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  • January: Simpson Desert conquered by LCAF.
  • March - December: Wolf's Dragoons conquer the Draconis Reach for the Draconis Combine.
  • April 21st-27th: Operation HOMECOMING commences the liberation of Atreus from Regulan Fiefs.
  • May 11th: LCAF recaptures Tamarind.
  • September: New Olympia falls to Clan Wolf.
  • Raiders from the reconstituted Free Worlds League attempt to raid the Grumman Amalgamated plant on Shiro III.
  • A pirate raid on Great Gorge is foiled by elements of the 1st Periphery Guard.
  • The Draconis Combine attempts to raid Benedict in the Federated Suns.


  • January: Wolf's Dragoons hired by Draconis Combine.
  • July 3rd: Captain-General Jessica Marik reunifies the shattered Free Worlds League, but Andurien and Regulus decline to join.
  • Kenyon Marik becomes Minister-General of the Free Worlds League.