game material. As a result, the magazine tied in very well with the ongoing evolution of the universe and sometimes even included background material that had been used by the writers, but never published elsewhere.

In-universe Appearance[edit]

The (or a) BattleTechnology magazine canonically exists within the BattleTech universe: Text boxes on pp. 13, 14 in the DropShips and JumpShips document are captioned as "Excerpt from Battle Technology by M.A. Bozulich, Donnel, Sephus, and Barrow Publishing, 2831". BattleTechnology is mentioned by name in the novel The Dying Time in chapter 6, where a character sees a 'Mech that he had "never seen outside of BattleTechnology magazine and intelligence briefings" as of 3065.

This has no bearing on the canon status of the (real-world) magazine, however, and confirms neither the canonicity nor veracity of the magazine's content for BattleTech.

Issue 0101[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 1

In-universe date: August 3027.

About the Cover:

A lightning strike by the 2nd Kearny Highlanders spearheaded a snap raid by Liao forces onto the Davion world of Corella early in July, culminating in the Battle of Kilgour. Critics of Prince Hanse Davion's policies contend that the war games and maneuvers recently launched are wasteful of precious war materials and risk triggering confrontations such as Kilgour. See page 16 of this issue, "What is Hanse up to?"


    • What is Hanse Up To? (Wallis Hasek)
    • MechWarrior: Mind and Machine (Keith Douglas and Colonel Kuan Li-Po (Ret.))
    • Mastering the Inner Fire: The Mind as a Weapon (Colonel Kuan Li-Po (Ret.))
    • Drop Into Hell: Combat Drop on Scheat V (Captain Sinclair MacCray)
  • Departments
    • Hiring Hall: Duke of Alcyone
    • Worldbook: Brimstone
    • BattleTac: Battle of Kilgore
    • Sidearms: Laser Pistols
    • Technical Readout: FLC-4N Falcon
    • Repair Bay: Engine Swaps
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • MechWarrior: Training and Experience
    • The Battle of Kilgour: BattleForce Campaign
    • Randall's Charge at Bloody Field
    • Holding the Line
    • Deep Trouble
  • More Than Warriors

Issue 0102[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 2

In-universe date: October 3027.

About the Cover:

This month's cover captures a moment of raw terror—Captain Addison's Thunderbolt under 'Mech-to-'Mech attack by a Davion Marauder at the Battle of Hill 091, on Scheat V, in August of this year. Captain Addison's own story is featured in this issue. See page 26, "A Dagger's Death."


  • Departments
    • Hiring Hall: The Red Duke
    • BattleGear — Sidearms: Submachine Guns
    • MechTac — BattleTips: The David Ambush
    • BattleMechanics
      • BattleColors: Green Woodland Camo #1
      • Technical Readout: Devastator, DVE-5B
      • Combat Salvage: WVR/RFL Hybrid, the Wolfman
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Long Range Combat
    • Nightshadows — a MechWarrior scenario
    • Hide and Seek
    • To Save the Dragon
    • Dagger's Edge
  • More Than Warriors

Issue 0201[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 3

In-universe date: February 3028.

About the Cover:

This issue's cover shows a critical moment in a recent aerospace fighter dogfight over the Steiner world of Wyatt. Lieutenant Kensie Shaneyfelt, of the 10th Skye Rangers Aerospace Division, maneuvers his Corsair to avoid an attacking Slayer, piloted by Major Dmitri Pawoloski, Marik 4th Division of the Defenders of Andarien. [sic] Details of this encounter may be found in The Fifth Kill on page 28 of this issue.


