Hesperus 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-123.603 : 46.734[e]
Spectral classF2IV[1][2]
Recharge time173 hours[1]
Recharge station(s)Zenith, Nadir[1][2]

System Description[edit]

The system is best known for the massive 'Mech factories on Hesperus II. Other named planets in the system include the barren Hesperus III[1] and Hesperus V, which was mentioned to have several large, rocky moons including Hesperus V Gamma.[3]

System History[edit]

The Hesperus system was mentioned to feature shipyard facilities[4] and an Olympus-class recharge station[5] at the zenith jump point, which may be referring to one and the same.

Because of its immense strategic value, the Hesperus system was the site of many battles over the centuries. (See The Battles for Hesperus II below).

Political Affiliation[edit]

Hesperus II[edit]

Hesperus II
Hesperus II Flag.jpg
System positionSecond[1][2]
Jump Point distance18.75[1][2]
Moons1 (Hesperus II-Alpha)[1][2][46]
Surface gravity1.01[1][2][46]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1][46][2]
Equatorial temperature85°C (Jungle)[1][2][46]
Surface water40%[1][2][46]
Highest native life"Reptile"[1][2] (see text)
Landmasses4 (North Whitman, South Whitman, East Barrens, West Barrens)[47]
History and Culture
Population55,000 (3067–3068),[46][2]
345,600 (3079)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerDuke of Hesperus II
CapitalMaria's Elegy[1][47][48]
HPG ClassA (3067),[2]
A (3079)[1]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Hjalmer Curtis (3025)

Planetary History[edit]

Age of War[edit]

During the mid-twenty-third century, Hesperus II was briefly home to a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, who ruled from the planet's archiepiscopal palace during a Papal schism[49]

By the mid-twenty-fifth century Hesperus II was jointly held by the Terran Hegemony and the Lyran Commonwealth. Although the Hegemony had set up a manufacturing facility on-planet for its new war-changing weapon, the Lyrans were unable to acquire the schematics or other technology related to the Mackie. The Lyran Intelligence Corps did, however, manage to infiltrate one agent who acquired maps and pictures of the assembly lines.[50]

This intelligence, meager though it was, enabled Colonel Simon Kelswa to acquire the Mackie's blueprints through more direct means. On 7 February 2455, Kelswa and his team of twenty-five commandos launched Operation Prometheus, fighting their way into the Hesperus factory and making off with enough information for House Steiner to become the second of the Great Houses to field BattleMechs.[50]

Star League Era[edit]

During the Star League era Hesperus II was perhaps best known for the BattleMech factory owned and operated on the planet by Witten Industries, a Star League manufacturer. This was far from the only industrial concern on the planet, however; in addition to the Witten Industries plant, Defiance Industries had a well-established mining operation on the planet.[51]

The Battles for Hesperus II[edit]

With the technological decline that resulted from the Star League's collapse and the Succession Wars, Hesperus II's Star League-era factories became an important asset for the Lyran Commonwealth (now sole owner of the planet following the Hegemony's collapse). Consequently Hesperus II witnessed numerous attacks by foreign powers over the next three and a half centuries.

First battle[edit]

The first attack came in 2787, when House Kurita launched Operation BROKEN BLADE, a massive attack that destroyed the orbiting shipyards but failed to overcome ground defenses. The attackers withdrew in January, having suffered more casualties than they had dealt out.[52][53]

Second battle[edit]

In April 2788, under the codename of Operation BRASS RING, light and fast forces from the Federated Suns under the command of Rear Admiral Milton Hayes attempted to rush the factories, raid them for supplies and destroy as much as they could. They were spotted in time for the defenders to repulse them.[52]

Third battle[edit]

In March 2789, the Free Worlds League attempted an attack with WarShips, using an unusual approach vector. However, the Lyrans had reinforced the planetary garrison with two cruisers, the LCS Granite and LCS Endeavor, just days before. A naval battle evolved where the heavily damaged Granite wound up ramming the FWLS Devastator, causing both ships to crash on the planet. The remaining League fleet, including the cruiser FWLS Skulker, withdrew.[52]

Fourth battle[edit]

Between 2831 and 2836, House Kurita attempted an attack against the 'Mech factories on Hesperus II under the command of Tai-sho Satoshi Anderson, but was easily repulsed by the defenders.[54][55][56]

