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MechForce Quarterly
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First published 1995

MechForce Quarterly (also "MechForce North America Quarterly"; not to be confused with MechQuarterly, the magazine published by the second MechForce Germany) was the quarterly newsletter of the MechForce North America fan club that ran from 1995 until 2000. It was a continuation of the earlier 'Mech (magazine). It was an official product produced under FASA's direct aegis. Editor: Jean Rabe (1995-1999)

Issue Length: 32 pages

Volume 1, Issue 1[edit]

MechForce Quarterly vol 1 issue 1 cover.jpg

Cover by Doug Chaffee, with interior art by Jim Nelson, Duane Loose, Ray Lederer, Gary Opasinki, Earl Geier, Allen Nunis, Joel Biske, and Jeff Laubenstein

  • "From The Fifth Floor" - Sam Lewis, the president of FASA, talks about MechForce and waxes eloquent.
  • "Death From Above" - A plea for submissions from MechForce Quarterly's editor.
  • "Get Ready For The Game Fair's Big Battles" - Take a look at FASA's BattleTech events planned for this August. And while we're at it, let's honor last year's winners.
  • "A Word From The Pit Boss" - MechForce Quarterly's reporter, Andrea, enters the Tool Chest to garner a few words of wisdom from this veteran mechanic.
    • Archer IIC
  • "The Information Blitz" - Feeling a little daring? Try this scenario that pits the Wolf's Dragoons against a House Kurita force.
  • "Inner Sphere Rumblings" - Time for a few rumors and a dash of Sun-Tzu gossip.
  • "A Matter Of Loyalty, Part II" - The action heats up as MechWarrior Dieter Cromby must pick a side. Will his loyalty or his heart win out?
  • "Heavy BattleMechs" - They might not be fast, but they're loaded with firepower. Here's a few tips on how to handle the big 'Mechs.
  • "Elemental Struggle" - Rescuing people from a holding facility of the Wolf Clan on Carse should be a piece of cake. Right?
  • "Featured Preview" - This summer the MechWarrior Companion hits the hobby shop shelves. Take a look at a special combat section purloined from author Bryan Nystul's desk.
  • "A Death-Dealing Duo" - The White Knight and the Combat Master are two new 'Mechs trying to muscle their way into your next BattleTech or MechWarrior session.
    • WT6-KNT White Night, CMM-A1-FC CombatMaster
  • "Roll Call" - Here is a listing of the MechForce North America chapters.
  • "MechForce Quarterly Submission Guidelines" - Want to write for MechForce Quarterly? Of course you do! Here's some helpful advice on how to go about it.

Volume 1, Issue 2[edit]

MechForce Quarterly vol 1 issue 2 cover.jpg

Cover and interior by Duane Loose

  • "From The Fifth Floor" by Sam Lewis - FASA's President passes the torch and moves to the east coast for on-line gaming.
  • "Lock-N-Load" by Stacy Rieckermann - Your Precentor Chi introduces herself and explains some of the benefits of being a MechForce member.
  • "BattleTalk" by Bryan Nystul - Meet the man who oversees FASA's BattleTech products.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - Contributions from MechForce authors are beginning to trickle in.
  • "A Look at Light BattleMechs" by Dan & Mike Repperger - There's a place for even the smallest of 'Mechs -- if you know how to use them.
  • "Thief in the Night" by Dan & Mike Repperger - Dan & Mike illustrate how useful light 'Mechs can be with this sample scenario.
  • "C4K-4D Cricket" by Dan & Mike Repperger - With this light BattleMech, a refit of an old design, Dan & Mike prove it doesn't take a lot of tons to pack a punch.
  • "Battlefront Byline" by B.B. Kittey - Fasten your eyes on this riveting report by our war correspondent.
  • "BattleTech Tournaments" by Bill Corey II - Want to host a 'Mech tournament? If so, listen to these words of advice from an expert judge.
  • "A Glance at Medium BattleMechs" by Dan & Mike Repperger - These 'Mechs have fire power, can move quickly, and can be put to good use if you follow General Cassandra's instructions.
  • "Blitzkrieg" by Dan & Mike Repperger - The Reppergers offer a scenario designed for medium 'Mechs. Don't try it unless you're tough.
  • "The Pioneer, Foxhound, and the ThunderBird" by Dan & Mike Repperger - These medium 'Mechs might be refits, but they're clean, mean, and ready to take on the enemy's machine.
    • FOX-4N Foxhound, PIN-3R Pioneer, TRB-1D ThunderBird
  • "Star League BattleMech" by Andrew Norris - We've covered light and medium 'Mechs, so here's a heavy to round out the issue -- the Renegade.
    • RNG-1 Renegade

