Glengarry 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-76.782 : 76.984[e]
Spectral classK1IV[1][2][3]
Recharge time192 hours[1]
Recharge station(s)None[1]

The Glengarry system is home to at least one habitable world, Glengarry III or Haven, and as of 3151 was located in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.[4]

System Description[edit]

Glengarry is located near the Zebeneschamali and Carnwath systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Glengarry III (Haven)[edit]

Glengarry Orbital View.jpg
Also known asGlengarry III
System positionThird[1][2]
Jump Point distance5 days[1][2]
Moons1 (Celine)[1][2]
Surface gravity0.97[1][2]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1][2]
Equatorial temperature29°C (Arid)[1][2]
Surface water65%[1][2]
Highest native lifeReptile[1][2]
Landmasses3 (Scotia, Dalraida, Pictland)[1]
History and Culture
Population123,334,000 (3056),[1]
1,067,000,000 (3130)[38][2]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerBaron von Glengarry
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
HPG ClassB[1]

Glengarry III is a small, cool world, orbiting its K1-class sun at 0.577 AU distance with a planetary year of 179 standard days and planetary days 32 hours, 14 minutes and 12 seconds long (and a planetary year thus 133.28 local days long). Ever since the world was first colonized, the local year is divided into 19 weeks of 7 days, in turn grouped into three months (Nemain, Myrddin, and Mab) of six weeks plus an extra holiday week, with the last day having nine extra hours. A local hour has 80 minutes.[39]

The planet has a balanced environment similar to Terra and three major continents: Dalraida, Pictland, and Scotia.

Planet History[edit]

Early Years and Colonization[edit]

Glengarry was discovered after the early colonization efforts of the Terran Alliance. The planet was not settled for a host of reasons including the events that led to the Outer Reaches Rebellion. Principally, the planet's atmosphere was tainted with heavy arsenic and cyanide gases, and needed to be cleaned up. The planet was not settled until the beginning of the Star League era, when the Federation of Skye finally finished their terraforming efforts.

The planet's settlers include Federation ethnic groups of Canadian, Norwegian, and Scottish in origin. The planet was shown to be rich in ores and fertile lands, for which early colonists established strict environmental laws. The Federation later established Zoning Laws, which prohibited the residents of the planet from settling anywhere outside the planet's main continent of Scotia.[2]

Star League and Succession Wars Eras[edit]

As the planet was finally refined, its economy focused on commercial, agricultural, and light industry. As the Star League era progressed, the planet's capital city, Dunkeld, became a hub of trade. The culture of artisans and philosophers that inhabited the planet caused it to be a peaceful land; however, the twenty-eighth century marked the end of that serene peace. The planet's population became larger than it could support, and it depended on imports to support itself. The Amaris Coup and the fall of the Star League left the planet to be claimed by the Lyran Commonwealth. The Commonwealth, which began to fight in the First Succession War, had no time to shift resources to support the needy colony that Glengarry had become. With no real trade, planet's population began to leave, shrinking the once overpopulated planet.

Glengarry became a sparsely populated world with only small, self-sustaining settlements, which did not offer much in the way of employment. Largely ignored by the Succession Houses, the planet was spared much of the scorching many militaristic and heavily industrialized worlds suffered.

By the mid-thirty-first century, the planet started to recover, with arrival of its newly appointed noble ruler, mercenary commander Grayson Death Carlyle and his mercenary outfit, the Gray Death Legion.[40]

Second Skye Rebellion[edit]

In April 3056, Glengarry was the target of the Free Skye Movement's Fourth Skye Guard. General-Kommandant Wilhelm von Bulow, commander of a large task force of six JumpShips' worth of troops, arrived in the system to claim Glengarry as its own. Governor-General Roger DeVries,[41] who was ruling the planet's day-to-day operations while Baron Grayson Carlyle was away with his forces on the Clan border, turned Glengarry over to the Free Skye force. He then arrested the Gray Death Legion's leading officers that were on planet, and put them in protective custody. However a fight with Glengarry Militia resulted in the death of the Legion's senior officer. Some Legion personnel that were not arrested, managed to escape DeVries' men and began working under the command of Cadet-turned-Colonel Alexander Carlyle. The Baron's son, through the aid of Major Davis McCall, began a guerrilla campaign against the Fourth Skye Guards. Colonel Carlyle used the MagLev rail lines to move his company worth of forces to various sites. After winning their initial engagements with heavy casualties, the Legion was forced to move into the hinterlands of Glengarry as new Skye reinforcements made it impossible to combat the Fourth Skye alone. The Legion forces on Glengarry went underground for seventh months, until a second Battalion of 'Mechs belonging to the Legion arrived on planet (after bypassing the Free Skye blockade). The second Battalion's arrival allowed Colonel Carlyle to change his tactics from cat-and-mouse to directly assaulting Skye forces at key cities. These actions managed to free Glengarry from control of Free Skye as Baron Carlyle arrived with the Northwind Highlanders to assure their planet's security.[42]

The Jihad[edit]

