Explorer Corps (sourcebook)

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Explorer Corps
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Pages 112
Cover Artwork Les Dorscheid
Interior Artwork Joel Biske
Doug Chaffee
Jeff Laubenstein
Brad McDevitt
Loston Wallace
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1681
First published 1996
ISBN-10 1555602258
Era Clan Invasion era
Agency ComStar
Universe Date 21 January 3059


This sourcebook is written as an internal ComStar document about their eponymous Explorer Corps that was obtained and annotated by Wolfnet (including annotations from Jaime Wolf personally) and sent to Wolfnet Director Michi Noketsuna on 21 January 3059.

From the back cover[edit]

A hundred years ago, Primus Adrienne Sims of ComStar suffered nightmare visions of a dire threat to ComStar and the Successor States—hordes of strange monsters from beyond known space, invading the Inner Sphere to destroy it. These visions so troubled the Primus that she created the Explorer Corps, a division of ComStar dedicated to probing the Deep Periphery, to hunt down the threat she had foreseen.

A century later, the Clan invasion made the nightmare come true—and gave the Explorer Corps a vital role in the Inner Sphere's survival. With the backing of the Draconis Combine, the Explorer Corps has expanded its operations and embarked on a massive hunt for the Clan homeworlds. Small mercenary units from all over the Inner Sphere are joining the search, hired by the Explorer Corps for secret missions into the Deep Periphery—missions from which few return...

The Explorer Corps sourcebook describes the Explorer Corps' history and structure, including key personalities, operational procedures, and the Corps' efforts to locate the Clan homeworlds before the Truce of Tukayyid expires. Also included is background material on life aboard a 31st-century spacecraft and descriptions of various colonies and Clan bases in the Deep Periphery and other inhabitants of that little-known region of space. Special game rules for BattleTech, MechWarrior, and BattleSpace are designed to enhance campaigns involving space travel or planetary exploration; new material includes rules for creating new solar systems and planets to explore, as well as new types of vehicles and 'Mechs.


  • Introduction
  • The Modern Corps
    • Operations, Regions and Command
    • Personnel
    • Vessels and Equipment
    • Bases and Facilities
    • Columbus
    • General Procedures
    • Survey Procedures
    • DCMS Liaison
  • Life in Space
    • Combat
    • Communications
    • Daily Routine
    • Docking
    • Emergency Evacuation Systems
    • Gravitational Effects
    • Hyperspace Procedures and Principles
    • Internal Atmosphere/Environment
    • Psychological Effects
    • Ship Status
    • Signatures and Detection
    • System Transit
    • Ship Briefs
  • Explorer's Lexicon
  • Rules
    • Advanced Terrain and Weather Rules
    • Shipboard Combat
    • Cargo and Supplies
    • Creating Star Systems
    • Low-Tech 'Mechs
    • Special Vehicles
    • Explorer MechWarriors
  • Optional BattleSpace Rules
    • Ramming
    • Sensor Rules
    • Ground Units in BattleSpace
    • Drive-System Malfunctions
    • Overburn
    • Non-Standard Jump Points
    • Effects of Gravitational Forces on Characters
    • New Equipment
  • Working for the Corps