Volume 1, Issue 3[edit]

MechForce Quarterly vol 1 issue 3 cover.jpg

Cover by Jeff Laubenstein, interior art by Joel Biske, Jim Nelson, and J. Ramirez

  • "Lock-N-Load" by Stacy Rieckermann - Basic Chapter Information
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - A fond look at the Game Fair's BattleTech Arena.
  • "Widow's Web" by Mike Nelson - Take a stroll on the Net for some great BattleTech material.
  • "A Missive to the Precentor" by David Andrade - A glorious battle and a disturbing chant recorded for posterity.
  • "I Hate Drops" by Frank Crull - One MechWarrior's tale of planetside struggle.
  • "Drop to a Devastating Battle" by Frank Crull - Play the scenario from "I Hate Drops."
  • "Annihilator IIC and Wolverine IIC" by Frank Crull - Try your hand piloting these new Clan 'Mechs.
  • "Hunting a Pirate" by Michael Rupp - In this no-holds-barred scenario two dozen 'Mechs slug it out.
  • "Apollo: Memory of Yesterday" by Samson Okalow - Looking for Jewell in the snow—a short story about a war-ravaged heart.
  • "SCT-45 'Scout'" by Mike Nelson - Recon work is safer using this 'Mech's design strengths.
  • "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" by Cody E. Helm - A sunny afternoon of miniatures battles.
  • "Bandit Biographies" by Chris Hussey - Take a look at the rough side of the Periphery.
  • "Inner Sphere Rumblings" by Felix McGlaughin - The rumors fly and the gossip's thick, but there's some truth to be found.
  • "Roll Call"
  • "Record Sheets" - WT6-KNT White Knight & CMM-A1-FC CombatMaster. these 'Mechs are from issue #1.

Volume 1, Issue 4[edit]

MechForce Quarterly vol 1 issue 4 cover.jpg

Cover by Doug Chaffee, interior art by Tom Baxa, Harold N. Allen Jr., and John Bridegroom. Thanks to FMS Techniques, Inc. & Tracy Kannarr for the 'Mech record sheets.

  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - The gauntlet is thrown down to our chapters.
  • "Quartermaster's Catalog" by Gerald L. Hall - MercNet presents things that go boom.
  • "Dispossessed" by Willi Burger - Try your hand at this scenario that takes you from a MechWarrior establishment called Sam's Place to a BattleTech battlefield.
  • "Inner Sphere Advances" by Patrick Hall and John Zettel - This experimental weaponry could give your 'Mech the edge it's looking for.
  • "The Iron Cheetah" by David Briedis - Speed is the component in this new OmniMech.
  • "The Cornered Cat" by David Briedis - Play this BattleTech scenario designed to test the Iron Cheetah.
  • "Modifying Miniatures" by David Briedis - Model kits, household junk, and spare parts can craft mean-looking 'Mechs.
  • "Heart of a ROM Agent" by David Andrade - A lost undercover operative refuses to be forgotten.
  • "Bandit Biographies" by Chris Hussey - Downloaded information gives a look at the rough side of merc.
  • "Khan's Chronicles" by Michael Campbell - Take a read through this tale within a tale.
  • "ComStar BattleMech" by Andrew Norris - The awesome Odin could be the next generation in BattleMechs.
  • "Trial of Grievance" - Hugh Browne tells us about the great battle.

Volume 2, Issue 1[edit]

MechForce Quarterly vol 2 issue 1 cover.jpg

Cover art by Doug Chaffee, interior art by Dave MacKay, Storn Cook, and John Paul Lona

  • "Widow's Web" by Mike Nelson - The Marauders BattleTech page is carefully scrutinized by our columnist.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - From Orlando to Austin, BattleTech skirmishes fill convention rooms.
  • "FASA GENCON schedule"
  • "Building a Library" by Randall Bills with Dan Grendell - Listen to this sound advice for MechForce chapters.
  • "Night of the Red Star" by Mark Garlauskas - Preparing for the Clans is one man's passion.
  • "Search and Destroy" by Doug Galbreath - Here's a Thunderbird scenario for you to replay.
  • "'Mech Miniatures" by Mike Mukavetz - A veteran offers a few tips for painting BattleMechs.
  • "Bandit Biographies" by Chris Hussey - The Free Worlds League takes a close looks at its pirate problem and shudders.
  • "Long-Range Tactics" by Jeremey M. Davis - Learn how to better use 'Mechs with long-range weapons.
  • "Jeronimo" by Jeremy M. Davis - Put those long-range tactics into practice.
  • "Assault 'Mechs" by Dan and Mike Repperger - The biggest 'Mechs outgun their opponents.
  • "Little Big Horn" by Dan and Mike Repperger - A fight over a dropzone heats up.
  • "The Listening Post" - Lend an ear to this juicy gossip about the birds and the wolves.
  • "Cathay Nights" by Chris Hussey - A policeman's tale leads from the Black Hills to a back alley.
  • "Chapter Challenge" B.C. Legion - The BC Legion challenges other MechForce chapters.
  • "Virtual World" by Randall Bills - Read all about the new pods and tech from VWE.
  • "BattleTalk" with your host Bryan Nystul

