Jihad Hot Spots: 3070

Jihad Hot Spots: 3070
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills (Assistance Development)
Diane Piron-Gelman (Product Editing)
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Warner Doles
Ken Horner
Kevin Killany
Nick Marsala
David L. McCulloch
Mike Miller
Mike Nelson
Ben Rome
Paul Sjardijn
Peter Smith
Øystein Tvedten
Phaedra Weldon
Andreas Zuber
Pages 154
Cover Artwork Klaus Scherwinski (Cover Art)
Jason Vargas (Cover Design)
Randall N. Bills (Art Direction)
Interior Artwork Jim Nelson (Header Design)
Chris Lewis (Additional Graphic Elements)
Illustrations Gerhard Mozsi
Doug Chaffee
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 35026
First published 1 January 2006
ISBN-10 1932564608
ISBN-13 978-1932564600
MSRP $24.99
Era Jihad era
Series Jihad Books


Jihad Hot Spots: 3070 picks up where Dawn of the Jihad left off, updating the course of the Jihad through 3070. The book is again divided up by faction, but the greater division is in time, specifically one section for six months. In addition to information on the Inner Sphere and Clans, some information about the Periphery finally trickles out in the sourcebook. Also of note is the continuation of the style of Dawn of the Jihad, including the journalistic treatment the events are given. Perhaps the most notable shift is the inclusion of scenario tracks at the end of each major section, rather than in one large annex at the end of the book. Instead, that space is reserved for other rules, including the use of nuclear weapons, which is in addition to the usual new units that accompany a sourcebook.

From the back cover[edit]

For a year, the winds of chaos have scoured the Inner Sphere, as terrorism and weapons of mass destruction are used on a scale not seen since the First Succession War. Confusion reigns, and each faction finds itself isolated amid its own turmoil. All seems lost. Yet as a new decade dawns, glimpses of the greater whole begin to appear through the dark clouds. The true battle has only just begun...

Jihad Hot Spots: 3070 continues the stunning events revealed in Dawn of the Jihad, using the same rolling format and immersing readers directly in the action as never before. Players of both Classic BattleTech and Classic BattleTech RPG will find framework rules to run any type of campaign in regions throughout the Inner Sphere.


  • Jihad Hot Spots: 3070 Rules Annex
  • Record Sheets


  • This sourcebook, or at least parts of it, makes an in-universe appearance as a data file named "Jihad Hot Spots" in the short story Blue Waters.
  • The cover shows the annihilation of the Knights of the Inner Sphere in a Blakist chemical attack on Atreus.
  • Editors: whenever you cite Jihad Hot Spots: 3070 in an article, please also cite the relevant pages from Blake Ascending, which duplicates each page from Dawn of the Jihad page-for-page. In Jihad Hot Spots: 3070, each page is exactly the same as the same page in Blake Ascending, when 160 is added to the page number from Jihad Hot Spots: 3070 (ex: JH:3070 p. 40 is the same as BA p. 200).