Noritomo Helmer

Noritomo Helmer
AffiliationClan Jade Falcon
Clan Wolf
Third Star League
RankGalaxy Commander (with Jade Falcon)
Warrior (with Clan Wolf)[2]
Loremaster of the Star League[3]

Noritomo Helmer was a Clan Jade Falcon MechWarrior and former Galaxy Commander. Captured by Clan Wolf, he soon became abtakha.


During the Falcon desant of 3134, Noritomo was a Star Colonel in command of the 305th Assault Cluster[1], part of Malvina Hazen's Delta Galaxy.[4] After the fighting on Kimball, Noritomo assumed command of the 7th Falcon Striker Cluster.[5]

A great admirer of Aleksandr Hazen because of the shared belief that being successful in warfare and showing their skill on the battlefield is what shows the height of human achievement. That belief was shaken after the news of Aleksandr's death, but was nearly destroyed after Malvina fully implemented the Mongol Doctrine, using tactics that were dezgra to traditionalist Falcons.[1]

When the bulk of Jade Falcon forces left the Falcon's Reach, in 3135, to join Malvina Hazen in her attempt to take the reins of the Clan, Noritomo was promoted to Galaxy Commander and charged with the defense of the new Falcon holdings.[6][1]

By 3145 Helmer was in command of the elite 124th Striker Cluster as well as its parent Zeta Galaxy in the Falcon's Reach.[7] While within the Reach, Noritomo continues to follow the last order that he was given which was to hold the Reach.[1]

Helmer was leading the 124th Falcon Striker Cluster on Skye in 3150, when the garrison faced an attack of Clan Wolf forces. During the fight in the planetary capital of New London, his 'Mech was trapped under a collapsing building. After the planet had fallen into Wolf hands, Noritomo was rescued alive and taken as bondsman by Wolf Star Colonel Don Cooper. Initially, Helmer chafed, but after realizing than joining the Wolves was the only way to destroy the evil Khan Malvina Hazen, agreed. His bondcord was cut soon after.[8][2]

Just prior to the ilClan Trial, Khan Alaric Ward transferred him to fill a vacancy in the Silver Keshik, at the rank of Warrior. This low rank did not reflect the degree of counsel Noritomo gave to Khan Ward regarding Khan Hazen's tactics. Without his insight, more than half the Wolf touman might have been lost to the Cauldron.[2]

After the conclusion of the Trial, on 28 April 3151, Alaric first approached Marotta Kerensky to be Loremaster of the Star League, but was declined. By 25 May 3151 however, the role of Loremaster had been offered to Noritomo Helmer, who accepted. As Loremaster, Noritomo presided over the confirmation of Alaric Ward as ilKhan, with only the Khans of Clan Hell's Horses refusing to acknowledge the claim.[9][2]


During the initial stage of the desant Noritomo piloted a Phoenix Hawk IIC,[10] switching later to a Gyrfalcon.[11]


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