Anika Janssen

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Anika Janssen, ca. 3058
Anika Janssen
Born 3026
Affiliation KungsArmé
Clan Wolf
Profession Lojtnant

Anika Janssen (born 3026- died ])

Physical description[edit]

Anika is known to have delicate features, with long blonde hair and steel blue eyes. As she lost most of her friends in the Clan Invasion, was reluctant to make more. Beside the pilots under her command, the only Columbus personnel she associates with are Tai-sa Haruka Otanashi and Precentor Padraig O Bhaoil. Despite her ComStar Precentor rank, she wears a mixture of her old Rasalhague pilot uniform and clothing from her time with Clan Wolf.[1]


Born on planet Gunzburg in 3026, shortly before the planet's liberation from Draconis Combine, her family belonged to the Tyr independence movement. Her father joined the Gunzburg Eagles eight years later, and she joined them as she was old enough. During her training, she met Tyra Miraborg, the daughter of Gunzburg's Valdherre, and both became best friends, and in 3045, entered active service. In 3049, when Tyra leaved the planet to join the First Rasalhague Drakons, Anika followed her.

The Clan Invasion found the Drakøns in the first lines since the beginning, and their unit managed to obtain a small victory against Clan Ghost Bear fighters. When the Clan Wolf attacked Rasalhague, in July of 3050, the Drakøns were assigned to escort the Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson away from the capital, but the fighters, before made a devastating attack against the Wolves on ground, under their own initiative.

Months later, in the system of Radstadt, while still escorting the Prince in his escape, they were surprised by the unexpected arrival of a fleet of Clan Wolf ships. The Drakøns attacked the Wolf ships, buying time to the Prince's ship to escape. It was then when Tyra's fighter was damaged and she rammed it into the bridge of the WarShip Dire Wolf, the Clan Wolf flagship, killing the invasion leader, ilKhan Leo Showers, and halting the invasion for a year. Anika survived the battle, but was devastated by her friend's death.[2]

The next year Janssen was transferred to the Third Drakøns, who were sent into action against the Clans on Memmingen, Satalice and Skandia. On Skandia, the Third Drakøns were destroyed with Anika included in the survivors. She was taken as Bondsmen of Clan Wolf. During the Refusal War, Anika was accepted again as warrior and followed Khan Phelan Ward to the Exile. In the battle of Morges, she helped to defeat the forces from Clan Jade Falcon Peregrine Galaxy.

When Khan Ward allowed those members of his force unwilling to suffer exile to leave, Anika was one of them. She joined ComStar, and was assigned to units defending Free Rasalhague Republic.

In 3058, Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht transferred Anika to the Explorer Corps, where her knowledge of the Clans would be useful. She was assigned as base aerospace commander and advisor to the Corps analysis staff of the Periphery base, Fort Columbus.[3]


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