Jihad Hot Spots: 3072

Jihad Hot Spots: 3072
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills (Assistance Development)
Diane Piron-Gelman (Product Editing)
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Warner Doles
Ken Horner
Kevin Killany
Nick Marsala
David L. McCulloch
Mike Miller
Mike Nelson
Ben Rome
Paul Sjardijn
Peter Smith
Øystein Tvedten
Phaedra Weldon
Andreas Zuber
Pages 162
Cover Artwork Klaus Scherwinski (Cover Art)
Jason Vargas (Cover Design)
Randall N. Bills (Art Direction)
Ray Arrastia (Layout)
Interior Artwork Jim Nelson (Header Design)
Chris Lewis (Additional Graphic Elements)
David L. McCulloch (Record Sheets)
Illustrations Brent Dill
Brent Evans
Florian Stitz
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35302
First published October 31st, 2007
ISBN-10 0979204798
ISBN-13 978-0979204791
MSRP $24.99
Era Jihad era
Series Jihad Books


The third in the series of core Jihad sourcebooks, Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 continues the story from Dawn of the Jihad and Jihad Hot Spots: 3070. As its name implies, this book brings the Classic BattleTech storyline up to 3072. JHS: 3072 is broken up into several sections. Aside from the fictional and nonfictional introductions, the book provides a summary of events (complete with a timeline to help make sense of it), followed by four sections, each of which covers roughly six months of game time. At the end of each of these chronological chunks is "Chaos Rampant," a series of scenario "tracks" that allow players to play along with some of the events. At the end, another summary helps to bring the events together. The final section is the rules annex, which provides rules for creating the elite Word of Blake Manei Domini, as well as vehicles and OmniMechs they use.

From the back cover[edit]

For nearly four years, the fires of war have threatened to consume all the nations of mankind as the Word of Blake’s furious campaign of terror and deception raged on. Millions have died, mighty armies have fallen, and ancient empires have shattered, with no end in sight. But even as all hope seems lost, heroes old and new rise from the ashes of fire-blackened worlds to stand against the chaos and, maybe, to start turning the tide at last.

Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 continues the series begun with Dawn of the Jihad, bringing the readers into the ongoing chaos and horror of the Sphere-spanning war, as seen from the eyes of those who fight—and die—in this epic conflict. Players of both Classic BattleTech and the Classic BattleTech RPG will find additional rules and campaign tracks within to continue their campaigns across the Inner Sphere as the Blakist holy war rages on. Finally, Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 contains a mini-Technical Readout section—including record sheets—for several new units, including the six new Celestial-series Word of Blake OmniMechs.


  • Introduction
    • How to Use This Book
  • The Raging Inferno
    • The Chains of Fate
      • Introduction
      • Lurching League
      • Crumbling Confederation
      • Chaotic Combine
      • Seething Suns
      • Arrogant Alliance
      • Calculating Clans
      • Closing the Gap
  • Early 3071: Hell Unleashed
  • Late 3071: Cracks in the Façade
  • Early 3072: Desperate Times
  • Late 3072: The Curtain Falls
  • Taking Stock


  • Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 has the first mention, chronologically, of Devlin Stone.