IlKhanate (Clan Sea Fox)

Affiliation Clan Sea Fox
Parent Command Clan Sea Fox Touman


For much of the Dark Age the ilKhanate of Clan Sea Fox set the tone and pace for the Clan's fortunes, but the arrival of the Blackout changed that. The ilKhanate was much more dispersed than the other Khanates that formed Clan Sea Fox, and the lack of efficient communications pushed the ilKhanate into having to play catch-up to events following Gray Monday.[1]

The difficulty with communications led to the various Aimags within the ilKhanate became more independent, while the ArcShip Tsunami positioned itself over Tukayyid in 3143 and remained there until at least 3145, presumably as a consequence of communications needs forcing Khan Hawker to use the Tsunami as a central location from which to rule the rest of Clan Sea Fox, despite the negative effect on ilKhanate profits that removing a major asset like the Tsunami must have had.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the IlKhanate (Clan Sea Fox)
Khan Mori Hawker 3145[2]




Composition History[edit]


- In 3145 the ilKhanate was based around the Potemkin-class ArcShip Tsunami, with the various Aimags operating from a number of other ships. Alpha, Beta and Epsilon Aimags were all operating from Merchant Carrack-class transports - the Cataract, Torrential and Riptide respectively - while Gamma Aimag was based around the Volga-class transport Maelstorm and Delta Aimag was based around the Carrack-class Coriolis.[2]



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