Fifth battle[edit]

In 2837, House Kurita attacked Hesperus II yet again, while its veteran defenders had been replaced with inexperienced units due to an upcoming offensive against House Marik. The Kurita attackers easily pushed the defenders back to the 'Mech factories, but could not overcome the fortified defensive positions and pillboxes there. After two weeks, the Steiner defenders broke the siege with 'Mech reinforcements fresh off the production lines and forced the Kurita invaders off-world.[54]

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth battles[edit]

The Draconis Combine laid siege to Hesperus II and attempted to destroy the Defiance 'Mech factories in 2853[57] in what is often regarded as a revenge for the death of Coordinator Yoguchi Kurita at the hands of a Steiner assassin; however others point out that the massive and intricately planned operation must have been prepared long before.

The first part of the offensive saw Hesperus II blockaded by a massive fleet of WarShips, heavily armed DropShips and aerospace fighters that encircled the planet and blocked main jump points, preventing supplies or reinforcements from being shipped in.

Five months later they launched a ground offensive that aimed at wearing down the cut-off defenders in a war of attrition. House Steiner managed to break the blockade by reactivating the LCS Invincible from Tharkad. An unexpected battalion called "The Force of Last Resort" raised from barely trained recruits in 'Mechs fresh from the production lines stalled the Kurita advance on the factory site and set them up for orbital bombardment from the Invincible, vanquishing the Kurita attack force.

The entire campaign became known as the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Battles for Hesperus II. House Kurita lost more than half of their ground units, fighters and DropShips and all of their blockading WarShips. House Steiner suffered massive losses, too: The Tenth Skye Rangers and the Ninth Arcturan Guards regiments were permanently disbanded and the LCS Invincible was lost to a misjump when it tried to return to Tharkad. One 'Mech assembly line had been destroyed, but it was back to working order within a year.

Ninth battle[edit]

In 2957, units from two Kurita regiments dropped directly on top of the 'Mech production facilities, bypassing most of the defending forces. Although more than half of the dropping 'Mechs were destroyed on mountain slopes and most were scattered in the mountainous terrain, a sufficient number of attackers landed within the industrial complex to cause considerable damage and slash production capacity by half. Those who died in the raid were posthumously awarded the Glory of the Fallen Samurai banners. The damage would take 20 years to repair. This caused a severe lack of spare parts and hampered the LCAF considerably for years.[58][19]

Tenth battle[edit]

In 2997, Marik forces raided an isolated supply depot on the planet, but were repulsed by the Fifteenth Lyran Guards under the command of then Colonel Katrina Steiner.[59] This attack was Janos Marik's first military adventure, conceived to test the strength of the reinvigorated FWLM against the Lyrans. Although the attack was repulsed, the FWLM was noted for markedly improved overall performance.[60]

Eleventh battle[edit]

Relying on the Tenth Battle for Hesperus II indicating that no other attack was to be expected soon, the Commonwealth drew three defending regiments from Hesperus II for an attack on Kalidasa which got bogged down. The Free Worlds League seized the opportunity to launch another attack on Hesperus II with four 'Mech regiments. They were (narrowly) repulsed by the Eridani Light Horse, but only after the Light Horse's Twenty-first Striker Regiment purposely disobeyed orders from their incompetent ranking Commonwealth officer.[59]

The near-loss, combined with the unsuccessful and bogged-down offensive against Kalidasa, was a political disaster for Archon Alessandro Steiner and set him up for being ousted by his niece Katrina.

Twelfth battle[edit]

In early 3000, House Kurita stepped up its efforts again and dropped three 'Mech regiments and support on Hesperus II. It fell to the First Support Company of the Eridani Light Horse to hold open a spaceport so that Steiner reinforcements could be deployed.[59]

Although the attack was repulsed, the Eridani Light Horse felt they had finally suffered enough from incompetent Lyran officers. When their contract ran out later that year, they went to work for the Federated Suns instead.[61]

Thirteenth battle[edit]

In 3019, House Marik sent Wolf's Dragoons on a deep penetration raid that eventually aimed for Hesperus II. Lyran intelligence learned of the plan through a traitor, and reinforcements were rushed to Hesperus, including the veteran Twenty-fourth Lyran Guards, the Third Royal Guards, and the Hsien's Hotheads and Hansen's Roughriders mercenary commands.

