Kenyon Marik (28th c.)

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This article is about the twenty-eighth-century Captain-General. For the thirty-second-century Marik, see Kenyon Marik (32nd c.).
Kenyon Marik.jpg
Kenyon Marik
Character Profile
Born 21 April 2734[1]
Died 19 June 2804[1]
Affiliation House Marik
Rank Captain-General[1]
Title(s) Duke of Atreus[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Ewan Marik (father)
Children Carl Marik
Thaddeus Marik

Kenyon Marik "The Eagle" was the 34th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[2][3]


Fall of the Star League[edit]

Kenyon Marik was a better ruler than his father Ewan Marik, but he had a personal vendetta against Aleksandr Kerensky, the Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force and Regent for Richard Cameron II. When the Territorial States rebelled, the Free Worlds did nothing. When Stefan Amaris launched a coup, the Free Worlds did not recognize Amaris as the rightful First Lord, but Marik refused to let Kerensky use Free Worlds systems as staging grounds for the Terran Hegemony's civil war.[4][5]

Kenyon used the looming crisis to convince Parliament to pass laws that gave him more power. The most famous and far-reaching of these was Resolution 288. Passed on 19 December 2784, Resolution 288 gave the Captain-General incredible power, including the right to convene and dismiss Parliament at will, the ability to appoint his or her successor, and sole direction of the League's military.[6][7]


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