Era Report: 3145

Era Report: 3145
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Scenario Pack
Development Paul Sjardijn
Development Assistance Herbert A. Beas II
Strategic Assistance Øystein Tvedten
Primary writing Patrick Wynne
Herbert A. Beas II
Craig Erne
Aaron Pollyea
Paul Sjardijn
Pages 202
Cover Artwork Alex Iglesias
Illustrations Justin Adams
Brent Evans
Peter Johnston
Chris Lewis
Jason Cheeseman-Meyer
Victor Manuel Leza Moreno
Jeff Porter
Matt Plog
Øystein Tvedten (Maps)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35223
First published 2013
Era Dark Age era
Agency Republic of the Sphere
Universe Date 12 January 3146
Timeline 3132 - 3145
Series Era Reports
Preceded by Era Report: 2750


Era Report: 3145 is a sourcebook/scenario pack that provides a player with an overview of the years 3135-3145 of the Dark Age era. The book covers the history of this time period and gives profiles of important and significant characters as well as their factions which include the Clans, Inner Sphere, and the Periphery. Included among its rules are other gaming enhancements for advanced gameplay which includes mini-campaigns for various events during this Era using the Chaos Campaign Rules/Warchest Point System.

From the back cover[edit]

Conflict is Inevitable

In 3132, eighty percent of the hyperpulse generators in the Inner Sphere shut down, silencing virtually all interstellar communications between the thousands of worlds humankind called home. Remembering the horrors of the Jihad that ended just half a century before, paranoid citizens and opportunistic leaders across the Sphere instinctively girded for the invasions that were sure to come. As ancient rivals once again turned against each other, the Republic of the Sphere—once a beacon of hope for billions—found itself nearly torn asunder by hostile neighbors on every side.

A new Dark Age had begun. Era Report: 3145 describes the state of the Inner Sphere at a critical age in BattleTech history: the years of the Dark Age era. Presented as a general overview of the period, rather than a focused report on a single conflict, this book includes descriptions of every major Inner Sphere faction active in the wake of the catastrophic failure of the interstellar HPG grid. Notable personalities, military forces, and an overview of the technological capabilities of the Dark Age era are also provided, along with special advanced-level rules for campaigns set during this time, whether played using the Total Warfare core rules or those found in A Time of War: The BattleTech Roleplaying Game.


  • Museum Technica
    • Sharing the Wealth
    • New Weapon Technologies
      • Armor
      • Weaponry
      • Other Equipment
      • QuadVees
      • WarShips
    • The Next Evolution
      • The Mystics of Clan Nova Cat
      • The TankWarrior Experiment
      • Rise of the Elstars
    • Tracks
      • Game Setup 129
      • Warchest and Objectives 129
      • Special Rules 130
      • Aftermath and Next Track 130
      • Warchest Points Between Tracks
    • Warchest Point System
      • Skill Advancement 134
    • Era Report: 3145 Campaign
      • Mission: Ambush
      • Mission: Blitzkrieg
      • Mission: Bloodbath
      • Mission: Crossfire
      • Mission: Headhunting
      • Mission: Heavy Scout
      • Mission: Running the Gauntlet
      • Mission: Scout
      • Mission: Strike
      • Mission: Surprise Counter-Attack
      • Touchpoint: Dragon Strike
      • Touchpoint: Republic Roundabout
      • Touchpoint: War of Attrition
      • Touchpoint: Hide and Seek
      • Touchpoint: Quelling the Natives
      • Touchpoint: Blood Red Dawn
      • Touchpoint: As Good As Advertised
      • Touchpoint: Return to Misery
      • Touchpoint: Out of the Gate
      • Touchpoint: Against the Wall
      • Touchpoint: Tikonovian Stranglehold
      • Touchpoint: The Final Clash of Swords
    • Era Report: 3145 Mini Campaigns
      • Combine Invasion of the Republic (3135)
      • Clan Wolf Incursion (3137)
      • The Draconis Reach (3139)
      • The Taking of Tikonov (3145)
    • BattleTech Rules
      • Special Command Abilities
    • Random Unit Assignment Tables
      • Factions Not Featured
    • Roleplaying Rules
      • Creating Characters in the Dark Age era
      • Fallen Factions
      • Rising Factions
      • Affiliation: Republic of the Sphere
      • Affiliation: Capellan Confederation (House Liao)
      • Affiliation: Draconis Combine (House Kurita)
      • Affiliation: Federated Suns (House Davion)
      • Affiliation: Free Worlds League
      • Affiliation: Former Free Worlds States (Andurien and Regulus)
      • Affiliation: Lyran Commonwealth (House Steiner)
      • Affiliation: Inner Sphere Clans
      • Affiliation: Rasalhague Dominion
      • Affiliation: Raven Alliance
      • Affiliation: Major Periphery
      • Affiliation: Minor Periphery
      • Affiliation: Independents
      • Affiliation: ComStar
      • Affiliations: Homeworld Clans and Deep Periphery
      • Life Modules
      • Economic Adjustments for the Dark Age Era
      • Major Personalities of the Dark Age Era

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