Volume 2, Issue 2[edit]

MechForce Quarterly vol 2 issue 2 cover.jpg

Cover art by Les Dorscheid, interior art by Mike Nielsen, Jeff Laubenstein, and Jim Nelson, fan art by Justin Spooner

  • "The Widow's Web" by Mike Nelson - Take a trip to the 'Mech-filled Colony World of Myops
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - Get creative—a contest is coming your way!
  • "Thundering Questions" by Frank Crull - Here's how one gamemaster handles Thunders.
  • "Building the Perfect Beast" by Mark Brand - Here's some tips on tailoring 'Mech miniatures.
  • "The Gauntlet" by Mike and Ian Nelson - This solo system pits you against drones to help hone your skills.
  • "Gaming at Conventions" by R. Bills with Dan Grendell - Learn how to create scenarios suitable for convention play.
  • "Revenant" by Randall Bills with Dan Grendell - Try this sample scenario designed with conventions in mind.
  • "BattleFront Byline" by B.B. Kittey - Politics, policies and rumors abound.
  • "The Game Guild BattleTech League" by Don Perrin - A hobby shop owner tells us how he developed a circus, a stable, and a league.
  • "Black Hills Days" by Chris Hussey - Corruption runs thick in Solaris City.
  • "Upcoming Conventions/The BattleTech Museum"
  • "Taking a Closer Look" by Patrick Dillon - An optional weather and spotting system makes intelligence on the field more challenging.
  • "MechForce Chapter News" by D. Noven and R. Shewring - The BlackSheep and Chaos Warriors offer chapter reports.
  • "Chapter Challenge" the BC Legion - Put on your thinking caps—here's some more trivia.
  • "Constructing DropShips" by David Andrade - The globe is but one component. Don't forget the frog eyes.
  • "BattleTalk" by Primus Bryan Nystul - Bryan talks about next year's products.
  • "BCN-3R Buccaneer and TYM-1A Toyama can be found in the BattleTech scenario pack - The Fall of Terra"

Volume 2, Issue 3[edit]

MechForce Quarterly vol 2 issue 3 cover.jpg

Cover art by Les Dorscheid, interior art by Joel Biske

  • "BattleTalk - FASA's BattleTech Guy Speaks Out" by Bryan Nystul [precedes TOC]
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - We're looking for a few good articles—with names and labels attached.
  • "Fit to Print" by Mike Nelson - This veteran MechForce author shares his experiences and words of advice.
  • "Border Run" by Chris Hussey - Try your hand at this fast-paced MechWarrior/BattleTech adventure.
  • "Salvage" by Gerald Hall - Gaining spare parts can be downright deadly!
  • "Trial of the Righteous" by Samson Okalow - Sometimes the winners lose, especially in Ningpo.
  • "Lock-N- Load" by Stacy Rieckermann - Reminder of the new ranking system.
  • "The BattleTech Museum" by Randall Bills - Next stop on the tour.
  • "Return to Cathay Nights" by Chris Hussey - Here's our final installment in the saga of Cathay Policeman Than DeYoung.
  • "The Silver Sabers" by Mike Paul - This Connecticut MechForce Chapter likes to brawl in the streets.
  • "Roll Call" - Chapter listing for MechForce North America. Start one today.
  • "Ranking Scores" - The final showing of the old scores.
  • "PWL-R6 Prowler" by Gabriel Gong - 50 ton Inner sphere 'Mech.
  • "BattleTech Contest"
  • "From the Pages of the Gallent Defense of Mankind" by Precentor Martial Randall Bills
  • "Widow's Web" by Mike Nelson - Read about Kesmai's Multi-player BattleTech online game.
  • "A Taste of Chaos" by Jared Niedenthal - Colonel Night embarks on Operations Guerrilla.
  • "Release schedule for Ral Partha"

Volume 2, Issue 4[edit]

MechForce Quarterly vol 2 issue 4 cover.jpg

Cover art by Jim Nelson & Mike Nielsen, interior art by Mike Nielsen and Jeff Laubenstein

