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  • January 13th: The Jade Falcons attack Great X.
  • January 21st: The Word of Blake attacks Robinson.
  • January 28th: Word of Blake forces on Wasat detonate a nuclear weapon in the capital city.
  • February: The Word of Blake's Twenty-ninth Division and Forty-second Shadow Division assault Pesht with biological and nuclear weapons.
  • May: The Second Regulan Hussars are destroyed by the Forty-ninth Shadow Division on Wallis.
  • May: The Forty-second Shadow Division arrives on Luthien to support the Word's Ninth Division.
  • June: Clan Ice Hellion launches Operation ICE STORM against the worlds of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.
  • June: Winfield is captured by Clan Ice Hellion.
  • The Word of Blake's Fourteenth Division attacks the Draconis Combine worlds of Echo V and Qandahar.
  • Word of Blake forces destroy the Pesht Motors facility on Pesht.
  • The re-formed Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guards stop an attack on the Lyran Alliance by Delta Galaxy of Clan Jade Falcon dead in its tracks.
  • The Forty-eighth Shadow Division raids the planet Necromo.
  • Sathen's Snipers are captured by the Word of Blake's Ninth Division on Luthien.
  • The pirate band known as the Tortugan Phalanx conduct a flawless raid on Lackland.
  • The Fourth Pesht Regulars are destroyed on Pesht by the Blakist Twenty-ninth Militia and Forty-ninth Shadow Divisions.


  • March: Hansen's Roughriders are deployed to Electra.
  • August 9th: The Free Worlds League cedes Gibson to Precentor Apollyon.
  • August: Vermezzo is struck by pro–Democracy Now rioting.
  • October 7th: Richard Steiner, as a pawn of the Blakists, assassinates Jeremy Brett. Both men die in the explosion.
  • October 12th: Clan Nova Cat allegedly conducts a council meeting to discuss aligning with Devlin Stone (in a video transmitted by Belial).
  • November 1st: An HPG intercept released by ComStar purports to have Belial reporting on a confidential Clan Nova Cat council meeting.
  • November 19th: Therese Brett-Marik declares the Duchy of Tamarind independent of the FWL and names herself the Duchess of Tamarind.
  • November 19th: Therese Brett-Marik places her son, Photon Brett-Marik, in command of all FWLM forces.
  • Peter Steiner-Davion abdicates the Archonship in favor of Adam Steiner.
  • The decimated 21st Centauri Lancers attempt to rebuild on Tukayyid, opening membership to any other surviving military units willing to join.
  • The Word of Blake's Nineteenth Division abandons Algot and Yangtze, due to rebellions.
  • Sorenson's Sabres depart from Luthien.
  • The Ronin mercenary unit is formed from survivors of the 10th Ghost Regiment.
  • Dissidents within the Grumman Industries branch on New Earth begin smuggling more than two hundred Zephyr hovertanks to anti-Blakist forces.


  • Star Colonel Kelton Myers is elected saKhan of Clan Goliath Scorpion.
  • September: Galaxy Commander Damon Hawkins is killed in battle on Steelton.
  • Emma Centrella is killed by Word of Blake forces on Canopus.