    • Tharkad on Guard (Karl Dalradier)
    • BattleMech Weapons: Crisis of Range and Accuracy (Precentor Janos Abu Hassan)
    • The Fifth Kill (Captain Kensie Shaneyfelt as told to Greggson DuVall)
    • Pleasure Planet (C. Randolph Fairfax)
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • Worldbook: Wheel
    • BattleGear—Sidearms: Assault Rifles
    • BattleTac—BattleTips: Decompression
    • BattleMechanics—Technical Readout: Gladiator, GLD-3R
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Ranged Combat: Maximum Range
    • Ranged Combat: Rifle Update
    • BattleMech Combat in Vacuum
    • On the Shores of a Sea on Gordo
    • Kill Zone Over Wyatt
    • Salvage on Baxter IV
  • More Than Warriors

Issue 0202[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 4

In-universe date: April 3028.

About the Cover:

It's Hovertanks against BattleMechs as a 31st-century Light Brigade charges into the Valley of Death. The cover shows Captain Verna LeMann of the Royal Grays cavalry militia during her charge against Kurita heavies at Harmony Pass. The engagement is described in this issue's BattleTips on page 12.


    • The Conscience of a Would-Be King: An Interview with Hanse Davion (Brandon Corey)
    • Max (Lieutenant Daryl F. James)
    • Cavalry: Tactics and Applications for a New Age (Colonel Morgan C. Graeme)
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • Hiring Hall: The Dragonslayers
    • BattleGear—Sidearms: Laser Rifles
    • BattleTac—BattleTips: The Valley of Death
    • BattleMechanics—
      • Technical Readout: BNC-3S Banshee
      • Combat Salvage: CGR-SB Challenger (Charger variant)
    • Letters to the Editor
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Lasers: Big, Bigger, Biggest
    • Ranged Combat: Laser Rifle Update
    • Cavalry Vehicles (Whirlwind & Harrier hovertanks)
    • Strike at Wittengate
    • Clash at Port Royal
    • The Battle of Harmony Pass
    • Dragonslayers on Guard
  • More Than Warriors—
    • The Banner of Young Davion – Traditional to the tune of "The Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee"

Issue 0203[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 5

In-universe date: June 3028.

About the Cover:

This issue's cover captures the final moments of a scratch battalion of the 2nd Kearny Highlanders in the tangle of Mira's equatorial jungles. Liao forces found more than they'd bargained for during a reconnaissance in force on the Davion-held border world. The encounter is featured in "Howl of the North Wind" on page 30.


  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • Hiring Hall: 2nd Kearny Highlanders (Northwind)
    • Worldbook: Mira
    • BattleTac—BattleTips: Blind Man's Bluff
    • BattleMechanics—
    • Letters to the Editor
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • From the Inside Out: BattleMech Internal Structures
    • NAIS Simulation #0163—Forced Reconnaissance
    • NAIS Simulation #0069—Breaking Through the Gap
    • The Mira Campaign
    • Cavalry Attack
    • The Last Stand of the Kearny Highlanders
    • Highland Riposte
  • More Than Warriors—
    • Fox-Twilight-Fire
    • The Kearny Lament

Issue 0204[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 6

Subtitle: WAR!, in-universe date: September 3028.

About the Cover:

The War is on, with a massive Davion invasion of nine systems across Liao space. The cover shows the fighting near an archeological site on St. Andre's Ivaar Wastes where the Davion Light Guards' Delta Company squared off against the formidable Cochraine's Goliaths.


    • Home for Christmas: A Special Report: How Long the War?
    • Walkover (Sergeant Simon Lascher)
    • Goliaths on St. Andre (Correspondent Michael A. Stackpole)
  • Departments
    • Battle Technology News Service
    • Report from the Front: Special reports on the warriors and worlds in the news. BattleTechnology takes you where the action is. This issue—Aldebaran, St. Andre, Algol.
    • BattleMechanics—
    • Letters to the Editor
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Rules Variants
      • Miniatures Combat
      • Close Assault
    • Scenarios
      • Walkover
      • Assault on St. Andre
      • Goliaths on St. Andre
      • Renegades Lost
  • More Than Warriors—The Hundred Pipers

Issue 7 (0205)[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 7

Subtitle: Hanse Davion's New Mech?, in-universe date: December 3028.

