Alaric Ward

Alaric Ward
Alaric Ward
Also known asAlaric Wolf
AffiliationClan Wolf
First Lord
Archon (claimed)
ParentsKatherine Steiner-Davion, Victor Steiner-Davion, Vladimir Ward (geneparents)

Alaric Ward was a Clan Wolf MechWarrior during the Dark Age era. Initially known as Alaric Wolf, he won both his prestigious Bloodname and Khanship of Clan Wolf in 3143, becoming ruler of the newly founded Wolf Empire. He was known within the Wolf Clan for his aggressiveness, cunning, and intelligence. A highly skilled warrior and leader with potent political instincts, Alaric was often regarded as an arrogant man, at times displaying grandiose delusions.[1][2][3]

While Alaric publicly revealed that Katherine Steiner-Davion was his genemother when he became Khan—giving him a claim to the Lyran Commonwealth's throne—the identity of his genefather Victor Steiner-Davion is not open knowledge.[4]

Alaric would breach Terra to engage Clan Jade Falcon and Republic of the Sphere forces and successfully disband the latter. He would create the ilClan Trial and challenge the Jade Falcons for control of the world, defeating them while becoming ilKhan and First Lord of the Star League.


Early years[edit]

Alaric was raised and groomed partly by his mother, whom he had not met until he and his sibko were assigned to tend her residence. Katherine molded her son to be her weapon of vengeance against the Inner Sphere. Alaric was somewhat tormented by her constant meddling with his life.

On Tamar, Alaric had been held back and tested out late from his sibko on 8 February 3135. In his Trial of Position he used a Blood Reaper BattleMech and achieved three kills earning the rank of Star Captain. Later that day he left with Clan Wolf's delegation for Victor Steiner-Davion's funeral on Terra.[5]


In May at the Exarch's Ball, Alaric was introduced to the young scions of Inner Sphere nobility. Alaric suggested a Trial of Grievance to settle a dispute between Yori Kurita and Caleb Davion. Julian Davion, acting as Prince's Champion, used a simulator to reenact the War of 3039; Alaric assisted Yori in the simulation, he fought on the Steiner front of the war, and ultimately beat Jasek Kelswa-Steiner and Caleb.[6]

Prefecture IX invasion[edit]

In October 3136, Alaric led his Trinary in a retaliatory strike against the Clan Jade Falcon world of Koniz after Jade Falcon forces had raided Clan Wolf territory for supplies. He confronted the defending Trinary — which included a pair of Jade Hawks, both of which were destroyed after inflicting heavy damage[7] — before proceeding to raze the town of Ogstrenburg to the ground as punishment for the raids against Clan Wolf. At this time, he believed his superiority made him a god among men.

In November, after returning from his mission on Koniz, he recovered from exhaustion on Domain. His mother, Katrina Steiner(-Davion) had come to take charge of his recovery. She informed him that he had been called to Khan Seth Ward and had been promoted to Star Colonel. They discussed the possibilities of this and she coached him on how to make an impression when meeting with the Khan.

On 15 December, Alaric met with Khan Ward and with two other Star Colonels, Bjorn and Donovan. The Khan introduced them to an emissary from Clan Wolf-in-Exile, Star Colonel Selvina Woods. She informed them that the Lyran Commonwealth had a mutual alliance which asked Clan Wolf to secure their border with the Free Worlds League. The Wolves' Khan marked this as the beginning of a process to merge the two packs of Clan Wolf into one Clan again. Alaric and the other assembled Star Colonels were asked to come up with the best way to accomplish this new "Exodus" in secret so that other bordering factions would not attack them while they were moving.

Alaric devised a plan which called on Clan Wolf to strike the former Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture IX in an attempt to strike at Terra. By sending forces as far as the world of Nusakan, he believed it would draw enough attention that the other factions would not notice Clan Wolf's exodus from the Occupation Zone.

