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Caleb Davion

Caleb Davion.jpg
Caleb Hasek-Sandoval-Davion
Character Profile
Born 3099[1]
Died 25 June 3144[2]
Affiliation House Davion
Title(s) First Prince
Duke of Taygeta[3]
Profession Noble
Parents Harrison Davion (father)
Isabella Hasek (mother)

Caleb Hasek-Sandoval-Davion was the First Prince of the Federated Suns.


Early life[edit]

Born an only child to First Prince Harrison Davion and Isabella Hasek, the struggle that came with his conception made his mother treasure him all the more, which his father did not care for. The relationship between Caleb and Harrison became even more estranged when Caleb failed to become a MechWarrior at the esteemed New Avalon Military Academy. In order to fulfill his military role to gain the future title of First Prince, he was accepted into combat vehicle training.[1]

Caleb's relationship with his father got even worse when his mother died in 3130 and Harrison was quick to have a relationship with Khan Sterling McKenna of the Raven Alliance. Matters reached the tipping point when Harrison was attending the funeral of Victor Ian Steiner-Davion and Harrison told Caleb when they were alone that he was going to choose Julian Davion as the heir of the Federated Suns and not Caleb.[4] In his anger, the Caleb pushed his father over the edge of the chalet's balcony were they were staying. Harrison survived the fall, but badly injured with head trauma, fell into a coma, and later died.[1]

Ascension to First Prince[edit]

With the death of the First Prince, the Privy Council elected Caleb as the new Prince. He had to be quickly groomed with all the important matters within the Suns' realm. During his grooming, Caleb carried on a relationship with Khan McKenna, as his father had done, to ensure an alliance with the Ravens.[5]

Due to his hatred of Julian, he used his powers to strip him of the rank of Prince's Champion and put Julian back in command of the 1st Davion Guards where he was quick to leave Terra and abandon them.[6]


During his conquest of Republic worlds, information became known that the Capellan Confederation was also on the warpath. Video replay showed a Centurion BattleMech which had an oddity to it that Caleb could not put his finger on. Once Caleb realized that it was the infamous Yen-Lo-Wang, he knew that it was none other than Danai Liao-Centrella who was piloting the 'Mech. His obsession with her culminated in a meeting on New Hessen with him raping her[7][8], after she had rescued them from a chaotic three-way battle between Davion, Liao, and Republic forces.[9] Danai, in private, promised to kill the First Prince the next time they met, but Caleb, having interpreted Danai as willing during the rape due to his mental illness, looks forward to meeting again. Ultimately, the arrival of Swordsworn troops lead by Erik Sandoval-Groell turned the tide of the battle and Caleb was rescued. Erik was appointed as Caleb's new Prince's Champion and ordered to reclaim any former Davion worlds from the Republic.[citation needed]

Death and legacy[edit]

Caleb Davion was killed by Combine forces on 25 June 3144 in the Palmyra Disaster: After the Draconis combine launched a surprise attack on the gathered AFFS forces, managed to destroy the FSS Lucien Davion and after launching an orbital bombardment on the troops on the ground. Caleb, however, survived miraculously. He was surveying a camp of the First Royal Cavaliers during the initial attacks, and managed to lead a detachment of them into the Tower Mountains before the camp was destroyed by orbital bombardment.[10]

The Prince and his men survived in the mountains for six days, avoiding Combine Patrols making their way to a secondary DropPort. On 25 June, they were found by a routine patrol of the Fifth Sword of Light. Following orders of the Kanrei to avoid killing Caleb, the DCMS troops surrounded Caleb's Marksman M1 but did not attack him. However, when Caleb shot at a Sworder's Shiro, its pilot kicked the tank, crushing its turret and killing Caleb despite the Kanrei's intention to capture him alive.

Caleb was succeeded by Julian Davion. During Julian's return from Lyran space, Erik Sandoval-Groell acted as regent.[11]


Caleb piloted a Marksman M1 tank during the battle of New Hessen and Palmyra.[12]


Caleb developed paranoid schizophrenia at a young age which caused him to hallucinate a best friend, Mason Lambert, who acted as an impulse for all of Caleb's base instincts.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Harrison Davion
First Prince of the Federated Suns

Succeeded by
Julian Davion


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