The Star League

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The Star League
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Author Boy F. Peterson, Jr.
Development Jordan Weisman
L. Ross Babcock III (Editor-In-Chief)
Donna Ippolito (Senior Editor)
Jim Musser (Editor)
C. R. Green (Editorial Assistant)
Pages 192
Cover Artwork Les Dorscheid (Art)
Jim Nelson (Design)
Interior Artwork David R. Deitrick
Illustrations Dana Knutson (Art Director)
Todd F. Marsh
Jim Nelson
Jeff Laubenstein
Rick Harris
Tim Bradstreet
Tim Coman
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1630
First published October 1988
ISBN-10 1555600700
ISBN-13 978-1555600709
MSRP $15.00
Era Star League era
Agency ComStar
Universe Date 4 October 3028
Preceded by The Periphery


The Star League is the most complete and accurate sourcebook ever compiled on the rise and fall of the Star League.

From the back cover[edit]

A single man ruled and controlled 3,000 star systems.

The Lords of Davion, Kurita, Steiner, Marik, and Liao deferred to his will.

After the explosive spread of mankind through the stars and before the chaos of the Succession Wars was a golden age of advancement.

Unequalled levels of technology, human rights, and prosperity were reached.

Planets bent to the will of man, as terraforming and weather control became both possible and economical.

Agro-technology fed billions. The average human lifespan was extended to 108 standard years by medical science.

But those same advances carried a curse, for the engines of war from the Star League era possessed power unequalled in the Successor States today.

And in that time of great deeds stood the greatest warrior of all time, Aleksandr Kerensky.

The Star League is a ComStar document detailing the history, commerce, organization, and military campaigns of mankind's finest moment, and the tragic failures that doomed it.


Errata and Retcons[edit]

Following items are noted for effects on original source material. Errata are simple errors and Retcon is alteration or obsolescence of source material found in this publication.


  • Jacob Cameron - His section found in book shows he launched an invasion of the FedSuns and Capellan space early in his reign ending in 2435. This invasion is inferred, though not directly stated, to involve his son Theodore Cameron who made a name for himself.[1] However, Theodore was born according to the Family Tree in 2434, making it impossible for him to be part of the battle. It was later clarified by Technical Readout: 3075 that it was a different, older relative of Jacob Cameron, Theodore Cameron, who participated in the Battle of Tybalt.[2]


  • Theodore Cameron - Character's noted death was originally recorded in 2479. In Handbook: House Marik this was radically altered, the newer publication having him attend the funeral of Brion Marik in 2511. Catalyst Game Labs confirm that the newer source is now new canon.[3] Information/facts regarding Theodore Cameron, his successors Elizabeth and Deborah Cameron should be looked at with discretion.


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