In January of 3137, Alaric began the Clan Wolf invasion by leading his Cluster to invade the water world of Yed Posterior at its capital city of Henderton. While there he faced a militia unit consisting of two infantry companies, a mobile armor company, and light to medium converted IndustrialMechs. Confident of victory, Alaric landed two Stars of BattleMechs and two Stars of Elemental battle armor, planning to use just one Star of 'Mechs with no intention to call in his reserve force; however, he did not plan for environmental hazards and the militia's trickiness. Using tunnels of the city, marine SalvageMechs came up from the sea, and inflicted heavy damage on Alaric's 'Mechs. Alaric ordered his DropShips to land and pillage the spaceport and other areas they had secured. On the second day of fighting, after taking considerable damage, they captured the planet; three battalions from two militias and a Wolf Hunters combined-arms battalion led by Colonel Anastasia Kerensky landed on the planet shortly after. On 14 January, Alaric's forces (which resorted to taking shelter in the city of Hesterton's tunnels) were forced to surrender after Kerensky decided to use all the forces in her command to attack. Being outmatched and outgunned, Alaric decided to learn from his father and would try to learn about his enemy so he could defeat them.

Bondsman to the Wolf Hunters[edit]

Kerensky had Alaric psychologically broken down after his surrender in an attempt to break him of his will and thoughts of invincibility. She told him she would take him on as her apprentice, and she said she wanted to fight him someday again as an enemy.

Kerensky took him to the world of La Blon where he was used as a source of information for the Prefecture's defenders. Alaric met Colonel Verena Wolf and he showed people the threat they all face. Here is where Alaric and Verena developed feelings for each other.

At the conference, Alaric provided an Opposing Force viewpoint for ideas to be bounced off. At one point, an Alkalurops militia Colonel by the name of Hardin took offense at the claim that his world was not worth protecting. Alaric pointed out that their world did not interest Clan Wolf because it was worthless to them. Offended to the point of outrage, Colonel Hardin assaulted Alaric, but Alaric backed down from responding, believing doing so would make him the guilty party of this fight and possibly stain his reputation. Colonel Verena intervened, defending Alaric by punching Hardin in the face and knocking him down. Alaric was touched by Verena's defense of him.

In February, the Wolf Hunters arrived at the recently conquered world of Unukalhai. There Alaric witnessed a battle between Star Colonel Donovan and Kerensky; in addition to reconquering the planet, Donovan wanted to recover Alaric as well. In the course of the battle, a key bridge in the area they were fighting in was destroyed, which forced Kerensky to surrender Alaric to him. Alaric was able to deduce from his vantage point that Kerensky deliberately lost the fight which prevented him from learning her tactics. Invoking the seldom used Right of Return, Alaric was returned to Clan Wolf with honor.

However, by invoking Right of Return, Alaric lost all his previous ranks and titles. In order to win his back his rank and freedom, Alaric was required to submit to being a bondsman to his rival, Donovan. With a temporary rank of Star Captain, he needed to use his next battle as a Trial of Position. Acting as Donovan's aide, Alaric advised to him that.

Return to the Wolves[edit]

Star Colonel Donovan announced that he would lead Clan Wolf's Alpha Galaxy in a bid to conquer Skondia and Nusakan. While Donovan's rival Star Colonel Hestia bid the 7th Battle Cluster against Star Colonel Edward's Third Battle Cluster for right to conqueror Alkalurops. Donovan gave Alaric command of the 4th Wolf Guard and 279th Battle Cluster to take Nusakan.

Alaric advised him that it was highly likely that Kerensky would set a trap for him on Skondia, and to bring more forces with him would be advisable.

However, Donovan dismissed this and left with only the 278th Assault Cluster and 13th Wolf Guard and bid down to a few Trinaries each to deal with the defenders.

On 10 March 3137, Alaric arrived in Nusakan's orbit with the 279th and kept the 4th Wolf Guard as his reserve.

Nusakan was defended by three military formations: the remains of the Stormhammers commanded by Colonel Carl Tucker, the mercenary unit Colton's Screaming Demons led by Colonel Aynn Colton, and Le Blon Djinn commanded by Colonel Verena.

Deciding Colonel Colton's unit was most venerable of the three, he made initial attack on her. He had an Aerospace Star strafe and destroy her entire light 'Mech Company. After this attack, he managed to convince her to fight him with her command lance.

Because of this badgering, an arrogant Colton sought to humiliate Alaric. Alaric, however, managed to down all her 'Mechs, thus retaining his rank as Star Colonel. He allowed her and her people to return to their forces and face him with the rest of the world's defenders.

Days later, Colonel Verena met with him and bargained hard with him. She threatened to crash her DropShip into his base to take him and his whole command out if he did not drop the use of aerospace fighters. Alaric wanted a Cluster on regiment battle, which would bring 35 of his BattleMechs against her 72 BattleMechs and support forces.

