Production information
Introduced 2603 (SLDF)[1]
Production Year 2950[2]
Use Transport
Tech Base Clan
Cost 8,421,192,000 C-Bills[citation needed]
Technical specifications
Mass 300,000 tons
Length 830 m
Sail Diameter 880 m
Fuel 2,000 tons
Burn Rate
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Top Thrust 2.5 g
Sail Integrity 3
KF Drive Integrity 7
LF Battery No
Armor 70 tons standard
DropShip Capacity 2
Crew 43
Grav Decks 1 x 98 meters diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 4/4
Heat Sinks 747 double (1494)
Structural Integrity 15


Developed as a merchantman to ply potentially hostile Periphery shipping lanes, the Carrack-class military transport served with the Star League Defense Force and Great House navies. Inspired by the impressive but wildly expensive Sylvester merchant WarShip, the Terran Hegemony would attempt to create its own similar class for military use in 2603.[3]

While no examples of the class were known to remain in the Inner Sphere following the maelstrom of the early Succession War era, an undetermined number accompanied the Exodus Fleet. The modern Clan Carrack military transport first entered service in 2950, a creation of Clan Nova Cat and Clan Diamond Shark.[4] ComStar analysts were unable to determine how many of the Carracks which are currently in service among the various Clan toumans are upgraded Star League era vessels and how many are new, Clan-built ships. What ComStar was able to conclude following operations on Wayside V was that the differences between the original Star League and standard Clan Carrack were negligible; while mounting HarJel-based Hull Sealant technology, unlike many redesigned and upgraded Clan vessels the modern Carrack is not equipped with either advanced armor or a Lithium-Fusion Battery.[5][6]

The modern Carrack-class transport serves in the fleets of nearly every Clan, but the Merchant Castes of both Clans Diamond Shark and Nova Cat possessed the lion's share.[5][6] In truth most of these Diamond Shark and Nova Cat Carracks are the downgraded nonmilitary versions stripped of capital grade weaponry, both Clans unwilling to give their Merchant Castes war matériel on par with that of the Warrior Caste.[7]


Due to its role as a military transport, the Carrack features a light array of mixed capital class and anti-fighter weaponry. The nose bay and each broadside featured a pair of NL35s and a single NAC/20, two ER large lasers and four Large pulse lasers, rounded off by four anti-missile systems for point defense. Save for downgrading the Naval Autocannon to a NAC/10, each fore and rear angle as well as directly aft features almost the same layout as well. [5][6]


The Carrack's 63,446-ton cargo hold surrounds the vessel's Compact Kearny-Fuchida Drive core and is flanked in turn by two Small Craft bays on either side. These bays frequently house a pair of aerospace fighters and a pair of shuttlecraft, however, the exact composition of the small craft complement appears to depend on each individual vessel's captain.[5][6]


  • SLDF
    The original SLDF version did not survive in any Inner Sphere Navy, nor has it been seen in any Clan touman.[5]
  • Merchant 
    Begun in 2985, the joint venture between Clans Nova Cat and Clan Diamond Shark that reduces the Carracks' offensive and defensive capacity to become true merchant vessels, the so-called Carrack (Merchant) removes all the Naval Lasers and Autocannons for a lighter defensive array of one ER Large and two ER Medium Lasers, one Large and two Medium Pulse Lasers and an Artemis IV-enhanced LRM-20 rack on every facing, the front and rear merely adding an additional Artemis-enhanced SRM-6 launcher. Carrying almost half the volume of standard heat sinks the Merchant Carrack carries a minimal fifteen and a half tons of standard armor, freeing up a massive amount of space for cargo, 98,806 tons worth, nearly a third over that of the standard Carrack transport. The Merchant Carrack also carries a full Star of Elementals to help fend off boarding attempts, and a crew of 116 with 50 bay personnel. BV (1.0) = 10,674[7]

Related WarShips[edit]

  • Sylvester (WarShip class) - Only four Sylvesters were produced before 2514 for Lyran civilian use. Deemed too expensive to become a staple of any merchant fleet, the Terran Hegemony took interest in the idea of a heavily armed transport for military use and began production of the Carrack-class.



  • To date, no record sheet or formal variant for this modified version of the Carrack has been released.
  • The number of proper Carrack transports and its downgraded Merchant variant are hard to properly ascertain. Through the ravages of the Jihad and Wars of Reaving, multiple Clans were noted to have lost their Naval WarShip forces, only to regain the use of "transport" vessels. These vessels have been questioned as to whether they are truely "WarShips" at all, and these vessels are likely to be variously undercounted and ignored in the Clan's fleets.[9]
  • In German products, the unit's proper name was altered to Carraca, which is the perfect Italian translation of Carrack (the German would be Karracke).



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