Prince's Champion

The Prince's Champion is an important title and position within the government and military of the Federated Suns. Traditionally bestowed on the most senior Field Marshal in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, usually a close friend or family member, the Prince's Champion essentially serves as the second-in-command to the First Prince and is answerable only to them. When the First Prince is unavailable to make decisions in a timely manner or otherwise unable to fulfill their duties, the Prince's Champion has broad discretionary powers to make military and political decisions on their behalf. Such decisions are subject to review following the Prince's return to duty, and the Privy Council may block certain decisions which might impact the Federation's political nature, but such overturns are rare. The Prince's Champion sits on both the Privy Council and High Command, the latter of which they preside over in the Prince's absence. Given their unique position and broad mandate, the Champion is often able to solve problems which might seem intractable through normal procedures. With the immense trust and power given to the Champion, such individuals can be counted on to accomplish highly sensitive missions, whether delivering important communications or taking personal control over a military operation.[1][2]

When the Federation's military was merged to form the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth, the position of Marshal of the Armies was created to oversee the day-to-day operations of the new military force. This new post essentially assumed many of the duties of the Prince's Champion, including heading the High Command. The Prince's Champion still retained their position as second to the Prince and an important military adviser, with the changes allowing the Champion to focus their energies on other important tasks. While the breakup of the Federated Commonwealth saw many other reforms swept away, the position of Marshal of the Armies was retained in the AFFS, with both the Marshal and Champion advising the Prince on military matters.[1][2]

List of Prince's Champions[edit]

Name Reign
Mitchel Stopec 2750[3]
Yvonne Davion 3013 - 3035[4]
Ardan Sortek 3035 - 3052[4]
Galen Cox 3052 - 3055
Ardan Sortek 3055 - 3061
Simon Gallagher 3061 - 3067
Jackson Davion 3067 - 3073[5]
Tancred Sandoval 3073[5] - By 3098[6]
Julian Davion 31?? - 3134
Erik Sandoval-Groell 3134 -


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