  • "Farewell MechWarriors" by Stacy Rieckermann - The Precentor Chi I bids a fond goodbye to MechForce Quarterly.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - A contest of contests, and memories of a smile.
  • "The Widow's Web" by Mike Nelson - Our columnist reviews the Slayer's BattleTech page.
  • "An Objective Contest" - Here are the winners and honorable mentions from our first MechForce contest.
  • "Marauders and Pulse Lasers" by Andrew Norris - One MechForce member offers his opinion on a 'Mech and weapons.
  • "Designing 'Mechs" by Richard Hamer and Darrell Castillo - The mission plays an integral part in the design of a 'Mech.
  • "Preview a page out of Free WorldsLeague"
  • "Private Battle" by Susan Huntsman - One MechWarrior's tangled memories adds to the mystery in Solaris City.
  • "This Side of Combat" by Susan Huntsmann - A one-on-one 'Mech battle in the river challenges the best of players.
  • "Another Patrol" by Bradley William Wood - Outnumbered and outgunned, a MechWarrior tries to warn her unit of an upcoming strike.
  • "Choppers and Hovercrafts and Tanks, Oh My" by Chris Hussey - Two new choppers and a pair of hefty hovertanks are waiting to join your stables.
    • Michaelson Heavy Attack Chopper, Michaelson Sprint Scout Chopper, Plainsmaster Hovercraft, Hammer Assault Hovertank
  • "High Mountain Drop-Off and More" by Chris Hussey - The Quarterly offers two scenarios to test the choppers and hovertanks.
  • "Jokers Wild" by Dean Davis - One undercover operative gambles his life in a shady operation.
  • "Chapter Challenge" by the BC Legion - Test your knowledge of trivia and graduate to the Intelligence Director level.
  • "The BattleTech Museum" by Randall Bills - BattleTech Miniatures are catalogued by MechForce's Precentor Martial.

Volume 3, Issue 1[edit]

MFNA quarterly v3 1.jpg

Cover art by Doug Chaffee

  • "A Briefing from The War Room" by Beryl Turner - MechForce North America's new leader joins the fifth floor staff.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - It's convention season, time to get out your pencils and keyboards.
  • "Staying Alive" by Mark Brand - Listening to a few tips from a veteran pilot could you alive a little longer.
  • "How the Mighty Fall" by David Bredis - The streets are dangerous--especially if you're an Elemental out to take on a few 'mechs.
  • "Ghost Bears in the City" by David Bredis - This BattleTroops scenario lets you play the action of How the Mighty Fall
  • "Computers" by Mike Nelson - Electronics, used wisely, can work better than steel fists and lasers.
  • "Guerrilla Run" by Nadin Brzezinski - Here's a short MechWarrior scenario ready-made for an evening's play.
  • "Periphery Rumble" by Nathan Johnson - The Steel Vipers need to secure a periphery border and clean out a little infestation.
  • "MechForce Special Preview" - Here's a "member's only" preview of the upcoming source book, "BattleTech Field Manual: Mercenaries" .
  • "By the Book" by Tony Trenti - One MechForce member contends that published 'Mechs are better than the homemade ones.
  • "QuarterMaster's File" by Gerald Hall - Here's an assortment of things that go boom.
  • "Chapter Challenge" by the BC Legion - Once again, it's brainworkings time with the BC Legion.
  • "Things Can't Get Any Worse" by Matthew Vanx - Hunting for lizards leads a pilot into a nest of 'mechs.
  • "Khan's Chronicles" by Michael Campbell - A tale of children, Elementals, and bittersweet victory.
  • "Widow's Web" by Mike Nelson - Some basic knowledge of how to get around the Internet can save you tons of time and grief.
  • "The BattleTech Museum" by Randall Bills - Submitted for your approval, the Precentor Martial brings you more exhibits from the world of BattleTech.
  • "Announcements" - Conventions, BattleTech Products, and more......

Volume 3, Issue 2[edit]

MFNA quarterly v3 2.jpg

Cover by Jim Nelson, photos courtesy of FASA Corporation.

  • "From The War Room" by Beryl Turner - "Allusions, Origins™ and GEN CON® Game Fair...oh my!" or "How the Precentor Epsilon Spent His Summer Break."
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - Our editor introduces the first of the results of our "Contest of Contests." Also, she shares some advice from a fellow MechForce Member.
  • "A 'Fireside' Chat with Mike Stackpole" by Mike Nelson - Ok, Ok, so it's not really a fireside chat, but it really is an interview with New York Times Bestselling Author, Mike Stackpole. Need we say more?
  • "Solaris Newscast" by Denham K. Hardman - For the fall season, a new twist on an old game for BattleTech players....
  • "BattleTalk" by Bryan Nystul - What's all this noise with the BattleValue System? Primus Nystul has clarifications, definitions, explanations and more....
  • "The Consortium Campaign" by Patrick Dillon - A quick solution to the campaign creation problem in your game.
  • "A Look at the Summer Con Season" - Here's a photographic tour with your pals at MechForce HQ, at this summer's conventions. If you were there you knew it and if you weren't, this is some of what we saw!!!
  • "Widow's Web" by Mike Nelson - What strange and wonderful website has Mike found for us this time?? Log on and find out. It'll be a treat!
  • "Zulu Amabuthu" by James Patterson III - The first in a series of stories about a very unique mercenary unit having to perform a unusual mission.
  • "Sinner to Sovereign" by Chris Hussey - A BattleTech/MechWarrior adventure set in the Chaos March. This goes to show you that things aren't as they seem to be....
  • "Announcements" - New product releases, winter cons, tournament winners, the "Top Dog List" and other bric-a-brac.

