Kenyon Marik (32nd c.)

This article is about the 32nd century Marik. For the 28th century Captain-General, see Kenyon Marik.
Kenyon Marik
Character Profile
Born 3115[1]
Affiliation House Marik-Stewart
Rank Duke of Graham-Marik[1]
Position Minister-General[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Anson Marik (father)[1][2]
Irene Dwyer (mother)[2]
Spouse Ana Graham-Marik[1]

Kenyon Marik, was the disinherited son of Anson Marik.



Was born to be the heir of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth, but his father's animosity toward his family made Kenyon leave and enter the Allison MechWarrior Institute. While attending the school, a conspiracy against Anson was exposed which included Kenyon; as punishment he lost his inheritance of the throne and exiled to Loyalty.[1]


In exile from the Commonwealth, Kenyon made his way towards the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey and was able to enlist into the 30th Marik Militia just in time to defend against the combined Lyran Commonwealth and Clan Wolf invasion of the old Free Worlds League. His actions in the defense of the Duchy gave him plenty of accolades which made him a war hero.[1]

When his father died, since there was no official heir to the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth, the Commonwealth began to dissolve. Kenyon met with his old coconspirator, Duke Julio Graham-Marik, and with his family name and his military record tried to recreate the old Duchy of Graham-Marik; he married Julio's daughter, Ana Graham-Marik, to seal the two families together. Before they were able to recreate the nation, they realized that Jessica Marik was the future of the Free Worlds League. Instead of fighting against her, they joined her coalition and helped seize Atreus from the Regulan Fiefs.[1]


Kenyon piloted a Juliano BattleMech that he named Roman[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Nikol Marik
Minister-General of the Free Worlds League

Succeeded by


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