About the Cover:

Our representative on Luthien has received this picture, taken by ISF intelligence sources, of the ALI-1A Alliance, the so-called "Davion Terror-'Mech". The picture was taken during night desert trials on an undisclosed planet. The pilot is said to be "Fox-Prince, Hanse Davion, himself". No confirmation of the pictures has been possible.


    • Phransigars, the Strangler Cult (Dr Hobart Watson)
    • Deadly Ambition (Col David "Shadow" Deth)
    • The Wedding that Made War (Kumala Chatterji)
    • BattleMech Technician (Senior Technician Steward Robertson)
  • Departments
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Simulator Combat — Combat Efficiency Factors
    • In the Name of the Dark Mother — A Scenario for MechWarrior
    • NAIS Simulation #W203 — New Egypt
    • NAIS Simulation #103/1 — Deth Meets Death
  • More Than Warriors
    • The Wedding Toast (Rae "Raven" Phillips)
    • Two Haiku found at The Wedding

Issue 8[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 8

Subtitle: Kurita Slays Steiner, in-universe date: September 3029.

About the Cover:

This issue's cover features a Patton tank taken two years ago during Spring training on the then-Liao, now-Davion world of Second Try. It may be the tank mentioned in Blood in the Snow, page 16.


    • McKlostey's Valley (Darryl James)
    • Fighting Spirit (S. Jansfield)
    • Blood on the Snow (Li Tsin-Tu)
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • News from the Front
      • Kurita Slays Steiner
      • Guerrillas on Glenmora
    • In Memoriam: Michael Hasek-Davion
    • Mech(Warrior)Tac—Battle Preparedness: Silence and Spirit
    • BattleMechanics—
      • Technical Readout: Athena FDC Carrier
      • Technical Readout: Flea-14 Flea Variant
      • BattleTechnology Blueprint #1: Flea-14 Flea Variant
    • ComStar Census
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • The Price of Cannon Fodder (Jack Freeman, MechTech P.E.)
    • Tales Your Mother Never Told You
    • Death of a Regiment
    • The Snows of Battle
  • More Than Warriors
    • Mary had a Stinger LAM (M. Madigan)
    • Nature's Woe (Brother Noto Shimatsu)

Issue 9[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 9

Subtitle: War Over, in-universe date: March 3030.

About the Cover:

Vid fans will recognize the restaging of the battle of Tartarus Caldera NOT approved by any of the participating units from 3029's greatest hit in Marik space Blood Revenge of the Wenches


    • Skyfall (Maj Kensie Shaneyfelt)
    • Assault on Jump Station Kusari (Sandusky Sorrell)
    • House Marik, Survival in a Hard School (BattleTechnology Sources)
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • News from the Front: Peace Breaks Out
    • BattleTechnology Interviews: Princess Melissa Steiner-Davion
    • Mech(Warrior)Tac—The Theory and Practice of Assassination
    • Unit Update: Touch Not the Wolf
    • BattleMechanics—
      • Technical Readout: BTE Beatie Hovertank
      • BattleTechnology Blueprint # 2: Beatie Hovertank
      • Technical Readout: Lynx BattleMech
    • Where were you?
  • BattleTech Simulator: Scenarios
    • King of the Hill
    • The Ghost Lady and the Wolf
    • Tooth and Claw
  • More Than Warriors—Gehenna Revisited (Sandusky Sorrell)

Issue 10[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 10

Subtitle: Janos Marik Slain, in-universe date: December 3035.

About the Cover:

A 'Mech drop, ablative coating burning off as the 'Mech falls through the atmosphere of Alcyone.