Initially, the Lyran troops tried to separate Wolf's Dragoons. When Colonel Jaime Wolf ordered his orbital reserves into action, the Lyrans consolidated their forces along the Erewhon River. Despite several attacks (including a night attack), the Dragoons could not break the strong positions of the Steiner defenses and were thrown back every time. However, Natasha Kerensky of the Dragoons' Black Widow Company discovered a weak point in the Steiner defenses. She advanced along a seasonal river ford, Tanda's Crossing, which was guarded only by a single lance of 'Mechs. Their path was blocked just in sight of the Defiance Industries 'Mech factories by Hansen's Roughriders. Even the arriving reinforcements of the Dragoons' Delta and Gamma regiments failed to dislodge the Roughriders' heavy 'Mechs.

Wolf's Dragoons and the defending Steiner forces suffered tremendous losses during the campaign. The Dragoons were forced to make yet another supply run. However, due to their professionalism during the campaign and their fierce determination, their reputation grew further, convincing Archon Katrina Steiner to negotiate a contract with the Dragoons.

The Lyran losses included the Twenty-fourth Lyran Guards, which was almost destroyed during the defense.[62]

Fourteenth battle[edit]

In 3028, Barton's Regiment of the McCarron's Armored Cavalry mercenary unit staged a quick and narrow objective raid against the Kincaid Defiance Industries plant on the North Whitman continent of Hesperus II that was successful despite heavy resistance from the Blackhearts and the Twenty-sixth Lyran Guards, combined with relentless aerospace fighter attacks.[63] The official version was that KDI's owner Simon Kincaid was a black market dealer who had taken several millions C-bills from McCarron's Armored Cavalry but failed to deliver the promised goods, invoking the wrath of the notorious mercenary unit and thus provoking this grudge raid against his firm.[63] The truth, which is not publicly known, is that Kincaid's firm was secretly building prototype Double Heat Sinks for the Federated Suns (made possible by the FedCom Accords). Kincaid had embezzled a significant share of the production and sold it to the Capellans. When the Lyran Intelligence Corps threatened to uncover his activities, he delayed their investigation long enough to arrange for his safe extraction in a staged raid, providing the Confederation with the blueprints in return. It is implied that Kincaid provided the means by which the attacking DropShips could safely approach the heavily guarded world.[64]

Operation EXCALIBUR[edit]

In 3057, Field Marshal Brandal Gareth enacted a rebellion code named Operation EXCALIBUR with the intent of creating his own nation state with Hesperus at its heart. The Free Star Republic would last a mere six days before it was destroyed.[citation needed]

Fifteenth battle[edit]

The Fifteenth Battle of Hesperus II was the pivotal battle of the Third Skye Rebellion, during the FedCom Civil War (in 3065). Representing the Free Skye forces were the Twenty-second Skye Rangers, the Fourth Skye Rangers, the WarShips LAS Illustrious and the FCS Indefatigable. Defending the planet on behalf of the Lyran Alliance were the Gray Death Legion, the Fifteenth and Thirty-sixth Lyran Guards, and the Defiance Self-Protection Force, a corporate military unit. In orbit was the WarShip FSS Simon Davion. Early in the campaign, the Illustrious was destroyed but the Simon Davion was captured by the Free Skye forces, giving the invaders a decisive advantage in orbit. After initial skirmishing, the two Skye regiments lifted off, only to drop directly on the target factory, leaving the divided defenders in a desperate position. Orbital bombardment by the Free Skye forces destroyed an HPG Station, killing hundreds of civilians, and dealt tremendous damage to the Fifteenth Lyran Guards. When the Thirty-second Lyran Guards joined the attack in support of Free Skye, the campaign appeared lost for the loyalists. The Gray Death Legion spent itself holding off the Rangers, losing most of its troops and its commander, Colonel Lori Kalmar Carlyle. The Thirty-second Lyran Guards had lost their own commander, however, and were now plagued by dissent. The Twenty-second Rangers were shattered, while the Fourth and Seventeenth Rangers were mauled. The pro-Skye Fourteenth Lyran Guards arrived with Maria Esteban in command, inflicting heavy losses on the Thirty-second Guards. Despite all of this, the loyalists still held the massive Defiance Industries factory while the rebels had been ravaged, demoralized and had lost the element of surprise. The Fourth Skye Rangers abandoned the battle, returning to Skye. Esteban made one last push for the factory, neutralizing much of the Defiance SPF and reaching the gates of the legendary facility. Loyalist battle armor units, however, managed to regain control of the situation, and the Free Skye forces, facing a suddenly resurgent SPF and Fifteenth Lyran Guards, were forced to retreat. When General Caesar Steiner arrived with the pro-Lyran Second Donegal Guards, Esteban and her forces surrendered.[65][66][67]

