Gerald Hall

Gerald Hall
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BattleTech fan Gerald "Jerry" Hall authored several articles in BattleTechnology and MechForce Quarterly magazines.

He is a veteran of Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Jerry has actually played BattleTech while deployed in both conflicts. He created the original concept for non–jump capable WarShips known as monitors and the BattleTech mercenary unit, TekTeam Technical Services, which features in many of his articles.

He is not currently active playing BattleTech but continues to have an interest in current developments in aerospace and combined arms operations/designs in the BattleTech universe. His most recent non-BattleTech project is writing a series on near-term science fiction novels. The manuscript for the first in the series titled 'Unwanted Gifts' is now available as an e-novel from Amazon Kindle.



  • Maligned, But Much Modified: The UrbanMech (Issue #18)
  • The Saga of the Amaris Star (Issue #20)
  • Frankenstein's Monster (Issue #20)
  • Repel boarders if you can (Issue #21)

MechForce Quarterly[edit]

  • Quartermaster's Catalog (Volume 1, Issue 4)
  • Salvage (Volume 2, Issue 5)
  • Quartermaster's File (Volume 3, Issue 1)
  • Quartermaster's File (Volume 3, Issue 3)
  • The Sai-S4-21 (Volume 3, Issue 3)
  • Quartermaster's File (Volume 3, Issue 4)
  • Monitors (Volume 4, Issue 2)
  • Combat Drop (Volume 4, Issue 4)
  • Mechwarrior Campaigns (Volume 5, Issue 2)
  • TekTeam Services (Volume 5, Issue 2)
  • The Prodigal Daughter (Volume 5, Issue 3)