Volume 3, Issue 3[edit]


Cover by Kevin Long

  • "From The War Room" by Beryl Turner - It's the end of the year and time to discuss goals and expectations and stuff.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - Our editor shares her insights on unused or unwanted games and what can be done with them.
  • "Double Blind-sided: An Interview with Loren Coleman" by Mike Nelson - The second of our "Fireside" series of interviews with BattleTech authors. This quarter, Mike gets into Loren's skull and shows us what he found.....Yeccch!
  • "QuarterMasters File" by Gerald Hall - The Blast Pack: Something to give Inner Sphere BattleArmor that extra "oomph" in the field.
  • "Out of the Ceiling" by Janet Pack - This story set in the Periphery, shows that being "over the top" can be a good thing....
  • "MechForce Special Preview" - Here's a sneak-peek at the new game MechCommander!
  • "The Cutting Edge" by Harris Finn - From the game pits of Solaris, new add-ons that could make or break a victory in the arena.
  • "Widow's Web" by Mike Nelson - Our resident Cybernaut's been at it again. And what he's found this time is a doozy!
  • "Robbing from the Cradle of Humanity" by Nadin Brzezinski - This story demonstrates the effects of a new device on captives. For use in your MechWarrior campaigns.
  • "The Sai-S4" by Gerald Hall - The debut of a new AeroSpace fighter. Check it out.
  • "From the MechForce Showroom..." - New 'Mech designs for optional use in your BattleTech game.
    • CNB-1 Cannonball, RGK-Mk1 Ragnarok
  • "Notices and Announcements" - New product releases, tournament winners, the Fall Quarter Standings, new chapter listings, and the MechForce Classified section.

Volume 3, Issue 4[edit]

MFNA quarterly v3 4.jpg

Cover by Les Dorscheid, from BattleTech Master Rules

  • "From The War Room" by Beryl Turner - Just a few words from MechForce's Precentor Epsilon.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - Our editor shares some thoughts of a few subjects. Also, we bring you the first of our member profiles.
  • "A Firey Cause" by Nadin Brzezinski - Our featured member spins a tale of Inner Sphere raiders, Clan Elementals and a big fire!
  • "QuarterMasters File" by Gerald Hall - The Quicklink C3 DN System- A new and improved variant of a tried and true accessory.
  • "Hailstorm: One Very Tough Piece of Cake!" by Phillip A. Baccus - This BattleTech scenario proves that things are never as easy as they may seem...
  • "Take Advantages to the Edge" by Chris Hussey - Here's a some new advantages and disadvantages to add a bit of a kick to your MechWarrior characters.
  • "MechForce Datafile" - We played 15 questions with MechCommander's Executive Producer, Denny Thorley. Read what he had about this new real-time command game.
  • "Urban Combat" by Darrell Castillo and Richard Hamer - A tactical look at the art of urban warfare, BattleTech style.
  • "Shoot Out on Jeronimo" by Michael C. Rupp - A scenario, pitting a Smoke Jaguar Trinary against a Draconis Combine Regiment.
  • "Charge of the Rubbermaid® Brigade" by Camille Klein - Was it a case of unmatched bravery or incredible stupidity. Were they fools or heroes? Read and then you decide!
  • "Operation: Hide and Seek" by Mike Nelson - An unarmed C3 Scout 'Mech, playing rabbit on a Clan-held world. Gotta be a better way to get paid....
  • "Notices and Announcements" - New product releases, tournament winners, the Winter Quarter Standings and a few announcements.

