A trueborn is a Clan warrior born from the mixing of two genetic legacies as part of the Clans' eugenics program. Artificially conceived within an Iron Womb, trueborns are bred and trained from birth to be the ultimate warriors and taught to believe only they are true inheritors of Aleksandr Kerensky's legacy.[1] After being raised in a crèche and trained as part of a sibko, trueborns must prove themselves in a Trial of Position to become full-fledged warriors or be cast out and forced into one of the civilian castes. For this reason trueborns are considered inherently superior to freeborns, or those who have been conceived naturally, and in general look down on them with contempt.[2][3] Ironically, it is the rare inclusion of freeborn warrior genes in the eugenics program which prevents stagnation in the warrior caste.[4] Trueborn warriors are marked by the Codex they wear, typically a bracelet, which contains their complete records from physical characteristics to battle honors.

Three principal phenotypes exist for trueborn warriors, the result of selective breeding and minor alterations over the course of generations. Elementals, bred for the rigors of battle armor combat, are disproportionately large and muscular. Measuring 2 to 2.5 meters in height their strength and endurance are incredibly useful in the role of shock troops.[5] On the opposite spectrum are aerospace pilots, averaging 1.7 meters and 50 kilograms. With noticeably enlarged craniums and eyes for superior reaction times and perceptive abilities, they are better suited to withstanding the strains of intense G-forces, though they are frailer than other phenotypes.[6] Those of the MechWarrior phenotype, while the most "normal" looking, have superior reflexes and are better able to interface with Neurohelmets than normal humans.[7]

Informally a trueborn can be referred to as a truebirth or with the slang term canister born. To call a trueborn a freebirth is considered a great insult.[8][9]

List of Trueborn phenotypes[edit]

  • Elemental - Born with a large stature, and to be extremely muscular, Clan Elementals were developed for use as infantry, and were especially effective while using their namesake Elemental battle armor.
  • Pilot - Born with a small stature and with a large head, Clan pilots were developed to specialize at piloting aerospace fighters, and in later years, ProtoMechs.
  • MechWarrior - Born and trained to be physically fit, with good reflexes, Clan MechWarriors are the most common trueborn.
  • Naval Commanders - Naval Commanders were developed by Clan Snow Raven as a specialized phenotype that was intended to command WarShips.
  • TankWarrior - A variant of the MechWarrior phenotype, they were developed to work in teams as tank crews. The first TankWarrior sibko was decanted by Clan Hell's Horses in 3106.[10]
  • Elstars - A specialized variant of the MechWarrior phenotype. Their skulls were shaped for better neurohelmet interface and their skin and nerves were less sensitive to heat, with other improvements over the standard MechWarrior phenotype. Elstars were developed by Clan Jade Falcon.[11]

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