Artist, Gary A. Kalin


    • Who Killed Janos Marik? (Anonymous)
    • Assault on Jump Station Kusari (Sandusky Sorrell)
    • BattleTechnology Interviews: Tor Miraborg, Rasalhague's Iron Jarl
    • Not Always a Great Notion: Tales of the Cobalt Coil #2
    • Comrades At Arms (Menig Daniel Horgunse)
    • Rasalhague, A Glance at Independence (Johann Sorenson)
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • Worldbook: Rasalhague
    • Gossip Reprint: You Can't Win (Kumala Chatterjee)
    • MechTac: Away, Boarders! (by Harrison Coulter)
    • BattleMechanics—
      • Technical Readout: AT-1B Wildcat-class Aerospace Tanker
      • BattleTechnology Blueprint # 3: AT-1B Wildcat
      • Technical Readout: Munin LAM
      • Technical Readout: Cerberus aerospace fighter
    • Reader's Page
  • BattleTech Simulator: Scenarios:
    • Rift into Hel
    • Memory's Surprises
    • Slaughterhouse 3005 NAIS Training Simulator
  • Assassin! — A Scenario for MechWarrior

Issue 11[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 11

Subtitle: Kurita Wins a War, in-universe date: January 3040.

About the Cover:

"Meditation Before Battle"

BattleTechnology Photographer Marty Bingham caught this shot just after dawn on June 15, 3040 in the Alberta Hills of New Mendham as a Kurita Mechwarrior prepared for battle.


    • The Useless Mech (Tai-i Rexel Euchaart)
    • A Soldier's View (MechWarrior Justing Karlton)
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • News From the Front: The Fox Eats Crow
    • Hiring Hall — Mazur's Magpies
    • Repair Bay — BattleMech Engines: the Best for the Job
    • BattleMechanics—
      • City Assault Vehicles: The Belfry
      • Technical Readout: Titan BattleMech
      • Technical Readout: Malleus BattleMech
      • BattleTechnology Blueprint # 4: Malleus
    • External Stores
    • ComStar Census
    • Thornhill Arms
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Open Fire: A Scenario for Mechwarrior with BattleTroops variant stats
    • Rules Variant: Low Gravity Combat
    • Legion of Vega (DCMS Actions of Honor)
    • Operation Deep Six
  • More Than Warriors — The Dragons They do it for Honor: Mercenary Traditional

Issue 12[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 12

Subtitle: Silence From the Periphery?, in-universe date: February 3046.

About the Cover:

"Target Acquisition — Mech's Eye View"

BattleTechnology Photographer Marty Bingham says goodbye to a Battlemaster. Pirate Raid, Illyria, 3045


    • Snow And Ashes
    • Caught In the Mech Flush (Dimeo Kitakami)
    • Inside Job
    • But Does It WANT To Change? (Mechwarrior Humor)
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • In The News: Silence from the Periphery?
    • Repair Bay — BattleMech Engines: The Heart of A Mech (Jack Freeman, Mech Tech PE)
    • BattleTac — Underwater Combat
    • BattleMechanics—
      • Technical Readout: Striga Conventional Fighter
      • Blueprint: Striga Conventional Fighter
      • Technical Readout: Osprey BattleMech
      • Technical Readout: Rhino BattleMech
    • Convention Calendar
    • Mech Force Standings
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Valley of the Winds (Combined Arms)
    • Flush and Flood, Mud and Blood
    • Linked Variant Rules Scenarios
      • Dashing Through the Snow
      • Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
  • The Ships That Never Were:
    • Fighting Ships of the Vid Screen
    • Full-Color Poster from the Vid

Issue 13[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 12

Subtitle: Mystery Attackers!, in-universe date: Year-End 3049.

About the Cover:

What You Don't Know Can Kill You
by Steve Venters
The first confirmed view of our new enemy's super-Mechs


  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • In The News: St Ives: The Tiny Giant
    • Hiring Hall: Khorsakov's Cossacks
    • BattleTac—Combat Arms: Mortars in BattleTech
    • MechTac
      • Military Technology Reviewed, Star League Technology
      • Star System Ratings: A New Look at an Old CEF (Prof Eieon McLeary, NAIS)
    • Index to Mechs and Vehicles
    • BattleMechanics
      • Technical Readout: Brawler BattleMech
      • Technical Readout: Guardian BattleMech
    • Convention Calendar
    • Census Results
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Cossack Raid scenario (NAIS)
    • A Lust for Lostech: The Ellingsen Expedition as a Scenario for MechWarrior

Issue 14[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 14

Subtitle: What Hit Us?, in-universe date: May 3050.

