This article is about the genetically engineered soldiers. For the battle armor, see Elemental (Battle Armor).
A Female Elemental

Elementals are the genetically engineered trueborn infantry of the Clans, so named because both they and their battle armor are capable of fighting in any element. Designed and bred over dozens of generations to operate Clan battle armor, Elementals are the largest and strongest of the three common Clan warrior phenotypes. Elementals average 2-2.5 meters in height and are disproportionally muscular compared to even the strongest Inner Sphere warrior. While generally used as shock troops, Elementals have found use in other military roles as well, such as security personnel or marines. Elementals who wash out of training usually end up in the Laborer Caste due to their tremendous strength and endurance.[1] [2]

Very few Elementals rise above the rank of Star Commander within the Clan military structure. The usual reason given is that, as infantry officers, they have a hard time keeping up with swift-moving 'Mechs in combat and so cannot lead effectively. In truth it is the result of an unspoken bias among Clan warriors who reason that, with so much focus on making Elementals immense muscular fighters, their intellectual capacity suffered. Those who do succeed above their supposed station - notably those who have become Khans or even ilKhan - are proof enough as to the error of this unfortunate prejudice.[3]

Some people, in the lower castes, called the Elementals Bulk, a derogatory term.[4]

Freeborn Elementals are a rare occurrence, often the offspring of trueborn parent(s) who had washed out of training and been assigned to the civilian castes, or common offspring who happen to naturally develop the strength necessary for the role. Despite their stature they are no less the subject of prejudice than that faced by other freeborns within a given Clan.[5][6]

Notable Elementals[edit]


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