Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1

Historical Liberation of Terra I cover.gif
Historical: Liberation of Terra I
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Christoffer “Bones” Trossen
Pages 184
Cover Artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Ray Arrastia
Illustrations Justin Adams
Chris Lewis
Randall Mackey
Aaron Miller
Mark Molnar
Matt Plog
Jeff Porter
Ryan Portillo
Robert Ruffolo
Alex Williamson
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35232
First published 2012
ISBN-13 978-1-936876-36-5
Era Star League era
Universe Date 3090
Series Historical
Preceded by Historical: Reunification War
Followed by Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 2


Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1 is Catalyst Game Labs' sourcebook outlining the formative events leading up to and including the early years of the Amaris Civil War. The product provides the history of the Star League, the sizes, organization and deployment of the Star League Defense Force and member states, top personalities and the earliest campaigns to retake Terra. The Rules Annex describes how to create Operation CHIEFTAIN scenarios and introduces new equipment, such as Aerospace Smart Robotic Control System and the SLDF SDS Jammer. New vehicles include the M-5 “Caspar” Capital Drone and the MK. 39 "VoidSeeker" Drone Series; record sheets for these are also provided.

Rise of the Animal, the introductory story, details the first shots of the conflict from the perspective of Antonius Zalman, later a major player in the formation of the Clans. The first full chapter is The Rise and Fall of the Star League, which details the history of the Star League, including the trials and tribulations that lead to the Amaris Coup. The League’s Might details the structure and practices of the SLDF while also providing military overviews of the Star League member states and Periphery nations. Personalities details the political and military notables involved, either directly or in a supporting role, in the early campaigns. The next three chapters detail the conflict itself: Conquering the Hegemony expounds on Amaris’ occupation and efforts to control the Terran Hegemony; The Rim World’s Campaign showcases events in the Periphery, including Kerensky’s occupation and reduction of Amaris’ home nation; and The Hegemony Campaign covers the initial period of Kerensky’s efforts to retake the Terran Hegemony. The Rules Annex includes a number of items designed to aid play in the late Star League era, including rules for generating SLDF and Republican forces. New Combat Units provides game stats for the greatest technological achievement the Star League military ever produced: the Space Defense System and its drone WarShips.
  — from "How To Use This Book", p. 9

The release of Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1 kicked off CGL's "Year of the Star League" and was the first of two volumes detailing the fall of the Star League.

From the back cover[edit]

In 2766, decades of careful planning and manipulation finally culminated when Stefan Amaris wiped out the entire Cameron dynasty in a bloody coup. Rallying the might of the SLDF behind him, General Aleksandr Kerensky immediately attacked Amaris’ Rim Worlds Republic, before turning his full fury against the Usurper’s “Empire,” launching one of the greatest military campaigns in Inner Sphere history.

Historical: Liberation of Terra, Volume 1 describes the early years of the civil war that would ultimately bring about the final end of the first Star League. Covering the fighting from the coup itself to the bloody campaign for the Terran Hegemony, this book provides a hard look at the closing years of the Star League Era, and the fateful decisions that would eventually pave the way for centuries of Succession Wars to come.