Volume 4, Issue 1[edit]


Cover by Matthew Plog, from the upcoming BattleTech Technical Readout: 3060

  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - Jean reviews Winter Fantasy®, gives some sage advice for prospective MFQ writers and more..
  • "From The War Room" by Beryl Turner - Precentor Turner asks, is it "How" you play the game or how "You" play the game?
  • "1998 Origins Awards Ballot" - Here's a chance to let your voice be heard by the bigshots in the gaming industry. Your vote is your voice. Vote today.
  • "Battlefield Recovery" by Christopher Trossen - This is a discussion on the principles of getting your wounded and damaged equipment off the battlefield safely.
    • UGS-47J Wheeled Recovery Vehicle, UGS-92D Tracked Recovery Vehicle, UGS-24NA Light Recovery Vehicle,
  • "The Fifth Succession War: The Beginning" - War has broken out across the Inner Sphere and... you are the combatants! See the current results of your battles and activities in MechForce.
  • "From the MechForce Showroom" - New 'Mechs and Vehicles for your game, including two from the upcoming BattleTech Technical Readout: 3060.
  • "Zulu Amabuthu II" by James Patterson - After taking Styk as per the Captain-General's orders the Zulus held the world. But, there's trouble back at home....
  • "BattleTalk" by Bryan Nystul - After cajoling, threats and brutality, Bryan's decided to sit down and write to you guys. Who says violence doesn't solve anything.
  • "MechForce Update Page" - New information to bring all members up to date including, new 'Mechs for play, and a standing list of all actively participating members.
  • "Notes and Announcements" - New product releases, convention listings, and a few announcements. Also, a listing of days and times for BattleTech events and seminars for all the cons we're attending this summer.

Volume 4, Issue 2[edit]

MFNA quarterly v4 2.jpg

Cover by Kevin McCann, from Record Sheets: 3060

  • "Comstar Archives" by Randall Bills - The Precentor Martial gives you the lowdown on GENCON. Now in Chicago, Randall comes to us by way of Arizona.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - Ye editor looks at her career of convention going and counts a few gray hairs.
  • "Tactics" by Nadin Brzezinski - This begins a new column on tactical advice for fighting with various 'Mechs on diverse terrain. Nadin hails form California.
  • "BattleTalk" by Bryan Nystul - This issue the Primus chats about tournament play. Bryan is a Chicago native.
  • "'Mechs in the Dungeon" by Frank Crull - One of FASA's veteran BattleTech judges reviews this past GENCON Game Fair. Frank lives in Texas.
  • "A Glance at the Game Empire Con" by Nadin Brzezinski - A battle at the big San Diego convention is put under the microscope by our intrepid reporter.
  • "Irregulars" by Jason Schmetzer - Life as an Irregular is deadly and difficult, especially if you're up against Loyalists. Jason is from Indiana.
  • "Cool previews at GenCon" - FASA debuted not one but two brand new games at GENCON. Here's the scoop!
  • "Shared Strategies" by Matthew Guidi - An Arizona MechForce member member shares his tactics on BattleMech combat.
  • "Following Knightedge" Jerico Mele - From the academy to the battlefields, MechWarriors struggle to carry out orders while keeping their skins intact. Jerico hails from Massachusetts.
  • "Godzilla" by Ian MacKey - 'Mechs might meet their match when they go toe-to-toe with this monster from movie fame. Ian is from Iowa.
  • "Defenders of the True Faith" - An exclusive Sneak Peek at Field Manual: Warden Clans.
  • "An All-Night Affair" by Scott Sveter - Some people would rather drive a tank than a 'Mech. The action is fast and furious and close to the ground. Our tank-master hails from Utah.
  • "New Ammunition" by Alex Hammel - Here's some new toys for the ammo bin, from Pennsylvanian Alex.
  • "Monitors" by Gerald Hall - Some vessels don't need jump drives. the experimental Monitors rely on armament and weapons to defend their systems. Gerald is from Ohio.
    • Hero Monitor, Liberty Monitor

Volume 4, Issue 3[edit]

MFNA quarterly v4 3.jpg

Cover by Clint Langley

  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - A harsh look at onionskin paper.
  • "Ral Partha Interview" - Ral Partha has been purchased; what does that mean for BattleTech?
  • "Still Serviceable" by Donald Bingle - Frankie likes sweeping. It's very important work.
  • "Houston, We've Had a Problem" by David Wu - There are a few drawbacks to playing BattleTech on the Internet.
  • "Big Tex's Totality of Tech" by Andrea Harrison - Stroll into Tex's store for the finest ... er, most interesting ... in new equipment for 'Mechs.
  • "The Fifth Succession War Continues" - What has occurred in the Inner Sphere in nine months' time?
  • "MechForce Top 50" - The top fifty ranked BattleTech players ... are you on the list?
  • "Tactics" by Nadin Brzezinski - Our columnist takes a look at Clan training—classroom style.
  • "3060 MechForce List" - MechForce ID numbers for the new 3060 units!
  • "Going Once, Going Twice" FASA sells FASA Interactive to Microsoft.
  • "A Mother's Tribute" by John Pace - A poem touches Thomas Marik.
  • "One Cold Day in Space" by Nathan Johnson - The Steel Vipers are pitted against the 42nd Space Rangers in this exciting scenario.
  • "Operation: Stiletto" - An exclusive Sneak Peek at Operation: Stiletto.