On the 19th, they met in an arctic region known as Mudana Refuge. There Alaric fought a tough battle, taking heavy damage and losses. They managed to destroy the Djinn and battered the rest of Verena's allied forces. Verena faced him in battle with a battered Mad Cat; ironically, her 'Mech was Alaric's old machine, which he lost after surrendering himself in Yed Posterior. Alaric shot her down a few moments later.

The next day, Anastasia Kerensky arrived to challenge him, only to find that he already ceded the planet to her because he and his forces had been recalled by Khan Ward. Impressed with her performance, Alaric took Verena as his bondwoman.

Steiner-Wolf invasion of the Free Worlds League[edit]

Alaric was deployed with a Clan Wolf force in the Free Worlds League in early 3138. His forces coordinated with Lyran representative Trillian Steiner and Duke Vedet Brewer; it became apparent that he and Brewer did not get along well. In February, his forces conquered the Free Worlds League planet of Gannett.

Alaric had a hand in the conquest of Helm. Alaric's forces slaughtered the Silver Hawk defenders after they failed to uphold their surrender and destroyed parts of the city of Helmsdown on 28 April.

Trillian Steiner convinced him and Duke Brewer that each was going beat the other in the race to Stewart to kill or capture Anson Marik.

With the death of Anson Marik and the disintegration of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth in mid-3138, Jessica Marik was able to reestablish the Free Worlds League. The Wolves continued their invasion regardless, seizing yet more worlds over the next year and a half, with Alaric himself dealing a further blow to the resurrected League on September 23rd, 3139, when he trapped and slew Thaddeus Marik on New Olympia and secured that world for the Wolves.[8][9]

Alaric's duel with Anastasia on Smolnik.

War with the Commonwealth[edit]

By May 3140, as the Wolf-Lyran forces were poised to strike at Atreus and other target systems, Khan Seth Ward decided that his Clan's alliance with the Lyran Commonwealth had outlived its usefulness. A ceasefire between Clan Wolf and the Free Worlds League was arranged, then the Wolves turned upon their former allies.[10] During this offensive Alaric fought Anastasia Kerensky on Hyde in November 3141 and was forced to retreat, losing both the world and his lover Verena in the process. Though he had retaken the world by January 3142, shortly after the proclamation of the Wolf Empire Alaric discovered that his ambitions had only grown greater with his second defeat by Anastasia.[11]

During the Wolf Empire's renewed advance into the Lyran Commonwealth Alaric was at the forefront again, exacting his revenge upon Anastasia Kerensky during the conquest of Smolnik in February 3143 when he defeated her and took the former Wolf Hunter Leader as his bondsman.[12] Arriving with Beta Galaxy at Tharkad itself on 2 July, Alaric presented himself before Melissa Steiner and challenged her for possession of the capital and the continent of Bremen, leaving the rest of the world for Malvina Hazen's incoming horde. Dropping onto the capital on 15 July, Alaric's Beta Galaxy kept the defenders tied up in a two-day battle while Alpha Galaxy penetrated the palace and killed a defiant Melissa Steiner.[13]

Touring the throne room alone together the day after, Seth Ward was upbraiding Alaric for his arrogance and for allowing the Falcons to take part of Tharkad when a hidden assassin struck at the Wolf Khan. Alaric killed the man easily, but used the assassin's poisoned knife to murder Seth Ward and then claimed that the Lyran operative had slain the Khan. In a moment of self-realization Alaric concluded that he could utilize the strengths of any or all of his geneparents — Vlad, Victor, and Katherine — as each situation demanded: he would be the most flexible, and most dangerous, warrior in the galaxy.[14]

Khan of the Wolf Empire[edit]

On 24 August 3143, Alaric claimed the Bloodname Ward and was shortly after elected Khan of the Wolf Empire, both events being broadcast across his new realm. During a subsequent speech he proclaimed his heritage as a scion of House Steiner via Katrina Steiner, and on this basis officially laid claim to the office of Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth. A few days later, Alaric consulted with his mother about how to handle Anastasia Kerensky, a potential rival. When Katherine urged him to kill Anastasia, Alaric slew her instead, tearfully informing his mother that she had to die as she was the true rival to him, then he cut Anastasia's bondcord.[14]