About the Cover:

This issue's cover features a Wolverine patrolling the Newcomb 'Mech repair facility on Persistence. According to an unconfirmed report,this facility has now fallen to the Jade Falcons


    • Honor Has No Price (Reprint From Comstar Today)
    • To Take Down the Jolly Roger (Michael Rather)
    • When the Levee Breaks: Details of 3044's most talked-of action
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
      • News From the Front: Inner Sphere Invaded!!
      • Baptism of Fire: Personal Account MechWarrior Ishmael Jones
      • The Hard Facts: The Mercenary in Mid Century
    • BattleMechanics—Technical Readout: Roo Scout Vehicle
    • Hiring Hall: The Stalking Rhinos
    • BattleTac: Bad Weather and Terrain simulator
    • More Than Warriors: Clarence Harrison Jr is inspired by Blood Legacy
    • Readers' Page
    • Lost in Transmission (errata)
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • A Melee in the Mud
    • A Lust for Lostech Part Two
    • The Spider Meets the Ax
    • Battle For Alamut
  • BattleTechnology Presents: Sun Zhang Academy Choices for the two most perfect Assault 'Mechs

Issue 15[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 15

Subtitle: Princes in Peril! - Story on page 8, in-universe date: August 3050.

About the Cover:

This issue's cover features a 'Mech from the Ghost Bears, taken by Combat photgrapher Steve Venters during the invasion of Schuyler, June, 3050. This Clan 'Mech is tentatively titled a 'Mad Cat' by Inner Sphere combatants.


    • Armageddon Begins (Cleared by the Draconis Combine Mustered Forces Information Bureau)
    • Gone to Ground
    • Reflections of Battle: Cobalt Coil #4
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
      • News From the Front: Buying Time With Lives
      • News From the Front: Princes in Peril
      • Chancellor Liao forgives BattleTechnology
      • The Mercenary in Mid-Century, pt 2
    • Unit Updates: The First Kathil Uhlans, The Lions of Davion
    • BattleTac
    • BattleMechanics
    • Census
    • Test Your Knowledge of the Inner Sphere
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Darkfall Passage
    • Gauntlet of Fear
  • BattleTechnology Presents: Allison MechWarrior Academy Choice for the best Assault 'Mech: The Ventilator BattleMech

Issue 16[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 16

Subtitle: Rasalhague Falls!, in-universe date: December 3050.

About the Cover: BT photographer Stavros Ploumitsakos caught this Marauder II from the Fourth Kufstein Planetary Guard preparing to defy Wolf Clan invaders in the Hrafnir Plains,Kufstein's perpetually dark southern latitudes. Despite skilled fighting, the Wolf Clan took the planet in seven days.


    • Champions of a Lost Cause (Cleared by AFFC Information Bureau)
    • The Enemy of my Enemy (Cleared by DCMS Bureau of Censors)
    • A Matter of Timing: Clowning around at the Cobalt Coil — S. Jansfield
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service
    • BattleTac
      • What Now, MechWarrior? A Tactical Study Guide
      • Ejection — Optional Rules
    • BattleMechanics
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Combat Efficiency Factors: 3050
    • Cooling Down the Clans
  • BattleTechnology Presents: Tamar College of War's Choice for the best Assault 'Mech: The Rampage

Issue 17[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 17

Subtitle: Who ARE they?, in-universe date: June 3051.

About the Cover: Artist James Greeson's painting from his battlefield sketches of the fight for Kandis II described in Holding The Flank.