Volume 4, Issue 4[edit]


Cover by Doug Chaffee

  • "Convention Calendar" - This summer is filled with conventions; hope you can join us!
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - A harsh look at onionskin paper.
  • "Journey's End" by Jason Schmetzer - Fighting Demons in the Chaos March is a physical and mental struggle.
  • "BattleTalk" by Bryan Nystul - This issue the Primus gives you his view of MechWarrior 3rd Edition RPG!
  • "The Ranger Company" by Bryan Cochren - How to build an effective C3 Company.
  • "Arena Time" by Susan Huntsman - MechWarrior Nichole is searching for her past, while her present is very much in jeopardy.
  • "Convention Report" by Nadin Abbott - There was Magic and Warhammer and BattleTech a' plenty at California's Orccon.
  • "Combat Drop" by Gerald Hall - Battle armor troops must worry at the Clan forces...and try to stay alive in the process.
  • "BattleTech Tournament Rules" - Check out the new BattleTech tournament rules and be prepared!
  • "First Time at the Controls" by Nadin Abbott - Veteran MechForce author, Nadin, took up an editor's challenge: what's it like to pilot a 'Mech for the very first time?
  • "Tactics" by Nadin Abbott - Take this author's advice and you might survive your next battle.
  • "The Fifth Succession War Continues" - What has occurred in the Inner Sphere in the past three months?
  • "MechForce Top 50" - The top fifty ranked BattleTech players ... are you on the list?
  • "The ZEU-X Zeus record sheet is based off of the cover of Maximum Tech.

Volume 5, Issue 1[edit]


Cover by Mark Gibbons

  • "Roleplaying 'Mech® Combat" - An exclusive sneak peek at MechWarrior®'s Guide to Solaris VII.
  • "Death From Above", by Jean Rabe - Conventions, contributors and submissions, oh my!
  • "Decipher to Purchase FASA" - Read the official version of the news.
  • "Discontinued 'Mech Miniatures List" - Find out which 'Mechs you need to have!
  • "Quantum Bandits", by Mark "Jaeger" Garlauskas - Let's take a fresh look at an old MechForce chapter.
  • "Origins and Gen Con Conventions" - Take a look at the winners of these tournaments.
  • "Star Dogs", by Janet Pack - A washed-out MechWarrior discovers his chance to be a hero—with the help of his four-footed friends.
  • "The Hidden Wars" - The BattleTech developers take to the field.
  • "News Flash", by Warner Doles - Our correspondent reports on an exciting Internet slugfest between the FASA crew and the BattleTech IRC Strike Force.
  • "MWII to MW3 Conversions" - Rules for converting your MechWarrior II characters to the new version of the MechWarrior roleplaying game.
  • "Mountains from Styrofoam", by Melvin Frank Darbe - Don't want to shell out the big bucks for prepackaged terrain? Buy some Styrofoam and make your own mountains and lakes.
  • "The Fifth Succession War Continues" - What has occurred in the Inner Sphere in the past 3 months?
  • "MechForce Top 50" - The top 50 ranked BattleTech players ... are you on the list?
  • "Roll Call" - Where are the chapters?
  • "BattleTech Licensee Release Schedule" - Find out what is new under the sun for BattleTech.

Volume 5, Issue 2[edit]


Cover by Doug Chaffee

  • "Battle with A Purpose" by Kevin Highlander - An all-day BattleTech event is held to honor a good friend.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - Musings of game companies, conventions and the new MechWarrior game spill from the editor's keyboard.
  • "Unknown Quantities" by Jason Schmetzer - One man's war could spell doom for a brotherhood of friends—or could spur a large-scale rebellion.
  • "Add A Dash of Spice" by Timothy Croyle
  • "With This Ring" by Michelle Croyle - The husband takes a close look at varying ground troops. The wife examines the game.
  • "MechWarrior Campaigns" by Gerald Hall - Okay, so you like BattleTech. MechForce regular Gerald Hall thinks you'll like the roleplaying companion game as well. He encourages you to give MechWarrior 3 a try and offers a few character-building suggestions.
  • "Pinpoint Accuracies" by Mike Selinker - A battle in the Free Rasalhague Republic becomes a tale of two warriors.
  • "Equipment Locker" by Chip Burcham - Here's a few new toys to try in your next BattleTech game. But be careful, they're still in the testing stage.
  • "Beginnings" by Buster G. McCall - A tense battle in the belly of "the serpent" leads to success, respect, and perhaps a new beginning.
  • "Walking Wounded" by Pat Dillon - The wine is not so sweet in a vineyard in the Chaos March.
  • "ComStar Archives" by Randall Bills - The Precentor Martial gives you the lowdown on the Essen game show.
  • "TekTeam Services" by Gerald Hall - A team of technicians has grown from humble beginnings to a force with firepower.
  • "AeroTech 2 Preview" - A sneak peek at AeroTech 2.
  • "BattleTech Licensee Release Schedule" - Find out what is new under the sun for BattleTech.
  • "The DFN-3C Defiance record sheet is based on the description of a prototype 'Mech in the novel Operation Excalibur."

