Jacob Cameron

Jacob Cameron.jpg
Jacob Cameron
Character Profile
Born 2416[1]
Died 2461
Affiliation House Cameron
Position Director-General
Profession Noble
Parents Richard Cameron (father)
Jessica Dravens (mother)
Spouse Constance Zel[1]
Children Theodore Cameron[1]

Jacob Cameron was a House Cameron noble, Naval Officer, and the eighth Director-General of the Terran Hegemony.


Jacob Cameron was known to have a superiority complex which he developed as a child. His personality poisoned his relationship with the general public due to his strident and aggressive attitude which alienated himself. After a failed assassination attempt, his personality softened slightly.[2]

Early Life and Career[edit]

Jacob was the sole child of Director-General Richard Cameron and Northwind Countess Jessica Dravens. Jacob was spoiled by his doting father, while his mother influenced him to believe that he was morally and socially superior to the general public. His parents' actions shaped Jacob into the arrogant man that he would be reviled for.[2]

Jacob steadily rose through the ranks of the Hegemony Armed Forces Navy to become captain of the Vincent Class Corvette, THS Crowned Lion. His military career was cut tragically short when his father died of a heart attack in 2433 while taking a tour on Terra of the Hegemony Research Facilities.[1][2]

A year after becoming Director-General, Jacob married Constance Zel, an actress. She would bear him a son, Theodore, in 2434.[1]

The Federated-Capellan Campaign of 2435[edit]

A few years after becoming Director-General, Jacob would launch a military campaign into the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation. The offensive ended in 2435 and resulted in minimal gains. During the offensive, many personnel of the Hegemony Armed Forces lost their lives in order to satisfy Jacob's ego. The amount of lives lost for his personal desires did not sit well with the general public of the Hegemony. In order to drum up the support for the campaigns, Jacob had to petition daily to the people of the Hegemony. During this time, anti-establishment movements cropped up who began to counter Jacob and his supporting minions. These groups ranged from disgruntled youths who rioted in the streets, to members of the government and nobility who banded together to have him removed from office.[2]

The BattleMech and the Assassination Attempt[edit]

The final developments of the first BattleMech, Mackie, had come to fruition. After seeing the successful test of the prototype in 2439, Jacob drove his government's budget to the limit in order to mass produce factories and their product for several years.[3]

In February 2448, Jacob was poisoned by an unknown party. Fortunately for him, he did not drink enough of the poisoned champagne to be killed; however, he became deathly ill. While ill, he ordered a communication blackout of the situation and instructed the Hegemony Central Intelligence Department to conduct what became the largest manhunt the Hegemony had ever known, led by Lady Terens Amaris.[2]

With the failed attempt on his life, Jacob's arrogance and superiority complex, which he was known for, was toned down. In its place, he began to be more charitable to the public by establishing Cameron Shelters for the Poor and Cameron Mercy Hospitals.[2]

In February 2455, Lyran commandos stole the blueprints for the BattleMech design from the Hegemony's world of Hesperus II.[4] The Draconis Combine were able to steal the plans from the Lyrans five years later in 2461. With the knowledge of how to build a BattleMech spreading to the other Great Houses, Jacob accelerated the development and production of the Terran Hegemony's BattleMech technology to the point where other areas of his military would be neglected, including its WarShip Navy.[2]

His efforts to strengthen his military succeeded, but he nearly ruined the Hegemony's economy in the process. Months after he began pushing for newer BattleMech technology, he would die of a stroke.[1][2]


In Jacob Cameron's write-up in The Star League, it notes his son participating in the Battle of Tybalt (2435); however, the Cameron Family Tree shows him being born in 2434. This makes it virtually impossible for Theodore to participate in this campaign as a one-year-old.[1][2]


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