During the Jihad, Glengarry was raided by Word of Blake forces in December 3069.[43] The then-unknown Eighteenth Division of the Word's Militia struck and destroyed the corporate security force known as Brewer's Legion. The Eighteenth Division then went on inflict heavy damage on infrastructure, and they looted the Gray Death Technologies facility that the Legion was safeguarding.[44] The Blakists specifically destroyed all of the investments the Draconis Combine businessman Chandrasekhar Kurita had made on Glengarry; this led Kurita to speculate that the Blakist force—a group he identified as the Shadow Hunters—might be specifically targeting him and his investments, given their recent attack on his Hachiman-Taro Electronics facility on Thorin.[45]

In 3075, it was reported that Opacus Venatori's commander, Berith, was spotted on planet, destroying the remaining resistance forces.[46]

Republic Era[edit]

The formation of the Republic of the Sphere, brought a revival of the planet's ruined economy. Exarch Devlin Stone started a residence relocation program which brought new immigrants to the planet. A Republican government was organized, and for the first time in the planet's history, heavier manufacturing industries were set up to make the planet self-sufficient.[2]

Early Dark Age and Jade Falcon Occupation[edit]

Governor Sean Weslean had been plotting for rebellion after Jonah Levin election as Exarch, but his plot was uncovered by Deandra Lowe and elements of the Hastati Sentinels led by Legate Nicolette Iniku were able to stop that insurrection thanks to quick action, though they faced several 'Mech equipped defenders though to be defending the Governor for a direct movement to kill him. Knight-Errant Sanford Wilson was sent to assist Legate Iniku with the repair efforts and the setting up of a temporary government until a replacement for Governor Weslean was sent on Glengarry.[47]

In April 3134, Clan Jade Falcon dispatched Expeditionary forces to Prefecture IX,[48] and soon captured Glengarry in their first thrust to capture Skye.

Though the Jade Falcon invasion was defeated in August, they used Glengarry as a temporary headquarters to the Expedition's Occupation Zone of the Republic.

In October, a Steiner affiliated splinter group, the Stormhammers, raided Glengarry as part of an intelligence gathering mission.[49] This led to Inner Sphere Task Forces consisting of the Stormhammers and Steel Wolves raiding the planet in early November. The raid turned into a battle where they ended up facing the Jade Falcon leader, Galaxy Commander Malvina Hazen. Malvina ultimately forced the Inner Sphere raiding force to withdraw from the planet.[50] The raids launched by the Steel Wolves and Stormhammers prompted Malvina Hazen to launch retaliatory attacks with nuclear weapons against the raiders' DropShips[51] in November.[52] Having recently been involved in attacks against Republican worlds, Anastasia Kerensky's efforts to defend worlds such as Glengarry attacked by the Jade Falcons was viewed by the Republic Armed Forces as her attempting to redeem the Steel Wolves.[53]

Military Deployment[edit]

Glengarry World Map



- The unit was at 40% strength, with 48% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


Glengarry has three continents named Scotia, Dalraida, and Pictland.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Dunkeld: The planetary capital and main settlement of Glengarry on Scotia. The city was in its heyday during the Star League era, and became a center for artisans and philosophers. Many of its buildings were designed in that era, and reflect the peaceful philosophy of its occupants. One of its most notable buildings that survived at least until the thirty-second century is the Municipal Center in West Dunkeld.
  • Castle Hill: This was a military fortification and complex built by the SLDF just outside of Dunkeld. These facilities survived various actions, and once housed the Gray Death Legion mercenary unit. The Word of Blake seized the facilities during the opening moves of the Jihad. The base was reduced to ruins when coalition forces clashed with the Blakists during the liberation of the planet.[2]
  • Government House[3]
  • Port Haven Aerospaceport[3]

Industrial Centers[edit]

  • Gray Death Technologies: Established by former Battle Armor techs of the Gray Death. Gray Death Technologies (GDTech) was established in the mid 3060s as a joint effort between Defiance Industries of Hesperus II and the mercenary techs who originally produced the suits for The Gray Death Legion. It was one of the first and only dedicated Battle Armor production planets in the Lyran Alliance until the Jihad, when the factory was badly damaged in 3068.[59][60]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 48 systems (47 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Zebeneschamali 13.2 Carnwath 14.7 Seginus 15.3 Kochab 16.8
Chaffee 19.4 Gladius 19.8 Nekkar 25.7 Izar 26.4
Unukalhai 31.4 Skye 32.4 Laiaka 32.9 Freedom 33.2
Alphecca 33.5 Laurieston 34.1 Alkaid 34.6 Ryde 34.7
Eaton 35.9 Zebebelgenubi 38.4 Marfik 41.7 Whittington 41.7
Syrma 42.3 Carsphairn 42.7 Alexandria 43.5 Balkan 44.7
La Blon 45.2 Komephoros 45.2 Canonbie 46.3 Kimball 47.0
Edasich 47.9 Alcor 48.1 Galatea 48.7 Yed Prior 49.3
Skondia 49.8 Alkalurops 51.8 Yed Posterior 53.3 Halmyre Deans 53.5
Kirkcaldy 53.9 Nusakan 53.9 Hesperus 55.7 Vindemiatrix 55.8
Dromini 56.9 Alrakis 57.1 Baxter 57.8 Trent 58.2
Corridan 59.0 Caledonia 59.5 Konstance 59.8 Summer 60.3


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