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Field Marshal is the highest rank of the AFFS. The AFFS Marshal of the Armies and Prince's Champion are not ranks a soldier can earn, but a position they occupy in the command structure. Holders of those positions do typically hold the rank of Field Marshal.

There are at least fourteen Field Marshals in the Federated Suns: Three for the Capellan and Draconis Marches (total six), four for the Crucis March (total ten), and five who advise the Prince but hold no specific command. [1]

AFFS Field Marshal insignia by branch of service
Rank MechWarrior AeroSpace Fighter Infantry Armor Naval Crew Technical
Administrative Medical Legal Logistics/
Field Marshal FieldMarshalMW.png FieldMarshalASF.png FieldMarshalInf.png FieldMarshalarmor.png FieldMarshalnaval.png FieldMarshaltech.png FieldMarshaladmin.png FieldMarshalmedical.png FieldMarshallegal.png FieldMarshallogistics.png

Federated Commonwealth[edit]

During the Federated Commonwealth's existence, the number of Field Marshals dropped considerably. Instead of commanding a region of space, Field Marshals in the AFFC commanded either a State Command (Federated Suns/Lyran Commonwealth) or a major administrative/noncombat command like the Department of the Quartermaster, Department of Strategy and Tactics, or the Department of Military Intelligence.[2]


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