    • Honor's Price: Someone New at the Cobalt Coil — S. Jansfield
    • Holding The Flank: Rasalhague Warrior Recounts the Fight For Kandis II
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service:
    • Jaime Wolf's Big Secret
    • Political Commentary
    • Hiring Hall: Henri Marchante, Duke of Altoona
    • BattleTac: Desert Camo # 2
    • BattleMechanics
      • Kruger Combat Car
      • The Titan: Great 'Mech Gets New 'Tech
      • Nais Tactics Research Think Tank
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Defending Coalston
    • Deadly Collision
  • BattleTechnology Presents: By Permission of the AFFS

Issue 18[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 18

Subtitle: In Trouble NOW!, in-universe date: January 3052.

About the Cover: BT artist-photographer Steve Venters caught this Ryoken from the Wolf Clan in the non-volcanic Highlands of Satalice early in November, 3051. A terrifying beauty, this BattleMech!


    • News Flash: Catastrophic Events of One Day: Jan 5, 3052
    • Intersecting Lines, pt 1 (S. Jansfield)
    • Achilles, The Clan Stopper (Peter Siekierski, Lord Byston)
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News Service:
      • News of the Inner Sphere
      • Man in the Street Interviews
      • The Sergeant Speaks his Mind
      • BattleTac: What Now, MechWarrior? Decisions, Decisions
    • BattleMechanics
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • Combat Efficiency Factor: The Clans
    • The Archer Fells the Hawk
  • BattleTechnology Presents: A Scenario for MechWarrior II
    • The Secret of Kepler Station

Issue 19[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 19

Subtitle: TRUCE!, in-universe date: May-June 3052.

About the Cover: Although the Steiner Emblem is still clearly visible on this zaibatsu orbiting Carse, the manufacturing facility and the planet it circles have belonged to the Jade Falcons since May 3051.


    • Truce Won From Clans: Tukayyid
    • A Plea to the Inner Sphere
    • Nicholay Khorsakov Interview
    • Why The Chancellor Doesn't Like Us
    • Intersecting Lines, pt 2: Cobalt Coil in Danger (S. Jansfield)
    • Taking the War Back to the Clans
    • The Run of the Redcoat Renegades
  • Departments
    • BattleTechnology News
    • Field Modification Kits
    • BattleTech Simulator: Redcoat Renegades Scenarios
    • BattleTac: What Now, MechWarrior? A Tactical Study Guide
    • What's New for BattleTech?
  • Special BattleTech Simulator
    • Field Task Forces: One Unit's Combined Arms Planning
    • 'Mech and Vehicle Designs

Issue 20[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 20

Subtitle: Up To Our Necks, in-universe date: July 3053.

About the Cover: Nelson Snook shows just how much trouble it can be for a 'Mech to go wading through quicksand. See Optional Rules for quicksand, p 32.


    • BattleTechnology News: ComStar Splits Up
    • Hanse Davion Remembered
    • Intersecting Lines, part 3: Cobalt Coil in Danger — S. Jansfield
    • The Saga of the Amaris Star
    • A Soldier's Luck
  • Departments
    • MechTac
      • A Mucky Time: Optional Rules for Quicksand
      • One Man, One Death: Optional Rules for Infantry
    • House Rules Department: Random Inclinations for NPCs
    • BattleTac: What Now, MechWarrior? A Tactical Study Guide
    • BattleTech Simulator: A Soldier's Luck Scenarios
    • What's New for BattleTech
  • BattleTech Simulator

Issue 21[edit]

BattleTechnology, Issue 21

Subtitle: The Dragon Dies, in-universe date: December 3054.

About the Cover: Steve Venters managed to get a picture of this OmniMech during a recent raid across the Steiner-Ghost Bear border.


