This article is about the Clan term. For other uses, see Dezgra (disambiguation).

Dezgra is a Clan term for a disgraced individual, unit, or Clan.


This disgrace can come from either refusing orders, panicking in the face of the enemy, or committing dishonorable conduct. It may even come from being roundly defeated by an enemy that itself is considered inferior. This term also refers to the ceremony where a unit is marked and punished. [1][2] [3][4]

Any unit bearing this name is considered "tainted" and honorable warriors avoid dealings with the unit as much as possible. This can restrict the unit being involved in bids, and, when bid into combat, the actions it can take. Dezgra units are given poor quality replacements and looked down upon by all the Clans.

For example, the Falcon Guards were considered a dezgra unit after their defeat on Twycross. The unit was caught in a trap and wiped out to nearly the last man. Another example was the destruction of the CSR White Cloud by the DCMS. The DCMS tactics rendered them dezgra.[5]


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