Sixteenth Battle[edit]
Word of Blake Invasion[edit]

From March 3068 until early 3070, the Word of Blake ran Operation STEEL HAMMER, a series of heavy raids against the planet's defenders. The first raid fell between the 14th and 17th of March 3068, coinciding with raids on Coventry and Donegal; the three raids all featured support from Blakist WarShips or Pocket WarShips.[68]

In the first phase, the Sixteenth and Twenty-second Divisions conducted extensive raiding against the planet's defenders which began in 3068. Over the course of approximately two years, elements of the Light of Mankind were inserted on the planet, using the raids as a cover.

In 3070, a Blakist invasion force arrived in the form of the Thirty-eighth Division and the Fortieth Shadow Division. This force was escorted by the Lola III Class Destroyer, WoBS End of Wisdom, and a reinforced Level II of Pocket WarShips. The invasion's escort fleet overwhelmed and destroyed the Lyran Fox-class corvette LAS Melissa Steiner, effectively blockading the planet. The two divisions landed on Maria's Elegy and the Defiance Industries factory complexes. At the same time, the Light of Mankind teams enacted their long-awaited mission objectives, sabotaging defensive systems and assassinating key personnel. The Fifteenth Lyran Guards, who had also been infiltrated, failed to mount a strong defense and suffered horrendous casualties. The unit was forced to withdraw under heavy fire toward the factory's interior, with Gina Ciampa, the Fifteenth’s commander, leading the last-ditch effort to barricade the South Gate. Though she tried to destroy her own 'Mech to close the entrance, Tau infantry was able to stop her and promptly executed her, seizing the gate. With only fourteen days of fight, Hesperus II was first conquered by an outside power.

During the Word of Blake occupation, the Word brought in Terran technician that upgraded and improved factory production on Hesperus II, and used the planet as a resupply/refit stronghold and a base for forces conducting strikes into their the Lyran Theaters of operations.[69]

Coalition Assault[edit]

In the first two weeks of November 3074, Coalition forces led by Devlin Stone launched an assault against the defending Word of Blake forces, determined to recapture the planet after the successful defense of Skye earlier in the year. The coalition forces, which included elements from Skye, ComStar and Clan Wolf, took on three Word of Blake Divisions; the battle for Hesperus II lasted for weeks, with the last Blakist fortifications around Maria's Elegy finally being shattered on the 20th of December.[37][38] Badly mauled, these units withdrew from the planet. It is speculated that survivors of the Fortieth Shadow may have gone to ground to conduct sabotage efforts against the planet's controllers. However, the Word of Blake rendered many of their improvements to the factories unusable through sabotage before leaving.[70][71][35][69]

Post-Jihad and Dark Age Era[edit]

Despite the damage inflicted on Hesperus II by the Blakists during the final battle for control over the planet, the Defiance Industries plant remained the largest single military producer for the Alliance in the years immediately after the Jihad.[72][73] The Lyran government was keen to rebuild the industrial capacity of the plants as the Jihad closed, and opened up Hesperus II by encouraging what may be the first population boom via immigration in the history of the world. While this was still accompanied by tight security controls, the restrictions were nothing like the paranoid security measures and travel restrictions that had served for most of Hesperus II's history.[1]

3145 Battle[edit]

The latest battle for Hesperus II began on 3 January 3145 when a joint Jade FalconHell's Horses force led by Khan Malvina Hazen landed on the planet. Archon Trillian Steiner had received word of the impending attack from Loki agents but the weakened LCAF lacked the means to repulse the invasion themselves. Instead, Archon Steiner implemented a different stratagem: she ordered Loki to leak word of the invasion to Khan Alaric Ward, correctly guessing that he'd react by mounting a counterinvasion of his own.

