36th Infantry Division

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Thirty-sixth Infantry Division
Formed unknown
Disbanded 2766[1]
Nickname The Panther Division[2]
Affiliation SLDF
Parent Command XLVI Corps


The Thirty-sixth Infantry Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.[3]


In the years prior to the Periphery Uprising, the Thirty-Ssixth was under investigation by the SLIC for theft and missing supplies. It was found that the infantry division, raised mostly from the Trinity Worlds in the Free Worlds League, had sympathies toward the people of the Taurian Concordat and were funneling nonmilitary supplies to them.[4]

The Thirty-sixth formed a part of XLVI Corps, Nineteenth Army, and in 2764 was stationed on Taurus[5] within the Taurian Concordat Territorial State. After taking heavy casualties during the Periphery uprising the Thirty-sixth as a division had been disbanded by 2766, although some surviving elements of the division joined the rebels.[3] Those elements that joined the rebels were destroyed later that same year.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 36th Infantry Division
Major General Gaspar "Tiberon" Ramirez 2764[6]



Composition History[edit]

As an SLDF infantry division the Thirty-sixth would have been formed from one brigade of light BattleMech regiments and two brigades of grunt infantry.[7]


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