Draconis March

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The Draconis March is the region of the Federated Suns which borders the Draconis Combine. The hostility between the people of the Draconis March and their enemies in the Combine is a large part of the culture of the Draconis March, in large part stemming from the actions of the Combine during the first two Succession Wars. The March's capital is the world of Robinson. It has historically been ruled by House Sandoval, the ducal family of Robinson. The military honor guard of the Draconis March is the Robinson Rangers (the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs are also historically associated with the region). During the Five Princes era, part of the Draconis March was a part of the Terran March, including the capital of Robinson.
Like the Capellan March, the Draconis March is divided into two Combat Theaters, Edgeward and Coreward. The Coreward Combat Theater is headquartered on Robinson, while the Edgeward Combat Theater's headquarters is on Woodbine. The March is then further subdivided into over a dozen Polymorphous Defense Zones (PDZs).

By 3130 the Edgeward Combat Theatre had been reorganized and reduced in size; Woodbine remained the headquarters of the Woodbine Operational Area, but the Woodbine OA had been incorporated into the Periphery March, and it is unclear which world acts as the headquarters for the Edgeward Combat Theatre of the Draconis March.[1]

Commanding Officer[edit]

Field Marshal James Sandoval

Combat Theaters and Polymorphous Defense Zones[edit]


Combat Theaters and Defense Zones within the Federated Suns in 3050
Region Commanding Officer Mech Strength
(Robinson Operations Area) [2]
Field Marshal Vanessa Bisla [2] 36 Regiments[2]
Addicks PDZ
(Addicks Command)[2]
Marshal Andrew Terlecki[2] 9 Regiments[2]
Kentares PDZ
(Kentares Command)[2]
Marshal Neale Wargo[2] 6 Regiments[2]
Raman PDZ
(Raman Command)
Marshal Melford Dennis[2] 10 Regiments[2]
Le Blanc PDZ
(Le Blanc Command)[2]
Marshal Mason Vanderkellos[2] 4 Regiments
1 Battalion[2]
Dahar PDZ
(Dahar Command)[2]
Marshal Clair Hamilton[2] 6 Regiments
2 Battalions[2]
(Woodbine Operations Area)[3]
Marshal Claudia Saunders[3] 14 Regiments[3]
Bremond PDZ
(Bremond Command)[3]
Hauptmann General Mary Tallman[3] 1 Regiment[3]
Bryceland PDZ
(Bryceland Command)[3]
Marshal George Simenon[3] 5 Regiments
1 Battalion[3]
Mayetta PDZ
(Mayetta Command)[3]
Hauptmann General Vonda DeGreer[3] 1 Regiment[3]
Milligan PDZ
(Milligan Command)[3]
Hauptmann General Uston Vewas[3] 1 Regiment[3]
Kilbourne PDZ
(Kilbourne Command)[3]
Marshal Lisa Talrude[3] 5 Regiments
2 Battalions[3]
Total Mech Strength: 50 Regiments[2]

Historical Maps[edit]

Coreward Combat Theatre[edit]

Edgeward Combat Theatre[edit]

Individual Polymorphous Defense Zones (3025)[edit]


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