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  • Nicoletta Calderon meets with First Lord Richard Cameron II and refuses Star League forces to enter the Taurian Concordat.
  • Stefan Amaris kills all known Camerons, 79 members of the Cameron family.
  • The civilian population of Stanzach becomes embroiled in a class war, disrupting the planetary economy.
  • The 100th Hussar Regiment defects to the Magistracy of Canopus.
  • A regiment from the Thirty-sixth Infantry Division defects to the Taurian Concordat.



  • Skobel MechWorks' Jackrabbit BattleMech approved for combat testing.
  • The Star League's Atlas II BattleMech is in early stages of development on New Earth.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth introduces the Block II Commonwealth-class light cruiser.
  • The CRD-3K variant of the Crusader BattleMech is introduced.