A day after Hazen's force landed, warriors from the Wolf Empire reached Hesperus. The LCAF had withdrawn most of its garrison by this point and the remaining Commonwealth troops evacuated after putting up minimal resistance, leaving the Eridani Light Horse and several smaller mercenary commands to face Malvina's wrath. Many mercenaries reacted to this revelation by attempting to surrender to the Clanners, only to be slaughtered, while the Light Horse's attempt to escape was foiled by the Raptor Keshik. The few surviving Light Horse escaped into the mountains, only to be hunted down to the last soldier by the sadistic Falcons.

The subsequent Wolf assault upon Hazen's forces resulted in nearly two months of stalemate. An impatient Malvina finally mounted a last-ditch attempt to seize the factory on 23 February, ordering that her nuclear weapons be ready for use in case of failure. Then Khan Beckett Malthus made an assassination attempt on Malvina, putting her into a coma and throwing the entire force into confusion as orders for retreat were broadcast. It was then that the LCAF's counterblow landed. While the Clans had been bogged down, Archon Steiner gathered a liberation force at nearby Canonbie. The fresh LCAF units dropped onto enemies already tired and demoralized, and within a week had routed both Clan forces.[74]

Politically, the aftermath proved significant to both Trillian Steiner and Malvina Hazen. The LCAF victory over two infamous Clan foes aided Steiner in strengthening her shaky hold on the throne. Alaric Ward shrugged off his defeat and even congratulated Steiner on her victory; his main objective, it would seem, was simply to keep Malvina from taking the planet's factories. As for the Chinggis Khan herself, she remained in a coma for months before emerging to brutally repay Malthus for his treachery in a Trial of Grievance, and learned that her Hell's Horses allies were using the defeat as a chance to extract themselves from her brutal rule.

The cowardly abandonment of the Eridanis by the Lyrans in the battle made small mercenary units unwilling to sign contracts with the Commonwealth, as doing so was seen as suicide.[75]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Fifteenth Lyran Guards RCT[81]
  • Third Davion Guards RCT[81]
  • Defiance Self-Protection Force


  • Fifteenth Lyran Guards RCT[82]
  • Third Davion Guards RCT[82]
  • Defiance Self-Protection Force




  • Fifteenth Lyran Guards RCT[85]
  • Defiance Self-Protection Force[85]
  • Hersperus Militia[85]


- The unit was operating at 60% strength, with 75% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.





Planetary Map of Hesperus II

The planet is formed by four continents, North and South Whitman, and East and West Barrens, with numerous islands and archipelagos that dot the world's shallow oceans resemble a blasted wasteland or untamed jungle. The Barrens are completely inhospitable to human life, overrun by badlands, jungles too thick to explore, and creatures that have never been cataloged.[47]

Hesperus II has four major continents and innumerable small island chains and archipelagos in its shallow oceans. The landmasses offer extreme conditions, either untamed jungle or blasted wastelands noted as being extremely mountainous and crisscrossed with canyons. Only the North Whitman and South Whitman continents on the northern hemisphere offer tolerable living conditions, particularly at an altitude of 3000 or more meters where the atmospheric pressure is closer to 1 bar (as opposed to 3 bars and more in the jungles) and the ambient temperature is around 30° Celsius (as opposed to 80 and more in the jungles).[48] The other two continents, situated in the equatorial region, are collectively called the Barrens, or East Barren and West Barren. They are completely inhospitable, featuring both barren wastelands and jungles too thick to explore to this day.[47]

The planet is home to the Defiance Industries BattleMech factory in the Myoo Mountains that dominate the South Whitman continent. This is the largest BattleMech factory in the Lyran Commonwealth, and is in fact the largest remaining BattleMech factory in the entire Inner Sphere. It has been attacked numerous times by the other Houses and other forces. Though damaged multiple times all but the Word of Blake have failed to actually take over and occupy the facilities. Not only do the attackers have to worry about the planet's defenders, but the terrain is unforgiving as well.