    • BattleTechnology News: Trouble in Wolf's Dragoons
    • Smoke Jaguar Reply to Our Challenge
    • Psychology & The Clans
    • New Mercs on the Block
    • BattleTechnology News: The Lighter Side
    • Target of Opportunity
    • Takashi Kurita dies
    • A Leg to Stand On
    • Snake Dance
    • Repel Boarders if You Can
  • Departments
    • MechTac: Special Forces and their BattleMechs
      • Better Tools For Better Living: Thronhill Arms
    • BattleTac: What Now, MechWarrior?
    • BattleTech Simulator: Snake, Rattle & Roll
    • What's New for BattleTech
  • BattleTech Simulator

The Lost Issues[edit]

BattleTechnology, Lost Issues

This Special Edition ran for 80 pages; additionally, it includes a complete reprint of issue #1 (0101) as a special bonus section in the middle. According to the "Opening Shots" introduction by Hilary Ayer (from Tharkad, May 3051), the "Lost Issues" cover the time period between the Fourth Succession War and 3050.

About the Cover:

BattleTechnology takes this opportunity to thank Sgt Laura Martinez, formerly of Scout Lance, 3rd Co, Mirsham's Battalion, for the information and personal mementos that gave us our inside coverage of Galtor's own 3039 war.
Although Galtor III saw her unit destroyed, Sgt Martinez has made a new career for herself in the Magistracy of Canopus, where she is a member of the Magestrix' personal defense force. Her husband, former Mirsham's pilot Julian Warlock is head Trainer-in-Residence for the Magestrix' Aerospace Forces. This picture of Sgt Martinez was taken just before Mirsham's Battalion left for Galtor III.


  • What Really Happened? The 3039 War we were not allowed to print
  • Piercing the Veil of History: Katrina Steiner speaks once more
  • Cold Misery: Duncan and Thomas Marik Face the Same Odds
  • The Last Confederate: The Astonishing But True Story of a Liao Warrior
  • MechWarriors Tell Their Tales
    • When You're Hot, You're Hot
    • Steady Hands
  • MecTac
    • NAIS Midterm Exam
    • BattleTech Simulator: House Rules Department — McBride's Mechbusters
    • BattleMech Design
      • Targeting/Tracking Systems
      • The Best Came First
  • BattleField Salvage: The 'Mechs that Never Were
  • BattleMech Art: The Omega

The Early Years[edit]

BattleTechnology, The Early Years (Front cover)
BattleTechnology, The Early Years (Back cover)

Another 80-page special edition cover on the early 31st century in retrospective, specifically of the year 3013 and further coverage of the War of 3039.

About the Cover:

The defining event of the first half of the 31st Century was the Third Battle for Mallory's World. On October 21, 3013, First Prince Ian Davion was killed in action against Kurita invaders (back cover), giving Hanse Davion the leadership of the Federated Suns and changing the face of Inner Sphere politics. Digital Recreationist Frederic Kuramura commemorates Hanse's ascension with his depiction of the first skirmish: Opening Shots.


  • What Really Happened? The Lyran & Dieron Fronts of the 3039 War
  • The Ghosts of the Twenty Fifth: A Tale of the 3039 War
  • The Liao Protocol: Problems Unique to the Capellan Confederation
  • MechWarriors Tell Their Tales
    • The Gold Rush
    • Snake Eyes
    • Ranger Ruckus
  • Hiring Hall: The Edge of Night Regiment
  • More than Warriors: Cartoon
  • Worldbook: Twycross
  • Special Bonus Section: A Day in the Life of the Inner Sphere: October 21, 3013 (Selections of Interest to Our Readers)
  • BattleTac: When to Worry in Jump Space
  • BattleTech Simulator
    • BattleMech Quirks: The Medium 'Mechs
    • The Chimera BattleMech
    • 'Mechs That Don't Shoot
  • Know Your Supplier: Avalon Arms

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  2. BattleTechnology is advertised among other (fully canonical) BattleTech products in the back of the Sorenson's Sabres scenario pack, for example, inviting the reader to "Explore the BattleTech universe with these fine products"

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