In the three years that followed, Khan Ward consolidated his hold on the Wolf Empire. Native resistance to his rule proved surprisingly light; it is unknown whether this was due to the revelation of his Steiner descent or simply the people deciding that a strong Clan Khan would offer more protection from the Free Worlds League or Malvina Hazen. By recruiting heavily from among the native population Ward was also able to replace his Clan's losses while giving his Lyran-born subjects a motive to serve the Empire instead of causing rebellion.[15][16]

Beyond the Wolf Empire's borders, Alaric largely ignored the weak Lyran Commonwealth and maintained the ceasefire with the Free Worlds League, instead concentrating his energy towards two other opponents. Against the Republic Remnant, Ward arranged for his forces to mount constant raids, blooding cadets and new warriors in the process. As for the Jade Falcons, when Trillian Steiner leaked word to him of Malvina's impending assault upon Hesperus and its vast factories, Ward acted swiftly. In January 3145 Ward and Hazen fought for possession of the world until fresh LCAF units arrived and forced both Clans to withdraw. Ward stoically accepted this loss; in his mind denying the factories to the Chinggis Khan was victory enough, and he even congratulated Steiner for her successful ploy.[17][15]

In 3146, after Clan Wolf-in-Exile was defeated by the Jade Falcons and forced to leave their home base of Arc-Royal, Alaric send them an offer of amnesty, inviting them to rejoin their Clan; however, very few exiles accepted his offer.[18] By 3150, when the Wall of Fortress Republic fell, Alaric led the invasion of Republic space, conquering all the planets in their way to Terra easily. Also, he launched a successful invasion of Skye. As Alaric appeared to lead the invasion, the Falcons fought with great ferocity, expecting to find and kill him... in vain. In fact, Alaric was not in the system: the transmissions he did were recorded messages.[19] However, Alaric led in person the invasion of the Republic's world of Denebola and Alula Australis, where he killed the leader of the defenders in a duel.[20]

The year before, Alaric had assisted to a Trial of Bloodright on planet Zosma. The winner, later known as Marotta Kerensky impressed him for his calmness and cunning.[21] For this, in 3150, he requested Marotta to help him to plan the final battle for Terra. Marotta, at the contrary than other Wolf officers involved, did not believe their Clan had the numbers of troops to take Terra and defend it against the other Clans, mainly the Jade Falcons. His suggestion was an unexpected one: to recruit Wolf's Dragoons to join their former Clan in the battle. Alaric not only agreed with Marotta, he also sent him to recruit the Dragoons, a mission in which he succeeded.[22]

The Path to ilClanship[edit]

An assassination attempt on Wolf and Jade Falcon leadership was proposed by Damien Redburn. With the approval of Devlin Stone, the plan was put in motion, but backfired after Damien was killed by Wolf forces. This would cause Devlin to contact Alaric Ward about terms of surrender, but he refused unless Malvina was brought in as well. Stone would be forced to accept Ward's terms, to his dismay. While meeting both Khans, Devlin Stone would announce his surrender, however having already angered Alaric, the Wolf Khan insisted that he should disband the Republic, which the former Exarch would do with hesitation.

Alaric would propose one final Trial to Falcon Khan Malvina, the right to become the ilClan of the Star League and ilKhan of the Clans. With an offer like this, Malvina gladly accepted the Trial that would change the history of both Terra and humanity.

ilKhan and First Lord[edit]

After successfully defeating the Jade Falcons for Terra, Alaric would declare himself ilKhan of the Clans and First Lord of the reborn Star League. He would even go so far as to mark this occasion by wearing a tailor-made, Star League olive-drab uniform and holding a media event to mark his claims.[23]

Burying the Hatchet[edit]

While both Clans were recovering from the wounds they inflicted on each other, ilKhan and First Lord Alaric went to Malvina's apartment to visit and check up on her. Unsurprisingly, Malvina was still bitter and skeptical about her loss to the Wolves. Even as Alaric ensured that she still had importance in her Clan, Hazen would treat his words with little concern. Realizing that there was no faith in Malvina to change her ways, he told her to free Cynthy and give her to the proper authorities after seeing the abuse inflicted on her, which enraged the Chinggis Khan. After Malvina's death both Stephanie Chistu and he agreed that she was beyond saving.[24]

Clan Jade Falcon[edit]

