Iron Womb

Iron Wombs


Iron Wombs are artificial birthing chambers used by the Clans as part of their eugenics program for the creation of the perfect trueborn warriors. Early examples were first used in 2816 to birth the first Clan warriors, but by 2819 dedicated "birthing systems" had been developed, with the devices evolving steadily over the years until the current model was developed by Clan Diamond Shark in 2850.[1]

However, the technology for iron wombs dates back to the late twentieth/early twenty-first centuries, when the Jutendo University on Terra created life-support systems for premature babies. These artificial wombs were restricted to their original limited use out of concerns for the moral and social implications of their widespread use. In forming the Clans, however, Nicholas Kerensky needed to quickly increase his population, and so such ethical restrictions were abandoned.[1]

Another term for the Iron Wombs is canister. It is a slang term often used by the Clans.[2]


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