Crucis March


The Crucis March is the central portion of the state known as the Federated Suns. It has historically been ruled directly by the Davion family. Its capital, like that of the Federated Suns as a whole, is New Avalon. Unlike the other Marches of the Federated Suns the Crucis March is divided into Combat Regions which line up completely with the Administrative Regions of the Realm, as opposed to the Draconis and Capellan Marches which are divided into PDZs.

Through the centuries, the Crucis March remained effectively intact up until the formation of the Filtvelt Coalition during the Jihad, which saw several worlds bordering the Periphery break off and form their own state.

Commanding Officers[edit]





Historical Maps[edit]

Coreward Combat Theater[edit]

Edgeward Alpha Combat Theater[edit]

Edgeward Beta Combat Theater[edit]

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