Malvina's death would leave a void that needed to be filled in Jade Falcon leadership. Some warriors would nominate Stephanie Chistu for her honorable conduct, even in defiance of her predecessor. However, a Mongol supporter would challenge her to honor the late Khan in a Trial for the rank of Khan. Stephanie would make quick work of her opponent and claim the title of Khan. To also heal the wounds of honor, Khan Chistu was given Tara Wolf to make them as respected as they used to be before Malvina's rule.[25] To also end the animosity and share Terra, he would convert Clan Jade Falcon into a bodyguard Clan.[26]

Clan Smoke Jaguar[edit]

As a man of his word, Alaric would visit Paul Moon to begin talks of resurrecting his Clan. Alaric also wanted to prove how the Second Star League was a false alliance. Moon would witness a ceremony involving leadership positions for a Khan and saKhan. With the fight concluded, Prohaska Moon would become the Smoke Jaguars' Khan as a reminder to the Clan's past and present. With Clan Smoke Jaguar restored, they would earn a seat of power with the Jade Falcon Clan.[26]

Manipulating the Dragoons[edit]

After the ilKhan Ceremony, General Brubaker and his crew would ask the new ilKhan why he wanted the Dragoons to pull back as the Jade Falcons were being repelled. Alaric would reveal that he pulled the Dragoons away from the battle because it was for the true Wolf warriors instead of mercenaries. Alaric would give the Dragoons thirty pieces of silver while reminding them that they were traitors despite their origins and participation. After learning about the manipulation, General Brubaker would declare revenge on him and his Wolves for the manipulation. This was all according to plan to punish the Dragoons for their betrayal of the Clans so long ago.[27]

Revelations and Deceptions[edit]

Alaric would visit the former Republic Exarch one last time on his deathbed. There Devlin Stone would claim credit for both his title of ilKhan and the Star League as a way to unnerve Alaric. He would reveal to both Alaric and Chance about his origins and that he knew about who caused the Blackout, but refused to reveal the truth in order to consolidate power. Already feeling disdain for the former leader, Devlin would devolve into insults and attempting to instill fear into the ilKhan. Stone would even tell Alaric how there are many Clans and opponents who oppose his rule and are waiting to move in. Hearing enough of this banter, saKhan Chance Vickers would suffocate Devlin Stone with his own pillow, killing him. Alaric would remain shocked about these revelations.[28]

Empire Abandonment[edit]

Alaric informed all the Empire of their victory on Terra in June 3151, but didn't send further messages. Star Colonel Othar, the only high-ranking Empire officer left behind, took up the defense of the Empire on his own initiative, but the ilKhan didn't send him a single warrior, or even a message, for a full year. Finally on 12 June 3152, Alaric contacted the Empire again, arriving to Gienah right after it suffered a devastating attack from Wolf's Dragoons, but simply claimed his possession of all the Empire and Inner Sphere worlds, nothing more, and Othar read this as a proof that the ilKhan wasn't leaving Terra anytime soon, leaving the Empire alone.[29]

Dealing with the Dominion[edit]

In a meeting with both Ghost Bear Khans, Dalia Bekker and Roy Jorgensson, on Unity City, the 25 May, they explained the Dominion's complex situation, but promised all their Clan's support to the IlClan. Alaric accepted the Dominion's need to work with the "lower castes" to bring the Rasalhague Dominion fully into the Star League.[30]

After the Bears held a plebiscite in which the join option barely won, on 1 August, Alaric rejected the result, saying that they must clearly manifest their intention to do so. That ambigous statement deeply affected the Dominion, already greatly polarized, causing the Dominion Civil War, which took a heavy toll of both civilian and warrior castes in the Dominion.[31]


Alaric Wolf was a noted Mad Cat pilot and used one during his campaign on Prefecture IX in 3137 and again on a campaign in Free Worlds League space. He was later strongly associated with the Mad Cat Mk IV configured with ER Large Lasers and his example on the battlefield led to many other Clan Wolf warriors to migrate to piloting the Mad Cat Mk IV design.


  • Clan Jade Falcon had kept the Jade Hawk design a secret from outsiders. Alaric Wolf was among the first to confront this 'Mech on 22 October 3136.[32]
  • The Wolf units in the novel Wolf Hunters, 13th Wolf Guard and the 4th Wolf Guards, are assumed to not be the same as the 13th Wolf Guards (Clan Wolf-in-Exile) and 4th Wolf Guards (Clan Wolf-in-Exile).



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