Simon Kelswa

Simon Kelswa
Character Profile
Born 2424[1]
Died 2475[1]
Affiliation House Kelswa
Rank Colonel
Parents Robert Kelswa (father)[1]
Siblings Phillipa Kelswa[1]


Simon Kelswa was selected to lead Operation PROMETHEUS.

After six years of repeated attempts to infiltrate Defiance Industries, the Lyran Intelligence Corps is able to get one agent on the inside. This agent acquired maps and pictures of the assembly lines, though failed to acquire Mackie schematics.

Colonel Simon Kelswa used the maps and pictures to lead 25 Lyran commandos to specifically steal the Mackie plans. The mission, launched in the 7th February 2455 was a success, allowing the Lyran Commonwealth to be the first House outside of the Camerons to have BattleMech technology.[2][3]

He died during operations on Alula Australis in 2475.[1]


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