Volume 5, Issue 3[edit]


Cover by Doug Chaffee

  • "MechWarrior 3rd Edition" by Nadin Brzezinski - This lady is hooked on this game. Take a few GM pointers from her.
  • "Death From Above" by Jean Rabe - There is no chivalry when 'Mechs slug it out on the kitchen table.
  • "The Prodigal Daughter" by Gerald Hall - There is little civil about war when 'Mechs and tanks vie for a town.
  • "Retreat!" by Chuck Gillies - Sometimes running away—or at least backing up—can lead to victory.
  • "The Bigger They Are" by Darrel Castillo and Richard L. Hamer - Sometimes they really do fall harder. Read the story and play the adventure.
  • "Replaying the Giant Killers" by Darrel Castillo and Richard L. Hamer - It packs a punch—and then some!
  • "Falling" by Nadin Brzezinski - Battlefield promotions are bittersweet.
  • "A Long Way From A Single 'Mech" by Michael Mahoney - A long-time player puts in his proverbial two cents about playing BattleTech through the years.
  • "Ambush at Bandit's Bane" by Jason Schmetzer - If you walk into an ambush, can you walk out victorious?
  • "Xenophobe" by Jeffrey Witthaur - One very powerful woman with very powerful fears can spell the doom of a Clan.
  • "The Blair 'Mech Project" by Jeffrey Smith - Take a read through this twisted tale of missing men and abandoned 'Mechs
  • "Field Manual: Federated Suns Preview" - A sneak peek at the Field Manual so many have been waiting for.
  • "BattleTalk" by Bryan Nystul - The future of BattleTech revealed!
  • "BattleTech Licensee Release Schedule" - Find out what is new under the sun for BattleTech.

MechForce North American Manual[edit]


Cover by Tom Baxa, illustrations by Duane Loose, Gary Washington, Dave MacKay, Mike "Skuzzy" Nielsen, Jeff Laubenstein, Earl Geier

  • Introduction
  • MechForce Ranked Battles
    • Combat Values
    • Damage Control Master
    • Battle Report Master
  • MNA & FASA Tournament Rules
    • BattleTech Tournaments Overview
    • BattleTech Open
    • Gunslinger Tournament
    • Trial of Bloodright
    • MNA Regional District Map
    • MNA Regional Listings
    • MNA Tournament Request Form
    • Convention Support Form
  • 'Mech List
    • Light 'Mechs
    • Medium 'Mechs
    • Heavy 'Mechs
    • Assault 'Mechs
  • Vehicle List
    • Light Vehicles
    • Medium Vehicles
    • Heavy Vehicles
    • Assault Vehicles
  • Standardized Map Sheets
    • Map Sheet Key
  • BattleTech Compendium Errata
  • BattleTech FAQ Sheet
  • MNA Submission Guidelines
  • BattleTech Licensees
  • MNA Membership Application

MechForce Manual Second Edition[edit]


Cover by Doug Chaffee, back cover by Tom Baxa, illustrations by Loston Wallace, Brad McDevitt, Dave MacKay, Mike "Skuzzy" Nielsen, Jeff Laubenstein, Scott Johnson, Chris Moeller

  • Introduction
  • Ranked Battle Scoring
  • Battle Value System
  • Battle Report Master
  • MechForce Ranks & Ranking System
  • The MechForce Universe
  • MechForce & FASA Tournament Rules
    • BattleTech Tournaments Overview
    • BattleTech Open
    • Gunslinger Tournament
    • Trial of Bloodright
    • Grand Melee
  • MF Regional/International District Map
  • MF Regional/International Listings
  • Convention Support Form
  • Battle Value Tables
    • 'Mech List
    • Vehicle List
  • Standardized Map Sheets
  • BattleTech Compendium Errata
  • BattleTech FAQ Sheet
  • MFQ Submission Guidelines
  • BattleTech Licensees
  • MF UK Membership Application
  • MF G Membership Application
  • MF S Membership Application
  • MF Membership Application