South Whitman features the Melrose Valley complex, stretching across nearly 1,000 km of the Sulden Uplands (with Doering Electronics), and the heavily terraced mountain slopes of Maria's Elegy, the capital largest city on Hesperus II and also the location of the spaceport, and the HPG station at the spaceport. These are the only regions with fertile soil suitable for cultivation, but more arable land is not needed considering the planet's tiny population. The city of Maldon is also nearby (although it was described as "on the far side of the planet").[91]

The only notable site that is not located on South Whitman is the Kincaid Defiance Industries complex on North Whitman.[47] A miniature fortress, Kincaid Defiance Industries is an ammunition and parts manufacturer of minor importance; the facility was briefly used as a manufacturing site for prototype Double Heat Sinks in conjunction with the NAIS in the late 3020s, until the Fourteenth Battle of Hesperus II in which the facility was attacked.[92]

Fusion plant works are mentioned out on the Tatyana Archipelago.[93]

In the twenty-ninth century, an expedition into the Hesperan swamps set out north from Point Vallejo, never to return.[48] It is unclear if 'Point Vallejo' is a minor town or just a landmark.

The population of the planet has always been small, mainly the employees working in either factory.[94] It has been noted that this planet's population is small mainly because of centuries of paranoid security and travel restrictions.[1]

A clear sky on Hesperus II was said to be patches of violet sky showing here and there through roil of blue, purple, white and yellow clouds, and the sun is a dazzling pinpoint of diamond blue-white light. Hesperus II has a slower rotation than Earth. Local time has twenty-five hours divided into eighty minutes.[48]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • South Whittman (continent)
  • Tanda's Crossing: a narrow ford over the Erewhon River[96]
  • Maria's Elegy: capital city, located in Melrose Valley[47]
  • Maldon[47]
  • Mount Defiance
  • Morningstar Spaceport
  • Myoo Highlands
  • Myoo Mountains
  • Tallowrand: a city[21]
  • Sulden Uplands
  • Point Vallejo

Companies and Industries[edit]

Local Flora and Fauna[edit]

In the twenty-sixth century, terraformers had introduced genetically modified plants, animals, and microbes to the planet but were only partially successful.[48]

In the equatorial region, native sulfur-metabolizing life has adapted to living at over 80° Celsius and atmospheric pressure exceeding three bar. Xenobiologists arbitrarily classified the highest (known) native life forms as "reptilian" because of certain recognizable features—scaly hides, claws, flat heads with toothy jaws and questing, air-tasting tongues.[48]

Due to the extreme conditions which are intolerable for humans, the jungles and swamps can only be accessed in special exploration vehicles such as ExplorerMechs, though fewer than thirty percent of those venturing there ever returned. The expedition that had set out from Point Vallejo in the twenty-ninth century was described as the last one (as of 3057). Consequentially, the biosphere in the deep valley, equatorial region and oceans remains largely unexplored.[48]

Hesperus III[edit]

Hesperus III
System positionThird[1][2]

Military Deployment[edit]



The planet is a barren world with a very hot climate.[87] The planet's environment is considered inhospitable, and this makes difficult to deploy infantry in anything other than battle armor or heavy exosuits, has forced to rely as result on combat vehicles.[87]

Image gallery[edit]


  • ^ Given the capture of Hesperus II by the Blakists during the Jihad and the many close calls that the various industries have had throughout history, the local defending LCAF forces and the Defiance Self-Protection Force on Hesperus II are augmented by elements of the militia from Hesperus III. Based out of the Melrose Valley on South Whitman, the militia contingent from Hesperus III is deployed on a rotating basis; the inhospitable environment makes it difficult to deploy infantry in anything other than battle armor or heavy exosuits, and as result the militia forces serving in each rotation are invariably vehicle based. This places the militia close to the Doering Electronics plant.[87]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 36 systems (35 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Caledonia 9.9 Trent 14.0 Lamon 16.0 Canonbie 20.5
Laiaka 24.2 Carsphairn 28.5 Alkaid 29.5 Sarpsborg 29.8
Vindemiatrix 30.9 Fianna 31.6 Eidsfoss 32.3 Arganda 33.0
Algorab 34.1 Furillo 34.4 New Kyoto 35.0 Gladius 37.4
Ciotat 41.6 Rahne 41.7 Clinton 42.9 Seginus 44.2
Zaniah 44.3 Chaffee 45.5 Bjornlunda 49.3 Laurieston 49.8
Halmyre Deans 51.5 Gacrux 51.7 Alcor 52.0 Solaris 53.8
Jaumegarde 54.2 Glengarry 55.7 Kochab 57.6 Nekkar 58.0
Pardeau 58.1 Enkoping 58.4 Hyde 58.8 Mariefred 60.4


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